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You have searched for packages that names contain cup in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 72 matching packages.

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Package cup

Other hits

Package apcupsd

Package apcupsd-cgi

Package apcupsd-doc

Package bluez-cups

Package cups

Package cups-backend-bjnp

Package cups-browsed

Package cups-bsd

Package cups-client

Package cups-common

Package cups-core-drivers

Package cups-daemon

Package cups-dbg

Package cups-driver-gutenprint

Package cups-filters

Package cups-filters-core-drivers

Package cups-ipp-utils

Package cups-pdf

Package cups-pk-helper

Package cups-ppdc

Package cups-server-common

Package cups-tea4cups

Package cups-x2go

Package cupt

Package cupt-dbg

Package elpa-buttercup

Package ghostscript-cups

Package gnuspool-cupspy

Package libcups2

Package libcups2-dev

Package libcupscgi1

Package libcupscgi1-dev

Package libcupsfilters-dev

Package libcupsfilters1

Package libcupsimage2

Package libcupsimage2-dev

Package libcupsmime1

Package libcupsmime1-dev

Package libcupsppdc1

Package libcupsppdc1-dev

Package libcupt-common

Package libcupt2-0

Package libcupt2-0-downloadmethod-curl

Package libcupt2-0-downloadmethod-wget

Package libcupt2-dev

Package libcupt2-doc

Package libcupt3-0

Package libcupt3-0-downloadmethod-curl

Package libcupt3-0-downloadmethod-wget

Package libcupt3-dev

Package libcupt3-doc

Package libcupt4-1

Package libcupt4-1-downloadmethod-curl

Package libcupt4-1-downloadmethod-wget

Package libcupt4-dev

Package libcupt4-doc

Package libcupti-dev

Package libcupti-doc

Package libcupti4

Package libcupti5.5

Package libcupti6.0

Package libcupti6.5

Package libcupti7.5

Package libjs-jquery-ui-theme-cupertino

Package libnet-cups-perl

Package printer-driver-cups-pdf

Package printer-driver-hpcups

Package python-cups

Package python-cupshelpers

Package python3-cups

Package python3-cupshelpers