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Software Packages in "bartholomea", Subsection web

adacgi2 (1.6-19)
Ada CGI interface
adminer (3.3.3-1)
Web-based database administration tool
adzapper (20090301.dfsg.1-0.2b1)
proxy advertisement zapper add-on
ajaxterm (0.10-12)
Web based terminal written in Python
akregator (4:4.14.2-2)
RSS/Atom feed aggregator
album (4.12-2) [non-free]
HTML photo album generator with theme support
album-data (4.05-4) [non-free]
themes, plugins and translations for album
ampache (3.6-rzb2752+dfsg-3b1)
web-based audio file management system
ampache-common (3.6-rzb2752+dfsg-3b1)
web-based audio file management system common files
ampache-themes (3.6.1-2)
Themes for Ampache
analog (2:6.0-20)
web server log analyzer
anon-proxy (00.05.38+20081230-2.3)
Proxy to surf the web anonymously
aolserver4-core (4.5.1-18)
AOL web server version 4 - core libraries
aolserver4-daemon (4.5.1-18)
AOL web server version 4 - program files
aolserver4-dev (4.5.1-18)
AOL web server version 4 - development files
aolserver4-nspostgres (4.5+20110709-2)
AOLserver 4 module: Postgres connector
apcupsd-cgi (3.14.10-2b1)
APC UPS Power Management (web interface)
arora (0.11.0+qt5+git2014-04-06-1)
simple cross platform web browser
asp.net-examples (3.0.11-1)
demo pages for ASP.NET infrastructure
avelsieve (1.9.9-2.4)
Sieve mail filters plugin for SquirrelMail
awffull (3.10.2-4)
web server log analysis program
awstats (7.2+dfsg-1)
powerful and featureful web server log analyzer
axel (2.4-1)
light download accelerator - console version
axel-kapt (2.4-1)
light download accelerator - graphical front-end
bins (1.1.29-16)
Generate static HTML photo albums using XML and EXIF tags
bisho (0.27.2+git20111122.9e68ef3d-2)
Meego web services settings
blazeblogger (1.2.0-3)
simple to use, command line based, content management system
blogilo (4:4.14.2-2)
graphical blogging client
blogofile (0.8b1-1)
static website compiler and blog engine
blogofile-converters (0.8b1-1)
blog converter collection for Blogofile
blosxom (2.1.2-1)
light, feature-packed weblog app with plugin extensibility
bluefish (2.2.6-1)
advanced Gtk+ text editor for web and software development
bluefish-data (2.2.6-1)
advanced Gtk+ text editor (data)
bluefish-plugins (2.2.6-1)
advanced Gtk+ text editor (plugins)
browser-history (2.8-17)
User daemon that tracks URLs looked at and logs them
browser-plugin-packagekit (1.0.1-2)
Plugin to install missing plugins using PackageKit
buxon (0.0.5-4)
SIOC forums browser
cacti (0.8.8b+dfsg-8)
web interface for graphing of monitoring systems
cacti-spine (0.8.8b-1)
Multi-Threading poller for cacti
cadaver (0.23.3-2)
command-line WebDAV client
cakephp (1.3.15-2)
MVC rapid application development framework for PHP
cakephp-instaweb (0.5-1)
Development webserver for CakePHP applications
cakephp-scripts (1.3.15-2)
MVC rapid application development framework for PHP (scripts)
calypso (1.4)
CalDAV/CardDAV server with git backend
camo (1.3.0+dfsg-1)
SSL/TLS image proxy to prevent mixed-content warnings
camping (2.1.532-2)
small Ruby web framework for Model-View-Controller type applications
ceilometer-agent-central (2014.1.2-1)
OpenStack efficient metering counters system - central agent
ceilometer-agent-compute (2014.1.2-1)
OpenStack efficient metering counters system - compute agent
ceilometer-agent-notification (2014.1.2-1)
OpenStack efficient metering counters system - alarm notifier
ceilometer-alarm-evaluator (2014.1.2-1)
OpenStack efficient metering counters system - alarm evaluator
ceilometer-alarm-notifier (2014.1.2-1)
OpenStack efficient metering counters system - alarm notifier
ceilometer-api (2014.1.2-1)
OpenStack efficient metering counters system (API service)
ceilometer-collector (2014.1.2-1)
OpenStack efficient metering counters system - collector service
ceilometer-common (2014.1.2-1)
OpenStack efficient metering counters system - common files
cgi-mapserver (6.4.1-5b2)
CGI executable for MapServer
cgiemail (1.6-37)
CGI Form-to-Mail converter
cgilib (0.6-1)
Simple CGI Library
ch5m3d (1.2.5+dfsg-1)
create and visualize 3-dimensional drawings of simple molecules
chalow (1.0-3)
weblog tool that converts ChangeLog to HTML
checkbot (1.80-3)
WWW link verifier
chimera2 (2.0a19-8)
Web browser for X
chromedriver (38.0.2125.101-3)
web browser - WebDriver support
chromium (38.0.2125.101-3)
web browser
chromium-inspector (38.0.2125.101-3)
web browser - page inspection support
chromium-l10n (38.0.2125.101-3)
web browser - language packs
chronicle (4.6-2)
HTML & RSS blog compiler
ciderwebmail (1.04-3)
IMAP webmail service
citadel-webcit (8.24-dfsg-1)
web-based frontend to Citadel groupware server
ckeditor (4.3.5+dfsg1-1)
text editor for internet
cleancss (1.0.12-1)
Tool for minifying CSS files
collabtive (2.0+dfsg-1)
Web-based project management software
compass-breakpoint-plugin (2.0.6-3)
really simple media queries with Sass
conkeror (1.0~~pre-1+git140616-1)
keyboard focused web browser with Emacs look and feel
conkeror-spawn-process-helper (1.0~~pre-1+git140616-1)
spawn external processes in Conkeror
coquelicot (0.9.2-4)
"one-click" file sharing web application with a focus on users' privacy
cronolog (1.6.2+rpk-1)
Logfile rotator for web servers
cthumb (4.2-3)
A program to generate themable Web picture albums
curl (7.38.0-3b1)
command line tool for transferring data with URL syntax
cutycapt (0.0~svn6-3)
utility to capture WebKit's rendering of a web page
cvschangelogbuilder (2.4-1)
perl utility to generate ChangeLogs or html cvs reports
d-push (2.0.7-1)
open source implementation of the ActiveSync protocol
dacs (1.4.28b-3)
Distributed Access Control System (DACS)
dacs-examples (1.4.28b-3)
Distributed Access Control System (DACS) - example web root
dansguardian (
Web content filtering
darcsweb (1.1-3.1)
web interface for browsing darcs repositories
davical (1.1.1-1)
The DAViCal CalDAV & CardDAV Server
dcmtk-www (3.6.0-15b1)
OFFIS DICOM toolkit worklist www server application
debian-timeline (35)
Web-based timeline of the Debian GNU/Linux project
dh-make-drupal (1.8-1)
Create Debian packages from Drupal modules and themes
dh-make-php (0.4.0)
Creates Debian source packages for PHP PEAR and PECL extensions
dh-xsp (3.0.11-1)
debhelper add-on to handle ASP.NET sites
dicoweb (2.2-5)
RFC 2229 compliant modular dictionary server (web interface)
didiwiki (0.5-11)
simple wiki implementation with built-in webserver
dillo (3.0.4-1)
Small and fast web browser
djview-plugin (4.9-6)
Browser plugin for the DjVu image format
djvulibre-plugin (4.9-6)
Transition package, djvulibre-plugin to djview-plugin
virtual package provided by djview-plugin
djvuserve (
CGI program for unbundling DjVu files on the fly
dnshistory (1.3-2b1)
Translating and storing of IP addresses from log files
doc-central (1.8.3)
web-based documentation browser
dokuwiki (0.0.20140929.a-1b1)
standards compliant simple to use wiki
dolibarr (3.5.3+dfsg2-1)
Web based software to manage a small company or foundation
dotclear (2.6.4+dfsg-1)
open-source web publishing software
dotlrn (2.5.0+dfsg2-1)
e-learning portal system based on OpenACS
drraw (2.2b2-5)
simple web based presentation front-end for RRDtool
drupal7 (7.31-1)
fully-featured content management framework
drupal7-mod-arbiterjs (1.0.0-1)
Lightweight publish/subscribe library for client-side JavaScript
drupal7-mod-drucall (2.0.1-1b1)
WebRTC SIP module for the Drupal CMS
drupal7-mod-jscommunicator (1.0.1-1)
Browser-based messaging, phone and video chat application
drupal7-mod-jssip (1.0.0-1)
Browser-based messaging, phone and video chat application
drupal7-mod-libraries (2.1-3)
libraries modules for Drupal 7
dtc-xen (0.5.17-1)
SOAP daemon and scripts to allow control panel management for Xen VMs
dtc-xen-firewall (0.5.17-1)
small firewall script for your dom0
dwb (20140702hg-1)
lightweight WebKit browser
dynalogin-client-php (1.0.0-3b1)
two-factor HOTP/TOTP authentication - PHP client
dyndns (2014.0708-1)
dynamic DNS (DDNS) update client implemented in Perl
elinks (0.12~pre6-5)
advanced text-mode WWW browser
elinks-data (0.12~pre6-5)
advanced text-mode WWW browser - data files
elinks-lite (0.12~pre6-5)
advanced text-mode WWW browser (transitional package)
elserv (0.4.0+0.20011203cvs-17.1)
HTTP server that runs on Emacsen
eot-utils (1.1-1)
Tools to convert from OTF or TTF to EOT font format
extplorer (2.1.0b6+dfsg.3-4+deb7u1)
web file explorer and manager using Ext JS
ezmlm-browse (0.10-3)
Web browser for ezmlm-idx archives
fcgiwrap (1.1.0-3)
simple server to run CGI applications over FastCGI
fex (20140902-1) [non-free]
web service for transferring very large files
fex-utils (20140902-1) [non-free]
web service for transferring very large files (utils)
firefox (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla
firefox-locale-af (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Afrikaans language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-an (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Aragonese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ar (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Arabic language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-as (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Assamese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ast (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Asturian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-az (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Azerbaijani language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-be (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Belarusian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-bg (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Bulgarian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-bn (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Bengali language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-br (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Breton language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-bs (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Bosnian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ca (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Catalan; Valencian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-cs (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Czech language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-csb (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Kashubian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-cy (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Welsh language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-da (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Danish language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-de (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
German language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-el (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Greek language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-en (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
English language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-eo (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Esperanto language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-es (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Spanish; Castilian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-et (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Estonian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-eu (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Basque language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-fa (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Persian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-fi (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Finnish language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-fr (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
French language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-fy (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Western Frisian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ga (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Irish language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-gd (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Gaelic; Scottish Gaelic language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-gl (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Galician language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-gu (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Gujarati language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-he (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Hebrew language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-hi (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Hindi language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-hr (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Croatian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-hsb (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Sorbian, Upper language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-hu (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Hungarian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-hy (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Armenian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-id (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Indonesian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-is (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Icelandic language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-it (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Italian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ja (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Japanese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ka (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Transitional package for unavailable language
firefox-locale-kk (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Kazakh language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-km (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Central Khmer language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-kn (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Kannada language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ko (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Korean language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ku (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Kurdish language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-lg (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Transitional package for unavailable language
firefox-locale-lt (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Lithuanian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-lv (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Latvian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-mai (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Maithili language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-mk (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Macedonian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ml (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Malayalam language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-mn (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Transitional package for unavailable language
firefox-locale-mr (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Marathi language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ms (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Malay language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-nb (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Bokmål, Norwegian; Norwegian Bokmål language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-nl (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Dutch; Flemish language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-nn (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Norwegian Nynorsk; Nynorsk, Norwegian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-nso (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Transitional package for unavailable language
firefox-locale-oc (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Transitional package for unavailable language
firefox-locale-or (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Oriya language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-pa (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Panjabi; Punjabi language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-pl (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Polish language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-pt (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Portuguese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ro (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Romanian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ru (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Russian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-si (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Sinhala; Sinhalese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-sk (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Slovak language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-sl (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Slovenian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-sq (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Albanian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-sr (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Serbian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-sv (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Swedish language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-sw (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Transitional package for unavailable language
firefox-locale-ta (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Tamil language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-te (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Telugu language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-th (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Thai language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-tr (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Turkish language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-uk (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Ukrainian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-vi (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Vietnamese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-xh (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Xhosa language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-zh-hans (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Simplified Chinese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-zh-hant (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Traditional Chinese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-zu (33.0+build2-0tanglu2)
Zulu language pack for Firefox
flashplugin-nonfree (1:3.5) [contrib]
Adobe Flash Player - browser plugin
florence (0.6.0-2)
extensible and scalable virtual keyboard for GNOME
fookebox (0.6.1-3)
web-based jukebox frontend to mpd
freetable (2.3-4.1)
Facilitates production of HTML tables
fribid (1.0.4-2)
web browser plugin for BankID
frontaccounting (2.3.21-1)
web-based double-entry accounting and ERP program
ftpcopy (0.6.7-3)
FTP clients collection
funkload (1.16.1-4)
web testing tool
fusedav (0.2-3.1)
filesystem to mount WebDAV shares
galette (0.7.8-1)
Membership and subscription management for associations
galette-plugin-admintools (1.4-3)
Administration tools for Galette
galette-plugin-maps (1.1.2-1)
Openstreetmap plugin for galette
galette-plugin-paypal (1.4.3-1)
Paypal module for Galette
gcap (0.1.1-1)
YouTube closed caption retriever
glpi (0.84.7+dfsg.1-2)
IT and Asset management software
gosa (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
Web Based LDAP Administration Program
gosa-desktop (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
Desktop integration for GOsa²
gosa-dev (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
GOsa² development utilities
gosa-help-de (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
German online help for GOsa²
gosa-help-en (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
English online help for GOsa
gosa-help-fr (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
French online help for GOsa²
gosa-help-nl (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
Dutch online help for GOsa
gosa-plugin-connectivity (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
connectivity plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-dhcp (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
dhcp plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-dhcp-schema (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
LDAP schema for GOsa² dhcp plugin
gosa-plugin-dns (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
dns plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-dns-schema (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
LDAP schema for GOsa² dns plugin
gosa-plugin-fai (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
fai plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-fai-schema (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
LDAP schema for GOsa² fai plugin
gosa-plugin-gofax (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
gofax plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-gofon (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
gofon plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-goto (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
goto plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-kolab (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
kolab plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-kolab-schema (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
LDAP schema for GOsa² kolab plugin
gosa-plugin-ldapmanager (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
ldapmanager plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-mail (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
base mail plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-mit-krb5 (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
mit-krb5 plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-mit-krb5-schema (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
LDAP schema for GOsa² mit-krb5 plugin
gosa-plugin-nagios (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
nagios plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-nagios-schema (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
LDAP schema for GOsa² nagios plugin
gosa-plugin-netatalk (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
netatalk plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-opengroupware (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
opengroupware plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-openxchange (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
openxchange plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-openxchange-schema (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
LDAP schema for GOsa² openxchange plugin
gosa-plugin-opsi (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
opsi plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-phpgw (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
phpgw plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-phpgw-schema (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
LDAP schema for GOsa² phpgw plugin
gosa-plugin-phpscheduleit (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
phpscheduleit plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-phpscheduleit-schema (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
LDAP schema for GOsa² phpscheduleit plugin
gosa-plugin-pptp (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
pptp plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-pptp-schema (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
LDAP schema for GOsa² pptp plugin
gosa-plugin-pureftpd (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
pureftpd plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-pureftpd-schema (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
LDAP schema for GOsa² pureftpd plugin
gosa-plugin-rolemanagement (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
rolemanagement plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-rsyslog (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
rsyslog plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-samba (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
samba3 plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-scalix (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
scalix plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-squid (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
squid plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-ssh (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
ssh plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-ssh-schema (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
LDAP schema for GOsa² ssh plugin
gosa-plugin-sudo (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
sudo plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-sudo-schema (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
LDAP schema for GOsa² sudo plugin
gosa-plugin-systems (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
systems plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-uw-imap (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
uw-imap plugin for GOsa²
gosa-plugin-webdav (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
webdav plugin for GOsa²
gosa-schema (2.7.4+reloaded2-1)
LDAP schema for GOsa
graphite-web (0.9.12+debian-6)
Enterprise Scalable Realtime Graphing
gtml (3.5.4-11)
HTML pre-processor
hdav (1.0.1-1b1)
command-line WebDAV client
heat-api (2014.1.2-1)
OpenStack orchestration service - ReST API
heat-api-cfn (2014.1.2-1)
OpenStack orchestration service - CFN API
heat-api-cloudwatch (2014.1.2-1)
OpenStack orchestration service - CloudWatch API
heat-common (2014.1.2-1)
OpenStack orchestration service - common files
heat-engine (2014.1.2-1)
OpenStack orchestration service - engine
hiki (1.0.0-0.2)
Wiki Engine written in Ruby
hoteldruid (2.1.0-1)
web-based property management system for hotels or B&Bs
htcheck (1:2.0.0~rc1-2+b1)
Utility for checking web site for dead/external links
htcheck-php (1:2.0.0~rc1-2)
Simple php interface to database generated by ht://Check
htdig (1:3.2.0b6-12)
web search and indexing system - binaries
html2text (1.3.2a-17)
advanced HTML to text converter
html2wml (0.4.11-1)
converts HTML pages to WML (WAP) or i-mode pages
htmldoc (1.8.27-8)
HTML processor that generates indexed HTML, PS, and PDF
htmldoc-common (1.8.27-8)
Common arch-independent files for htmldoc
htp (1.16-4)
An HTML pre-processor
httperf (0.9.0-2+b1)
An HTTP server performance tester
httpfs2 (0.1.4-1)
FUSE filesystem for mounting files from http servers
httpie (0.8.0-1)
CLI, cURL-like tool for humans
httrack (3.48.19-1)
Copy websites to your computer (Offline browser)
httraqt (1.4.4-1)
program for downloading of internet sites
hv3 (3.0~fossil20110109-4)
Lightweight web browser
icedtea-6-plugin (1.5-1tanglu4)
web browser plugin based on OpenJDK and IcedTea to execute Java applets
icedtea-7-plugin (1.5-1tanglu4)
web browser plugin based on OpenJDK and IcedTea to execute Java applets
icedtea-plugin (1.5-1tanglu4)
web browser plugin to execute Java applets (dependency package)
ifetch-tools (0.15.24c-1)
Collect, monitor, and view images from ip cameras
igal2 (2.1-2)
online image gallery generator
iipimage-server (0.9.9-2b1)
Web-based streamed viewing and zooming of ultra high-resolution images
ikiwiki (3.20140831)
a wiki compiler
ilohamail (0.8.14-0rc3sid6.2)
Light weight yet full featured multilingual web-based IMAP/POP3 client
imageindex (1.1-2.1)
generate static HTML galleries from images
imaptool (0.9-14)
tool for creating client-side image maps
imgsizer (2.7-3)
Adds WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes to IMG tags in HTML files
imposm (2.5.0-3b1)
importer for OpenStreetMap data
interchange (5.7.7-2b1)
e-commerce and general HTTP database display system
interchange-cat-standard (5.7.7-2b1)
Standard store, a sample Interchange catalog
interchange-ui (5.7.7-2b1)
Interchange administration interface (UI)
java2html (0.9.2-4)
Highlight Java and C++ sources for WWW presentation
javascript-common (11)
Base support for JavaScript library packages
jclicmoodle (0.2.3-1)
JClic module for Moodle
jesred (1.2pl1-19)
Redirector for the Squid proxy
jffnms (0.9.3-3)
PHP Network Management System
jigl (2.0.1+20060126-5)
Generates a static html photo gallery from one or more directories of images
jpoker (1.0.16-2.2)
javascript online poker client
jquery-jplayer-bluemonday (2.6.0-1)
Blue Monday skin for jPlayer
jquery-jplayer-circleplayer (2.6.0-1)
Circle Player skin for jPlayer
jquery-jplayer-pinkflag (2.6.0-1)
Pink Flag skin for jPlayer
jscommunicator-web-phone (1.1.1-1)
Basic SIP video-phone web page using WebRTC
jsmath (3.6e-1)
TeX equations in HTML documents
jsmath-fonts (1.3-3)
raster fonts for jsMath
jsmath-fonts-sprite (1.0-3)
raster fonts for jsMath plugin spriteImageFonts
jspwiki (2.8.0-5) [contrib]
WikiWikiWeb clone written in Java
jwchat (1.0+dfsg-1.3)
full featured, web-based Jabber chat client
klinkstatus (4:4.14.1-1)
web link validity checker
klone (2.1.0~rc1-1)
embedded web application development framework
klone-package (0.3)
tool for creating custom KLone web server packages
konqueror (4:4.14.2-1tanglu1)
advanced file manager, web browser and document viewer
konqueror-nsplugins (4:4.14.2-1tanglu1)
Netscape plugin support for Konqueror
kpart-webkit (1.3.4-1)
WebKit KPart
ldap-account-manager (4.6-1)
webfrontend for managing accounts in an LDAP directory
ldap-account-manager-lamdaemon (4.6-1)
Quota and home directory management for LDAP Account Manager
ledgersmb (1.3.40-1)
financial accounting and ERP program
letodms (3.3.11+dfsg.1-1)
document management system based on PHP and MySQL
libapache2-mod-apreq2 (2.13-4b1)
generic Apache request library - Apache module
libapache2-mod-auth-mellon (0.9.1-1)
SAML 2.0 authentication module for Apache
libapache2-mod-auth-openidc (1.5.5-1)
OpenID Connect authentication module for Apache
libapache2-mod-auth-pgsql (2.0.3-6)
Module for Apache2 which provides PostgreSQL authentication
libapache2-mod-auth-plain (2.0.52)
Module for Apache2 which provides plaintext authentication
libapache2-mod-auth-radius (1.5.8-1.2)
Apache 2.x module for RADIUS authentication
libapache2-mod-authn-sasl (1.2-2)
SASL authentication backend provider for Apache
libapache2-mod-authnz-external (3.3.2-0.1)
authenticate Apache against external authentication services
libapache2-mod-authnz-persona (0.8.1-1)
Apache module implementing Persona authentication
libapache2-mod-authz-unixgroup (1.1.0-0.1)
access control based on on unix group membership for Apache
libapache2-mod-defensible (1.4-3.1)
module for Apache2 which provides DNSBL usage
libapache2-mod-evasive (1.10.1-3)
evasive module to minimize HTTP DoS or brute force attacks
libapache2-mod-fastcgi (2.4.7~0910052141-1.1) [non-free]
Apache 2 FastCGI module for long-running CGI scripts
libapache2-mod-form (0~svn146-1)
Apache module to decode data submitted from Web forms
libapache2-mod-log-slow (1.0.8-3)
Apache module for logging of slow requests handling
libapache2-mod-mapcache (1.2.1-2)
tile caching server - Apache module
libapache2-mod-mime-xattr (0.4-6)
Apache2 module to get MIME info from filesystem extended attributes
libapache2-mod-nss (1.0.8-4)
NSS-based SSL module for Apache2
libapache2-mod-parser3 (3.4.3-4)
Parser 3, HTML-embedded scripting language (Apache2 module)
libapache2-mod-passenger (4.0.50-1)
Rails and Rack support for Apache2
libapache2-mod-proxy-uwsgi (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
uwsgi proxy module for Apache2 (mod_uwsgi)
libapache2-mod-removeip (1.0b-5.1)
Module to remove IP from apache2's logs
libapache2-mod-ruid2 (0.9.8-3)
suexec module for Apache 2
libapache2-mod-scgi (1.13-1.1)
Apache module implementing the SCGI protocol
libapache2-mod-vhost-ldap (2.4.0-1)
Apache 2 module for Virtual Hosting from LDAP
libapache2-mod-watchcat (1.1.2-1)
Process monitoring Apache module
libapache2-mod-xsendfile (0.12-2)
Serve large static files efficiently from web applications
libawl-php (0.53-1)
Andrew's Web Libraries - PHP Utility Libraries
libcgi-ssi-parser-perl (0.01-1)
used in CGI scripts for parsing SSI directives
libfpdf-tpl-php (1.2-2)
PHP library to use PDF templates with FPDF
libfpdi-php (1.4.1-1)
PHP library for importing existing PDF documents into FPDF
libhttp-dav-perl (0.44-1)
WebDAV client library for Perl, and "dave" CLI client
libjs-angularjs (1.2.23-1)
lets you write client-side web applications as if you had a smarter browser
libjs-arbiter (1.0-2)
Lightweight publish/subscribe library for client-side JavaScript
libjs-asciimathml (2.0.2-1)
a library to render high quality mathematical formulas in a browser
libjs-async (0.8.0-1)
higher-order functions and common patterns for asynchronous Javascript
libjs-backbone (0.9.10-1)
some Backbone for JavaScript applications - browser library
libjs-bignumber (1.3.0+dfsg-1)
Arbitrary-precision decimal and non-decimal arithmetic (client)
libjs-chosen (0.9.11-2)
select box enhancer for jQuery and Protoype
libjs-codemirror (2.23-1)
JavaScript editor interface for code-like content
libjs-colors (0.6.2-1)
Get color and style in your web application
libjs-cropper (1.2.2-1)
JavaScript image cropper UI
libjs-cssom (0.3.0-1)
CSS parser written in pure JavaScript
libjs-d3 (3.4.9-1)
JavaScript visualization library for HTML and SVG
libjs-debugger (0.5-4)
a console logger for debugging JavaScript
libjs-dojo-core (1.10.0+dfsg-1)
modular JavaScript toolkit
libjs-dojo-dijit (1.10.0+dfsg-1)
modular JavaScript toolkit - Dijit
libjs-dojo-dojox (1.10.0+dfsg-1)
modular JavaScript toolkit - DojoX
libjs-edit-area (0.8.2-1)
a free javascript editor for source code
libjs-ejs (1.0.0+dfsg1-1)
Embedded JavaScript templates (client support)
libjs-eventemitter2 (0.4.13-2)
Event emitter compatible with browsers
libjs-excanvas (0.r3-3)
HTML5 Canvas for Internet Explorer
libjs-expect.js (0.3.1+dfsg-1)
behavior driven test assertions - JavaScript library
libjs-extjs (3.4.0+dfsg1-1)
cross-browser JavaScript library
libjs-flotr (0.2.1~r301-1)
plotting library for the Prototype Framework
libjs-handlebars (1.3.0-1)
let you build semantic templates effectively with no frustration
libjs-handlebars.runtime (1.3.0-1)
runtime for handlebars semantic templates library
libjs-highlight (8.1+ds-1)
JavaScript library for syntax highlighting
libjs-hooker (0.2.3-1)
Useful javascript debugging library usable in a browser
libjs-htmlparser (1.7.5+ds1-1)
forgiving HTML/XML/RSS Parser in Javascript
libjs-ie7 (2.1~beta4-2)
help Internet Explorer behave like a standards-compliant browser
libjs-imagesloaded (3.1.8-1)
Detect when images have been loaded
libjs-img.srcset (2.0.0~20131003~dfsg-1)
fast JavaScript polyfill for img srcset
libjs-impress (0.5.3-1)
JavaScript library to make animated presentations
libjs-inherits (2.0.0-1)
Exposes inherits function from Node.js environment
libjs-ipaddr (0.1.2+dfsg-1)
IPv4 and IPv6 addresses manipulation - JavaScript library
libjs-iscroll (5.1.2+dfsg1-1)
High performance, small footprint JavaScript scroller
libjs-jac (1.3.4+dfsg-1)
JavaScript Jabber Client Library
libjs-jcrop (0.9.12+dfsg-1)
image cropping plugin
libjs-jquery (1.7.2+dfsg-3.2)
JavaScript library for dynamic web applications
libjs-jquery-colorbox (1.5.13-1)
jQuery customizable lightbox
libjs-jquery-cookie (10-1)
jQuery cookie plugin
libjs-jquery-coolfieldset (1.0.1-1)
jQuery Plugin for creating collapsible fieldset
libjs-jquery-countdown (10-1)
jQuery Countdown
libjs-jquery-easing (10-1)
jQuery Easing Plugin
libjs-jquery-event-drag (10-1)
jQuery Event Drag
libjs-jquery-event-drop (10-1)
jQuery Event Drop
libjs-jquery-fancybox (10-1)
fancy lightbox alternative
libjs-jquery-flot (0.8.2+dfsg-1)
plotting library for jQuery
libjs-jquery-form (10-1)
jQuery Form Plugin
libjs-jquery-fullscreen (10-1)
jQuery FullScreen Plugin
libjs-jquery-galleriffic (10-1)
jQuery Galleriffic plugin
libjs-jquery-geo (1.0~b1+ds1-2)
JavaScript mapping API
libjs-jquery-history (10-1)
jQuery history plugin
libjs-jquery-hotkeys (0~20130707+git2d51e3a9+dfsg-2)
easily add and remove handlers for keyboard events anywhere in your code
libjs-jquery-i18n-properties (1.1.0-1)
lightweight jQuery internationalization plugin
libjs-jquery-isonscreen (1.2.0-1)
detects if an element is visible within the users current view pane
libjs-jquery-jfeed (10-1)
jQuery RSS/Atom feed parser plugin
libjs-jquery-jgrowl (1.2.13+dfsg-1)
notification system for jquery
libjs-jquery-jplayer (2.6.3+dfsg-1)
HTML5 Audio & Video for jQuery with a Flash fallback
libjs-jquery-jush (10-1)
jQuery Syntax Highlighter
libjs-jquery-lazyload (1.7.2-1)
Lazy Load Plugin for jQuery
libjs-jquery-livequery (10-1)
jQuery Live Query
libjs-jquery-meiomask (10-1)
jQuery mask plugin
libjs-jquery-metadata (10-1)
jQuery plugin for parsing metadata from elements
libjs-jquery-minicolors (1.2.1-1)
tiny color picker built on jQuery
libjs-jquery-mobile (1.2.0+dfsg-2)
Touch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones & Tablets
libjs-jquery-mousewheel (10-1)
jQuery Mousewheel Plugin
libjs-jquery-opacityrollover (10-1)
jQuery Opacity Rollover plugin
libjs-jquery-reflection (1.1-1)
jQuery plugin to add reflection effects to images in webpages
libjs-jquery-resize (10-1)
jQuery resize
libjs-jquery-simpletreemenu (1.5.0-1)
visually-simple menu inspired by the Mac OS X Finder tree
libjs-jquery-slides (10-1)
Simple slideshow plugin for jQuery
libjs-jquery-tablesorter (10-1)
Flexible client-side table sorting
libjs-jquery-timepicker (1.2-1)
timepicker addon for jQuery UI datepicker
libjs-jquery-tipsy (10-1)
jQuery Facebook-style tooltip plugin
libjs-jquery-treetable (10-1)
jQuery treeTable Plugin
libjs-jquery-ui (1.10.1+dfsg-1)
JavaScript UI library for dynamic web applications
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-base (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Base theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-black-tie (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Black Tie theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-blitzer (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Blitzer theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-cupertino (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Cupertino theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-dark-hive (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Dark Hive theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-dot-luv (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Dot Luv theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-eggplant (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Eggplant theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-excite-bike (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Excite Bike theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-flick (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Flick theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-hot-sneaks (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Hot Sneaks theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-humanity (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Humanity theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-le-frog (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Le Frog theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-mint-choc (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Mint Choc theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-overcast (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Overcast theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-pepper-grinder (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Pepper Grinder theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-redmond (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Redmond theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-smoothness (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Smoothness theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-south-street (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
South Street theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-start (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Start theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-sunny (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Sunny theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-swanky-purse (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Swanky Purse theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-trontastic (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Trontastic theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-ui-darkness (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
UI Darkness theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-ui-lightness (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
UI Lightness theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-ui-theme-vader (1.8.24+dfsg-1)
Vader theme for jQuery UI
libjs-jquery-uploadify (10-1)
plugin for easy multiple file upload
libjs-jquery-watermark (3.1.4-1)
watermark plugin for jQuery
libjs-jquery.quicksearch (2.0.4-1)
plug-in for filtering large data sets with user input
libjs-jscommunicator (1.1.1-1)
Browser-based messaging, phone and video chat application
libjs-jshash (2.2-4)
calculate secure hash algorithms in JavaScript
libjs-json (0~20121008-2)
JSON encoders/decoders implemented in JavaScript
libjs-jsrender (1.0~pre21-1)
JavaScript template rendering system
libjs-jssip (
JavaScript implementation of a WebRTC SIP video phone
libjs-jstorage (0.3.1-1)
store data locally with JavaScript
libjs-languages4translatewiki (0.1.3-1)
Javascript globalization and localization for browser use
libjs-leaflet (0.7.2-1)
JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps
libjs-leaflet-markercluster (0.4~dfsg-2)
Provides Marker Clustering functionality for Leaflet
libjs-less (1.4.2-1)
the LESS CSS meta-language - Javascript library
libjs-lodash (2.4.1+dfsg-3)
Lo-dash is a Javascript utility library
libjs-lru-cache (2.3.1-1)
Javascript least-recently-used cache object
libjs-marked (0.3.2+dfsg-1)
Full-featured markdown parser and compiler
libjs-mathjax (2.4-1)
JavaScript display engine for LaTeX and MathML
libjs-mocha (1.20.1-1)
simple, flexible, fun test framework - JavaScript library
libjs-mochikit (1.4.2-4)
JavaScript library inspired by Python
libjs-modernizr (2.6.2+ds1-1)
JavaScript library to detect HTML5 and CSS3 features in the user's browser
libjs-modestmaps (3.3.6+ds1-1.1)
display and interaction library for tile-based maps - Javascript
libjs-mootools (1.4.5~debian1-2.1)
compact JavaScript framework
libjs-mustache (0.4.2-2)
Mustache rendering engine for Javascript
libjs-node-uuid (1.4.0-1)
simple, fast generation of RFC4122 UUIDs - JavaScript library
libjs-openlayers (2.11+ds1-1)
JavaScript library for displaying map data in web browsers
libjs-pdf (1.0.473+dfsg-1)
Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer built with HTML5
libjs-polymaps (2.5.1+ds1-1)
JavaScript library for image- and vector-tiled maps
libjs-prototype (1.7.1-3)
JavaScript Framework for dynamic web applications
libjs-queue-async (1.0.7-1)
asynchronous helper library for JavaScript
libjs-qunit (1.14.0-1)
JavaScript Unit Testing framework
libjs-rainbow (1.1.8+ds1-1)
code syntax highlighting library written in Javascript
libjs-raphael (2.1.0-1)
JavaScript library to work with vector graphics
libjs-reqwest (0.6.0-1)
javascript wrapper for asynchronous HTTP requests
libjs-rickshaw (1.5.0.dfsg-1)
JavaScript toolkit for interactive time series graph
libjs-sax (0.5.5-1)
event-based streaming XML parser - JavaScript library
libjs-scriptaculous (1.9.0-2)
JavaScript library for dynamic web applications
libjs-semver (2.1.0-2)
Semantic Versioning for Node.js
libjs-simile-timeline (2.3.0+dfsg-0.1)
JavaScript library for web-based interactive timelines
libjs-sink-test (1.0.2-1)
Asynchronous JavaScript Unit Testing Framework
libjs-sipml5 (0.0.20130314.2030-2)
JavaScript implementation of a WebRTC SIP video phone
libjs-sipml5-doc (0.0.20130314.2030-2)
JavaScript implementation of a WebRTC SIP video phone - API docs
libjs-sizzle (1.10.18-1)
Pure-JavaScript CSS selector engine
libjs-slimbox (2.04-1)
Slimbox is a visual clone of the popular Lightbox
libjs-sockjs (0.3.4+dfsg-1)
WebSocket emulation - Javascript client
libjs-source-map (0.1.34-1)
mozilla source maps generator and consumer - JavaScript library
libjs-sphinxdoc (1.2.2+dfsg-3)
JavaScript support for Sphinx documentation
libjs-spin.js (1.2.8+dfsg2-1)
animated CSS3 loading spinner
libjs-strophe (1.0.1.dfsg-2)
Library for writing XMPP clients
libjs-swfobject (2.2+dfsg-1)
tool to embed Flash content into webpages
libjs-swfupload (
javascript library to use Flash's upload functionality
libjs-traverse (0.6.1-1)
recursively traverse objects in Javascript
libjs-twitter-bootstrap (2.0.2+dfsg-4)
HTML, CSS and JS toolkit from Twitter
libjs-twitter-bootstrap-datepicker (
add datepicker picker to field or to any other element
libjs-underscore (1.4.4-2)
JavaScript's functional programming helper library
libjs-underscore.logger (0.3.0~20111114-1)
cross-browser and Node empowered logging - browser library
libjs-unorm (1.0.5-1)
Common JS Unicode Normalizer (client/browser)
libjs-wax (5.0.1+ds2-1)
web maps visualization library
libjs-xmlextras (20060529-1)
creates a common interface to use of the XML objects provided by IE and Mozilla
libjs-yui (2.9.0.dfsg.0.1-0.1)
Yahoo User Interface Library
libjs-yui3-common (3.5.1-1)
Yahoo User Interface Library v3 (common files)
libjs-yui3-debug (3.5.1-1)
Yahoo User Interface Library v3 (debug files)
libjs-yui3-full (3.5.1-1)
Yahoo User Interface Library v3 (full, uncompressed files)
libjs-yui3-min (3.5.1-1)
Yahoo User Interface Library v3 (minified files)
libjs-zeparser (0.0.7+dfsg-1)
Javascript library for parsing Javascript code
libmarkdown-php (1.0.2-1)
PHP library for rendering Markdown data
libow-php5 (2.9p5-1.1)
Dallas 1-wire support: PHP5 bindings
libownet-php (2.9p5-1.1)
Dallas 1-wire support: PHP OWNet library
libreoffice-script-provider-js (1:4.3.1-1tanglu2)
JavaScript script support provider for LibreOffice scripting framework
libwcat1 (1.1-1)
Process monitoring library
liferea (1.10.9-1)
feed/news/podcast client with plugin support
liferea-data (1.10.9-1)
architecture independent data for liferea
linkchecker (9.3-1)
check websites and HTML documents for broken links
linkchecker-gui (9.3-1)
check websites and HTML documents for broken links (GUI client)
linkchecker-web (9.3-1)
check websites and HTML documents for broken links (web client)
linklint (2.3.5-5)
A fast link checker and web site maintenance tool
links (2.8-2)
Web browser running in text mode
links2 (2.8-2)
Web browser running in both graphics and text mode
llgal (0.13.17-2)
Command-line online gallery generator
logstalgia (1.0.5-1)
web server access log visualizer
lua-orbit (2.2.1+dfsg-1)
MVC web framework for Lua
lynx-cur (2.8.9dev1-2)
Text-mode WWW Browser with NLS support (development version)
mailto (1.3.2-3)
WWW Forms to Mail Gateway
mapcache-cgi (1.2.1-2)
tile caching server - CGI binary
markdown (1.0.1-7)
Text-to-HTML conversion tool
mediawiki (1:1.19.20+dfsg-1b1)
website engine for collaborative work
mediawiki-classes (1:1.19.20+dfsg-1b1)
website engine for collaborative work - standalone classes
mediawiki-extensions (3.6)
Extensions for MediaWiki -- Meta package
mediawiki-extensions-base (3.6)
Extensions for MediaWiki -- Base package
mediawiki-extensions-collection (3.6)
Extensions for MediaWiki -- Collection extension
mediawiki-extensions-geshi (3.6)
Extensions for MediaWiki -- SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi extension
mediawiki-extensions-graphviz (3.6)
Extensions for MediaWiki -- GraphViz extension
mediawiki-extensions-ldapauth (3.6)
Extensions for MediaWiki -- LdapAuthentication extension
mediawiki-extensions-math (2:1.0+git20120528-8)
math rendering plugin for MediaWiki (common files)
mediawiki-extensions-openid (3.6)
Extensions for MediaWiki -- OpenID extension
mediawiki-math-texvc (2:1.0+git20120528-8)
math rendering plugin for MediaWiki (texvc binary files)
memcached (1.4.13-0.3)
A high-performance memory object caching system
memcachedb (1.2.0-11)
Persistent storage engine using the memcache protocol
micro-proxy (20021030+debian-5)
really small HTTP/HTTPS proxy
midori (0.4.3+dfsg-0.1)
fast, lightweight graphical web browser
mini-httpd (1.19-9.3)
a small HTTP server
mirmon (2.10-1)
monitor the state of mirrors
mnemosyne-blog (0.12-2)
Maildir-to-blog compiler with XML templating and Python extensions
mocha (1.20.1-1)
simple, flexible, fun test framework - Node.js module
mod-musicindex-common (1.4.1-1)
Common files for mod-musicindex
mono-apache-server (3.0.11-1)
ASP.NET backend for mod_mono Apache module - default version
mono-apache-server2 (3.0.11-1)
ASP.NET 2.0 backend for mod_mono2 Apache module
mono-apache-server4 (3.0.11-1)
ASP.NET 1.1 backend for mod_mono Apache module
mono-fastcgi-server (3.0.11-1)
ASP.NET backend for FastCGI webservers - default version
mono-fastcgi-server2 (3.0.11-1)
ASP.NET 2.0 backend for FastCGI webservers
mono-fastcgi-server4 (3.0.11-1)
ASP.NET 4.0 backend for FastCGI webservers
mono-xsp (3.0.11-1)
simple web server to run ASP.NET applications - default version
mono-xsp2 (3.0.11-1)
simple web server to run ASP.NET 2.0 applications
mono-xsp2-base (3.0.11-1)
base libraries for XSP 2.0
mono-xsp4 (3.0.11-1)
simple web server to run ASP.NET 4.0 applications
mono-xsp4-base (3.0.11-1)
base libraries for XSP 4.0
moodle (2.6.3-1)
course management system for online learning
mozplugger (1.14.5-2)
Plugin allowing external viewers to be launched inside Mozilla
mp4h (1.3.1-9b1)
Macro processor for HTML documents
mrtg-rrd (0.7-5b1)
Generating graphs for MRTG statistics (CGI)
multiwatch (1.0.0-rc1+really1.0.0-1)
Forks and watches multiple instances of a program
nanoblogger (3.4.2-3)
Small weblog engine for the command line
nanoblogger-extra (3.4.2-2)
Nanoblogger plugins
netrik (1.16.1-1.1)
text mode WWW browser with vi like keybindings
netsurf (3.2+dfsg-2)
small web browser with CSS support - transitional package
netsurf-common (3.2+dfsg-2)
small web browser with CSS support common files
netsurf-fb (3.2+dfsg-2)
small web browser with CSS support for framebuffers
netsurf-gtk (3.2+dfsg-2)
small web browser with CSS support for GTK
ngrok-client (1.6+dfsg-1b1)
secure introspectable tunnels to localhost - client part
ngrok-server (1.6+dfsg-1b1)
secure introspectable tunnels to localhost - server part
nicovideo-dl (0.0.20120212-2)
Download videos from www.nicovideo.jp
node-abbrev (1.0.5-2)
Get unique abbreviations for a set of strings - Node.js module
node-accepts (1.0.1-1)
higher-level content negotiation for Node.js
node-active-x-obfuscator (0.0.2-1)
Safely obfuscate the string 'ActiveX' inside of JavaScript code
node-ain2 (1.2.1-3)
syslog logging for Node
node-almond (0.2.9-1)
minimal AMD API implementation for use in optimized browser builds
node-amdefine (0.1.0-1)
Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) for Node.js
node-ansi (0.3.0-2)
Advanced ANSI formatting tool for Node.js
node-ansi-color-table (1.0.0-1)
Color and format tables for ansi output - Node.js module
node-archy (0.0.2-1)
Pretty-print nested hierarchies module for Node.js
node-async (0.8.0-1)
higher-order functions and common patterns for asynchronous Javascript
node-async-stacktrace (0.0.2-2)
Improve Node.js stacktraces and make it easier to handle errors
node-backbone (0.9.10-1)
some Backbone for JavaScript applications - Node module
node-backbone-dirty (1.1.2-3)
server-side overrides for Backbone to use node-dirty
node-base64id (0.1.0-3)
Node.js module that generates a base64 id
node-batch (0.5.1-1)
batch with concurrency control and progress events - Node.js module
node-bignumber (1.3.0+dfsg-1)
Arbitrary-precision decimal and non-decimal arithmetic for Node.js
node-bindings (1.2.1-1)
resolve path to c++ addons built by node-gyp - Node.js module
node-bl (0.8.2-2)
access multiple buffers with Buffer interface - Node.js module
node-block-stream (0.0.7-1)
Stream of fixed-size blocks, with zero-padding when necessary
node-body-parser (1.4.3-1)
body parsing middleware - Node.js module
node-bones (2.0.1+ds1-4)
framework for using backbone.js on client and server for NodeJS
node-buffer-crc32 (0.2.1-1)
computes crc32 of buffers and strings - module for Node.js
node-bytes (1.0.0-1)
Byte string parser and formatter - Node.js module
node-carto (0.9.5-2)
Mapnik stylesheet compiler
node-chainsaw (0.1.0-1)
Node.js module to build chainable fluent interfaces
node-channels (0.0.5-3)
Event channels in Node.js
node-character-parser (1.2.0-1)
JavaScript parser character by character
node-chrono (1.0.2-2)
date formatting library for NodeJS
node-clean-css (1.0.12-1)
Node.js module for minifying CSS files
node-cli (0.4.4~20120516-1)
tool for rapidly building command-line Node apps
node-colors (0.6.2-1)
Get color and style in your node.js console
node-combined-stream (0.0.5-1)
Append streams one after another - module for Node.js
node-commander (2.2.0-1)
Complete solution for Node.js command-line interfaces
node-compressible (1.1.0-1)
checks wether a mime type is compressible - Node.js module
node-compression (1.0.7-1)
express middleware for gzip/deflate compression - Node.js module
node-connect (3.0.0-1)
extensible HTTP server framework - Node.js module
node-connect-timeout (1.1.0-1)
connect middleware for timing out HTTP requests - Node.js module
node-constantinople (2.0.0-1)
determine if an expression evaluates to a constant - Node.js module
node-cookie (0.1.0-1)
Basic cookie parser and serializer module for Node.js
node-cookie-jar (0.3.1-1)
Cookie handling for HTTP clients - module for Node.js
node-cookie-parser (1.1.0-1)
cookie parsing middleware with signatures - Node.js module
node-cookie-signature (1.0.1-1)
Sign and unsign cookies using hmac - module for Node.js
node-cookiejar (1.3.2-1)
simple persistent cookiejar system - Node.js module
node-cookies (0.4.1-1)
Cookies, optionally signed using Keygrip - Node.js module
node-css (1.6.0-1)
JavaScript CSS parser and stringifier - Node.js module
node-css-parse (1.7.0+dfsg-1)
JavaScript CSS parser for Node.js and the browser
node-css-stringify (1.4.1-1)
Stringify abstract syntax tree from node-css-parser
node-cssom (0.3.0-1)
CSS parser written in pure JavaScript - NodeJS module
node-debug (0.8.1-1)
small debugging utility for Node.js
node-delayed-stream (0.0.5-1)
Buffer stream events for later handling - module for Node.js
node-depd (0.3.0-1)
mark a function or property as deprecated - Node.js module
node-dequeue (1.0.5-1)
Simple Double Ended Queue Datastructure for Node.js
node-diacritics (1.2.0-1)
remove diacritics from strings - Node.js module
node-diff (1.0.4-1)
javascript text differencing implementation
node-dirty (0.9.6-1)
tiny and fast key-value store for Node
node-dryice (0.4.10-1)
CommonJS/RequireJS packaging tool for browser scripts
node-ejs (1.0.0+dfsg1-1)
Embedded JavaScript templates for Node.js
node-errorhandler (1.1.1-1)
error handler middleware - Node.js
node-escape-html (1.0.1-1)
simply escape HTML entities
node-eventemitter2 (0.4.13-2)
Event emitter compatible with browsers - module for Node.js
node-expect.js (0.3.1+dfsg-1)
behavior driven test assertions - Node.js module
node-express (4.1.1~dfsg-1)
web application framework for node
node-express-generator (4.0.0-2)
express applications generator
node-extend (1.3.0-1)
port of jQuery.extend for Node.js
node-eyes (0.1.8-1)
customizable value inspector for Node
node-findup-sync (0.1.3-1)
Filename searcher module for Node.js, event-based server-side
node-forever-agent (0.5.1-1)
HTTP agent supporting keep-alive requests - module for Node.js
node-form-data (0.1.0-1)
Create multipart/form-data streams module for Node.js
node-formidable (1.0.13-1)
Multipart form data parser module for Node.js
node-fresh (0.2.0-1)
Check client cache staleness using HTTP headers - Node.js module
node-fstream (0.1.24-1)
Advanced filesystem streaming tools for Node.js
node-fstream-ignore (0.0.6-2)
Directory reader configurable by .ignore module for Node.js
node-generic-pool (2.0.3-1)
generic resource pooling for Node.js
node-get (1.1.5+ds1-2)
high-level HTTP client for NodeJS
node-github-url-from-git (1.1.1-1)
Convert github git or gist url to an http url - Node.js module
node-graceful-fs (3.0.2-1)
drop-in replacement improving the Node.js fs module
node-groove (2.2.6-1)
bindings to libgroove - generic music player library - Node.js module
node-growl (1.7.0-1)
unobtrusive notification system for nodejs
node-gyp (0.12.2+ds-1)
Native addon build tool for Node.js
node-highlight (8.1+ds-1)
JavaScript library for syntax highlighting - NodeJS
node-hooker (0.2.3-1)
Useful debugging library for Node.js
node-htmlparser (1.7.5+ds1-1)
forgiving HTML/XML/RSS Parser in Javascript for NodeJS
node-iconv (2.1.4-1)
text recoding module for Node.js
node-inherits (2.0.0-1)
Exposes inherits function from Node.js environment
node-ini (1.1.0-1)
ini format parser and serializer for Node.js
node-ipaddr.js (0.1.2+dfsg-1)
IPv4 and IPv6 addresses manipulation - Node.js module
node-iscroll (5.1.2+dfsg1-1)
High performance, small footprint JavaScript scroller NodeJS module
node-jade (1.5.0+dfsg-1)
high performance template engine - Node.js module
node-jquery (1.6.3-1)
NodeJS wrapper for jQuery
node-jsconfig (0.2.0-1)
Node async configuration loader with command line support
node-jsdom (0.8.10+dfsg1-1)
javascript implementation of the W3C DOM
node-json-stringify-safe (5.0.0-1)
JSON.stringify with circular references module for Node.js
node-jsv (4.0.0+ds1-1)
extendable, fully compliant JSON schema validator for NodeJS
node-keese (1.0.1-2)
arbitrary-precision floats encoded as strings - Node.js module
node-keygrip (1.0.1-1)
Key signing and verification for rotated credentials for Node.js
node-keypress (0.2.1-1)
Make any Node ReadableStream emit "keypress" events
node-languages4translatewiki (0.1.3-1)
Javascript globalization and localization for Node.js
node-lastfm (0.9.2-1)
Read and write to Last.fm - Node.js module
node-less (1.4.2-1)
the LESS CSS meta-language - compiler and Node module
node-libravatar (2.0.0-3)
libravatar library for NodeJS
node-lockfile (0.4.1-1)
Asynchronous file lock module for Node.js
node-lodash (2.4.1+dfsg-3)
Lo-dash is a Node.js utility library
node-log4js (0.6.18-1)
Conversion of the log4js framework to work with Node.js
node-lru-cache (2.3.1-1)
least-recently-used cache object for Node.js
node-ltx (0.2.0-1)
XML DOM builder library for Node
node-mapnik (1.2.3-1)
bindings to the Mapnik tile rendering library for Node.js
node-marked (0.3.2+dfsg-1)
Full-featured markdown parser and compiler for NodeJS
node-mbtiles (0.3.2-2)
Tilelive store for writing to MBTiles format - Node.js module
node-media-typer (0.2.0-1)
RFC 6838 media type parser and formatter - Node.js module
node-merge-descriptors (0.0.2-1)
merge objects using descriptors
node-mess (0.1.2-1)
Fisher–Yates shuffle algorithm implementation for Node.js
node-methods (1.1.0-1)
contains the HTTP methods that Node.js supports
node-millstone (0.6.8-1b2)
prepare datasources in an MML file for consumption in mapnik
node-mime (1.2.11-1)
library for mime-type mapping for Node.js
node-mime-types (1.0.1+dfsg-1)
ultimate JavaScript content-type utility - Node.js module
node-minimatch (1.0.0-1)
Convert glob expressions into RegExp objects for Node.js
node-mirror (0.3.3-3)
content aggregator for NodeJS
node-mkdirp (0.3.5-1)
Node.js module to recursively create directories
node-modestmaps (3.3.6+ds1-1.1)
display and interaction library for tile-based maps - NodeJS
node-monocle (1.1.51+dfsg-1)
Watch directories for file changes - Node.js module
node-multiparty (3.3.0-1)
Multipart/form-data parser for Node.js
node-music-library-index (1.2.2-1)
build a searchable object model given track metadata objects - Node.js module
node-mustache (0.4.2-2)
Mustache rendering engine for Javascript - CommonJS
node-mute-stream (0.0.4-1)
Pass-through stream that can be muted module for Node.js
node-mysql (2.4.2-1)
MySQL client implementation for Node.js
node-nan (1.3.0-1)
Native Abstractions for Node.js
node-ncp (0.6.0-1)
Asynchronous recursive file copy utility - Node.js module
node-negotiator (0.4.3-1)
HTTP content negotiator for Node.js
node-node-expat (1.6.0-2)
fast XML parser library for Node
node-node-redis (0.1.7-1)
Redis client implementation for Node.js
node-node-stringprep (0.1.5-1tanglu1)
ICU StringPrep profiles for Node
node-node-uuid (1.4.0-1)
simple, fast generation of RFC4122 UUIDs - Node module
node-node-xmpp (0.3.2-1)
idiomatic XMPP library for Node
node-nopt (3.0.1-1)
Command-line option parser for Node.js
node-normalize-package-data (0.2.2-1)
Normalizes package metadata - Node.js module
node-npmlog (0.0.4-1)
Logger with custom levels and colored output for Node.js
node-oauth (0.9.8-1)
OAuth wrapper for Node.js
node-oauth-sign (0.3.1-1)
OAuth 1 signing module for Node.js
node-on-headers (0.0.0-1)
HTTP response headers listener - Node.js module
node-once (1.1.1-1)
Run a function only once with this module for Node.js
node-optimist (0.3.5-1)
light-weight option parsing library for NodeJS
node-osenv (0.1.0-1)
Environment settings lookup module for Node.js
node-parseurl (1.0.1-1)
parse a url with memoization
node-passport (0.1.17-1)
simple, unobtrusive authentication system for Node.js
node-passport-oauth (0.1.7-1)
simple, unobtrusive authentication system for Node.js - OAuth strategy
node-path-to-regexp (0.1.2-1)
express style path to RegExp utility
node-peg (0.7.0-1)
JavaScript parser generator
node-pend (1.1.2-1)
simple parallel async callback helper - Node.js module
node-pg (0.7.1-1)
PostgreSQL client library for Node
node-policyfile (0.0.5-3)
Flash Socket Policy File Server for Node.js
node-promise (5.0.0-1)
bare bones Promises/A+ implementation - Node.js module
node-proxy-addr (1.0.1-1)
remote address filter for proxied requests - Node.js module
node-qs (0.6.5-1)
querystring parser library for Node.js
node-queue-async (1.0.7-1)
asynchronous helper library for JavaScript - NodeJS
node-range-parser (0.0.4+git7d1cd72a-1)
HTTP Range header parser - Node.js module
node-raw-body (1.2.0-1)
Request body length validation supporting streams - Node.js
node-read (1.0.5-1)
Read user input from stdin module for Node.js
node-read-package-json (1.2.4-1)
Read package.json for npm module for Node.js
node-readdirp (0.2.4-2)
Recursive version of Node.js's fs.readdir
node-redis (0.10.3-1)
redis client library for Node.js
node-request (2.26.1-1)
simplified HTTP request client module for Node.js
node-require-all (0.0.6-1)
Require all Node.js module files within a directory
node-requirejs (2.1.9-2)
JavaScript file and module loader
node-requirejs-text (2.0.12-1)
RequireJS/AMD loader plugin for text resources
node-resolve (0.3.1-1)
Synchronous/Asynchronous require.resolve() algorithm
node-response-time (2.0.0-1)
X-Response-Time header manager for HTTP response - Node.js module
node-retry (0.6.0-1)
Retry strategies for failed operations module for Node.js
node-rimraf (2.2.8-1)
Deep deletion (like rm -rf) module for Node.js
node-sax (0.5.5-1)
event-based streaming XML parser - Node.js module
node-security (1.0.0~git20130515-2)
Safely encoding and decoding methods for Node.js
node-semver (2.1.0-2)
Semantic Versioning for Node.js
node-send (0.3.0-1)
Static file server with ranges and negotiation support for Node.js
node-serve-favicon (2.0.1-2)
favicon serving middleware with caching - Node.js module
node-serve-static (1.2.3-1)
static files server module for Node.js
node-sha (1.2.3-1)
Check and get file or stream hashes - module for Node.js
node-should (4.0.4+dfsg-1)
behavior driven test assertions library - Node.js module
node-sigmund (1.0.0-1)
Quick and dirty signatures for Objects module for Node.js
node-sink-test (1.0.2-1)
Asynchronous JavaScript Unit Testing Framework
node-slide (1.1.4-1)
Simple chain and asyncMap flow control module for Node.js
node-smash (0.0.12-1)
concatenate files together using import statements
node-source-map (0.1.34-1)
mozilla source maps generator and consumer - Node.js module
node-sqlite3 (2.2.0+ds1-1)
asynchronous, non-blocking SQLite3 bindings for Node.js
node-static (0.7.3-1)
RFC2616 compliant HTTP static-file server module with caching
node-step (0.0.5+20111229-1)
simple control-flow library for Node
node-superagent (0.18.0+dfsg-1)
HTTP client request with chainable API - Node.js module
node-supertest (0.13.0-1)
superagent driven library for testing HTTP servers
node-tar (0.1.18-1)
read and write portable tar archives module for Node.js
node-through2 (1.0.0-1)
Make a stream.Transform out of a function - Node.js module
node-tilejson (0.1.2-1)
tile source backend for online tile sources
node-tilelive (4.5.0-1)
Interface for tile backends modules for Node.js
node-tilelive-bridge (0.0.2-1)
Tilelive store for generating mapnik vector tiles - Node.js module
node-tilelive-mapnik (0.6.8-1)
Tilelive store for mapnik datasources rendering - Node.js module
node-tilelive-vector (0.1.3-1)
Tilelive store for rendering mapnik vector tiles - Node.js module
node-tinycolor (0.0.1~git20130725-1)
No-fuzz, barebone, zero muppetry color module for Node.js
node-topcube (0.2.0+ds1-1)
spawn a child webkit window from Node.js
node-transformers (3.0.0-1)
String and data transformations using templates and compilers
node-traverse (0.6.1-1)
recursively traverse objects in Node.js
node-tunnel-agent (0.3.1-1)
HTTP proxy tunneling agent module for Node.js
node-type-is (1.3.2-1)
infer the content type from request
node-uglify (1.3.5-1)
JavaScript parser/compressor/beautifier
node-underscore (1.4.4-2)
JavaScript's functional programming helper library - NodeJS
node-underscore.logger (0.3.0~20111114-1)
cross-browser and Node empowered logging - Node module
node-unorm (1.0.5-1)
Common JS Unicode Normalizer (Node.js)
node-utils-merge (1.0.0-1)
provides a merge utility function
node-vary (0.1.0-1)
manage the Vary header of a HTTP response - Node.js module
node-vhost (2.0.0-1)
connect middleware for domain request matching - Node.js module
node-vows (0.7.0-2)
asynchronous BDD & continuous integration for Node
node-which (1.0.5-2)
Cross-platform 'which' module for Node.js
node-with (3.0.0-1)
compile-time `with` statement - Node.js module
node-wordwrap (0.0.2-2)
word wrapping library for NodeJS
node-ws (0.4.32-1)
RFC-6455 WebSocket implementation module for Node.js
node-xml2js (0.2.8-1)
simple XML to JavaScript object converter - Node.js module
node-xmlhttprequest (1.6.0-1)
XMLHttpRequest for Node
node-yajsml (1.1.5-2)
Yet another (Common)JS module loader
node-zeparser (0.0.7+dfsg-1)
Javascript code parser module for Node.js
node-zlib (1.0.5-1)
zlib bindings for node.js
nodejs (0.10.29~dfsg-1)
evented I/O for V8 javascript
nodejs-legacy (0.10.29~dfsg-1)
evented I/O for V8 javascript (legacy symlink)
novnc (1:0.4+dfsg+1+20131010+gitf68af8af3d-2)
HTML5 VNC client - daemon and programs
npm (1.4.21+ds-2)
package manager for Node.js
ntlmaps (
NTLM Authorization Proxy Server
nurpawiki (1.2.3-8b1)
Wiki with integrated to-do list and scheduler
ocsinventory-reports (2.0.5-1.1)
Hardware and software inventory tool (Administration Console)
ocsinventory-server (2.0.5-1.1)
Hardware and software inventory tool (Communication Server)
omt (0.1.16)
A tool for mirroring web pages
openacs (5.8.0+dfsg-1)
toolkit for building community-oriented web applications
openload (0.1.2-2)
Tool for load testing of web applications
openstack-debian-images (0.11)
script to build a Debian image for OpenStack
otrs (3.3.8-1)
Open Ticket Request System (OTRS 3)
otrs2 (3.3.8-1)
Open Ticket Request System
owncloud (7.0.2+dfsg-1)
cloud storage for files, music, contacts, calendars and many more
parser3 (3.4.3-4)
Parser 3, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage)
parser3-cgi (3.4.3-4)
Parser 3, HTML-embedded scripting language (CGI binary)
parser3-common (3.4.3-4)
Common files for packages built from the Parser 3 source
parser3-mysql (10.6-2)
MySQL driver for Parser 3
pavuk (0.9.35-3b1)
Multiprotocol file grabber with textual and graphic control
pdf.js-common (1.0.473+dfsg-1)
Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer - common files
pepperflashplugin-nonfree (1.5) [contrib]
Pepper Flash Player - browser plugin
perlbal (1.80-2b1)
Perl-based reverse proxy load balancer and web server
pgn2web (0.4-1.1)
convert PGN chess game files into webpages
phamm (0.6.2-1)
PHP front-end to manage virtual services on LDAP - main package
phamm-ldap (0.6.2-1)
PHP front-end to manage virtual services on LDAP - back-end files
phamm-ldap-amavis (0.6.2-1)
PHP front-end to manage virtual services on LDAP - back-end files
phamm-ldap-vacation (0.6.2-1)
PHP front-end to manage virtual services on LDAP - back-end files
phantomjs (1.9.0-1)
minimalistic headless WebKit-based with JavaScript API
photofloat (0~20120917+dfsg-3)
Web 2.0 Photo Gallery Done Right via Static JSON & Dynamic Javascript
php-auth (1.6.4-1)
Creating an authentication system
php-auth-sasl (1.0.6-1)
Abstraction of various SASL mechanism responses
php-aws-sdk (2.6.15+comp-1)
software development kit to build solutions for Amazon
php-cache (1.5.6-2)
framework for caching of arbitrary data
php-date (1.4.7-2)
Generic date/time handling class for PEAR
php-file (1.3.0-2)
PHP PEAR modules for common file and directory routines
php-guzzle (3.9.2+dfsg-3)
object-oriented PHP HTTP client
php-html-common (1.2.5-2)
base class for other HTML classes
php-image-text (0.6.1-1)
PEAR module to do advanced text manipulations in images
php-letodms-core (3.3.11-1)
Document management system - Core files
php-letodms-lucene (1.0.2-2)
Document management system - Fulltext search
php-net-dime (1.0.2-2)
class that implements DIME encoding
php-net-ldap2 (2.0.12-1)
PHP PEAR module for searching and manipulating LDAP-entries
php-net-portscan (1.0.3-2)
Portscanner utilities
php-net-publicsuffix (0.1-1)
PHP module for detecting registered domains and public suffixes
php-net-smartirc (1.0.2-1)
provides an OO interface to the PHP IRC functions
php-numbers-words (0.16.4-1)
PEAR module providing methods for spelling numerals in words
php-radius-legacy (1.2.5-2.4b1)
Radius protocol implementation in PHP
php-services-json (1.0.3-1)
PHP implementaion of json_encode/decode
php-services-weather (1.4.2-5)
acts as an interface to various online weather-services
php-text-password (1.1.1-2)
Creating passwords with PHP
php-xajax (0.5-1)
A library to develop Ajax applications
php5-pecl-http (2.0.4-1b1)
pecl_http module for PHP 5 Extended HTTP Support
php5-pecl-http-dev (2.0.4-1b1)
pecl_http module for PHP 5 Extended HTTP Support development headers
php5-radius (1.2.5-2.4b1)
PECL radius module for PHP 5
php5-stomp (1.0.5-1b1)
Streaming Text Oriented Messaging Protocol (STOMP) client module for PHP 5
phpbb3 (3.0.12-2)
full-featured, skinnable non-threaded web forum
phpgacl (3.3.7-7.3)
PHP Generic Access Control Lists
phpmyadmin (4:4.2.8-1)
MySQL web administration tool
phppgadmin (5.1-1)
web-based administration tool for PostgreSQL
phpqrcode (1.1.4-1)
PHP library for generating two-dimensional barcodes
phpreports (0.4.9-2.1)
XML-based report generator for PHP
phpsysinfo (3.0.17-1)
PHP based host information
phpwebcounter (1.0-3)
simple and light web hit counter
phpwebcounter-extra (20071108-3)
extra graphical numbers to PHP Web Counter
pixelmed-www (20140429-1)
DICOM implementation containing Image Viewer and a ECG Viewer - jnlp
pluxml (5.3.1-2)
light blog/CMS engine powered by XML
pnopaste (1.5-2)
Pastebin with syntax highlighting
pnopaste-cli (1.5-2)
Pastebin with syntax highlighting (cli tool)
polipo (1.1.1-1)
lightweight, caching web proxy
prewikka (1.0.0-1.3)
Security Information Management System [ Web Interface ]
privoxy (3.0.21-4)
Privacy enhancing HTTP Proxy
proxytrack (3.48.19-1)
Build HTTP Caches using archived websites copied by HTTrack
pubtal (3.5-1)
Template driven web site builder for small sites
puf (1.0.0-7)
Parallel URL fetcher
pwget (2010.1012+git5feaa59-2)
downloader utility which resembles wget (implemented in Perl)
pyblosxom (1.5.3-1)
lightweight file-based weblog system written in Python
python-pylons (1.0.1-1b1)
Python web framework emphasizing flexibility and rapid development
python-tornado (3.2.2-1)
scalable, non-blocking web server and tools
python3-tornado (3.2.2-1)
scalable, non-blocking web server and tools - Python 3 package
qtm (1.3.6-1)
Web-log interface program
quiterss (0.16.2+dfsg-1)
RSS/Atom news feeds reader
quixote1-doc (1.2-5)
Quixote web application framework documentation
radicale (0.9-1)
simple calendar server - daemon
ratproxy (1.58+dfsg-3+b1)
passive web application security assessment tool
rawdog (2.19-2)
RSS Aggregator Without Delusions Of Grandeur
redmine (2.3.3-3.1)
flexible project management web application
redmine-mysql (2.3.3-3.1)
metapackage providing MySQL dependencies for Redmine
redmine-pgsql (2.3.3-3.1)
metapackage providing PostgreSQL dependencies for Redmine
redmine-plugin-pretend (0.0.2+git20130821-1)
Redmine plugin to allow admins to log-in as users
redmine-sqlite (2.3.3-3.1)
metapackage providing sqlite dependencies for Redmine
rest2web (0.5.2~alpha+svn-r248-2)
web site builder using ReStructured Text as basic content format
rmagic (2.21-5)
Report Magic for Analog
roundcube (0.9.5-4)
skinnable AJAX based webmail solution for IMAP servers - metapackage
roundcube-core (0.9.5-4)
skinnable AJAX based webmail solution for IMAP servers
roundcube-mysql (0.9.5-4)
metapackage providing MySQL dependencies for RoundCube
roundcube-pgsql (0.9.5-4)
metapackage providing PostgreSQL dependencies for RoundCube
roundcube-plugins (0.9.5-4)
skinnable AJAX based webmail solution for IMAP servers - plugins
roundcube-sqlite3 (0.9.5-4)
metapackage providing SQLite dependencies for RoundCube
roundup (1.4.20-1.1)
an issue-tracking system
rpm2html (1.11.2-6)
generate HTML index from directories of RPMs
rtgui (0.2.81-5)
Web based front-end for rTorrent
rtmpdump (2.4+20131018.git79459a2-4)
small dumper for media content streamed over the RTMP protocol
rtpg-www (0.2.11-3)
web based front end for rTorrent
ruby-compass (0.12.6~dfsg-2)
Stylesheet Framework streamlining creation and maintainance of CSS
ruby-sass (3.3.4+really.3.2.19-3)
powerful but elegant CSS compiler that makes CSS fun again
sa-learn-cyrus (0.3.5-1.1)
Train SpamAssassin with spam/ham from user's imap mailbox(es)
samizdat (0.7.0-1)
Web collaboration and open publishing engine
sarg (2.3.6-1b1)
squid analysis report generator
sbox-dtc (1.11.7-1b1)
CGI chroot wrapper script for safer hosting environment
scuttle (0.7.4-8.1)
Web-based social bookmarking system
semanticscuttle (0.98.5+dfsg-1)
Self-hosted and web-based social bookmark manager
serverstats (0.8.2-10)
a simple tool for creating graphs using rrdtool
shaarli (0.0.41~beta~dfsg2-5)
Personal, minimalist, super-fast and no-database Delicious clone
shellinabox (2.14-1)
publish command line shell through AJAX interface
shibboleth-sp2-utils (2.5.3+dfsg-1)
Federated web single sign-on system (daemon and utilities)
siege (3.0.5-1)
HTTP regression testing and benchmarking utility
simpleid (0.8.1-13)
simple OpenID provider implemented in PHP
simpleid-ldap (1.0.0-2)
simple OpenID provider implemented in PHP - LDAP plugin
simpleid-store-dynalogin (1.0.0-3b1)
two-factor HOTP/TOTP authentication - OpenID provider
simplesamlphp (1.12.0-1)
Authentication and federation application supporting several protocols
simplyhtml (0.16.07-1)
Java word processor based on HTML and CSS
sipml5-web-phone (0.0.20130314.2030-2)
Basic SIP video-phone web page based on WebRTC
sitecopy (1:0.16.6-7)
program for managing a WWW site via FTP, SFTP, DAV or HTTP
skipfish (2.10b-1)
fully automated, active web application security reconnaissance tool
smarty-gettext (1.1.0-1)
Gettext plugin enabling internationalization in Smarty
smarty-validate (3.0.3-2)
Server-side form validation plugin for Smarty
smarty3 (3.1.19-1)
Template engine for PHP
spawn-fcgi (1.6.4-1)
FastCGI process spawner
spice-html5 (0.1.4-1)
Spice Web client which runs entirely within a modern browser
spip (3.0.17-1)
website engine for publishing
spl-webspl (1.0~pre6-4)
SPL based web application framework
spotweb (20130826+dfsg2-2)
web interface to search and filter Usenet spots
sputnik (12.06.27-2)
Extensible wiki
sql-ledger (3.0.6-2)
Web based double-entry accounting program
squid (2.7.STABLE9-4.1b1)
Internet object cache (WWW proxy cache)
squid-cgi (3.3.8-1.2)
Full featured Web Proxy cache (HTTP proxy) - control CGI
squid-common (2.7.STABLE9-4.1b1)
Internet object cache (WWW proxy cache) - common files
squid-purge (3.3.8-1.2)
Full featured Web Proxy cache (HTTP proxy) - control utility
squid3 (3.3.8-1.2)
Full featured Web Proxy cache (HTTP proxy)
squid3-common (3.3.8-1.2)
Full featured Web Proxy cache (HTTP proxy) - common files
squidclient (3.3.8-1.2)
Full featured Web Proxy cache (HTTP proxy) - control utility
squidguard (1.5-2)
filter and redirector plugin for Squid
squidtaild (2.1a6-6)
Squid log monitoring program
squirrelmail (2:1.4.23~svn20120406-2)
Webmail for nuts
squirrelmail-compatibility (2.0.16-1)
SquirrelMail plugin: Let other plugins work with older/newer SM versions
squirrelmail-decode (1.2-1)
SquirrelMail support for decoding exotic character sets
squirrelmail-locales (1.4.18-20090526-1)
Translations for the SquirrelMail Webmail package
squirrelmail-lockout (1.7-2)
SquirrelMail plugin: Disallow access to users/domains
squirrelmail-logger (2.3.1-1)
SquirrelMail plugin: Add logging functionality to your webmail interface
squirrelmail-quicksave (2.4.5-1)
SquirrelMail plugin: Auto-save messages while composing
squirrelmail-secure-login (1.4-3)
SquirrelMail plugin: Force users to use SSL encrypted connections
squirrelmail-sent-confirmation (1.6-2)
SquirrelMail plugin: display a confimation message after sending mails
squirrelmail-spam-buttons (2.3.1-1)
SquirrelMail plugin: Place "Spam" buttons on the mailbox message list page
squirrelmail-viewashtml (3.8-3)
SquirrelMail plugin: View mails as HTML
surf (0.6-1)
Simple web browser by suckless community
surfraw (2.2.9-1)
fast unix command line interface to WWW
surfraw-extra (2.2.9-1)
extra surfraw search tools with heavy dependencies
swaml (0.1.1-4)
Semantic Web Archive of Mailing Lists
swish (
semantic web toolkit - tools
swish++ (6.1.5-2.2)
Simple Document Indexing System for Humans: C++ version
swish-e (2.4.7-4)
Simple Web Indexing System for Humans - Enhanced
swish-e-dev (2.4.7-4)
Simple Web Indexing System for Humans - Enhanced
td2planet (0.3.0-3)
Ruby-based server-side blog aggregator
tdiary (3.2.2-3)
Communication-friendly weblog system
tdiary-contrib (3.2.2-1)
Plugins of tDiary to add functionalities
tdiary-mode (3.2.2-1)
tDiary editing mode for Emacsen
tdiary-plugin (3.2.2-3)
Plugins of tDiary to add functionalities
tdiary-theme (3.2.2-3)
Themes of tDiary to change the design
themole (0.3-1)
automatic SQL injection exploitation tool
tidy (20091223cvs-1.4)
HTML syntax checker and reformatter
tightvnc-java (1.2.7-8) [contrib]
TightVNC java applet and command line program
tilecache (2.11-2)
a web map tile caching system
tilelite (0.1.5-2)
lightweight Mapnik tile-server
tilestache (1.31.0-1)
map tiles caching system
tinymce (3.4.8+dfsg0-1)
platform independent web based Javascript/HTML WYSIWYG editor
tinyows (1.1.0-4b1) [non-free]
lightweight and fast WFS-T server
tinyproxy (1.8.3-3)
A lightweight, non-caching, optionally anonymizing HTTP proxy
tntnet (2.2.1-1)
modular, multithreaded web application server for C++
tntnet-runtime (2.2.1-1)
Tntnet runtime system
torchat (
decentralized instant messenger built on top of the Tor Network
trac (1.0.1-3)
Enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects
trac-announcer (0.12.1+r10986-2)
enhanced e-mail notification system for Trac
trac-bitten (0.6+final-3)
continuous integration plugin for Trac
trac-bitten-slave (0.6+final-3)
continuous integration plugin for Trac
trac-codecomments (1.1.1+dfsg-1)
code comments and review plugin for Trac
trac-customfieldadmin (0.2.6+r10460-1)
panel for administrating custom ticket fields in Trac
trac-diavisview (0.1+r11124-2)
Renders dia and vdx files in Trac
trac-email2trac (2.4.7-1)
Creates and amends Trac tickets from e-mail
trac-httpauth (1.1+r6675-1)
Force HTTP authentication from within Trac
trac-includemacro (3.0.0~r12030-1)
Include external resources in a Trac wiki page
trac-ja-resource (1.0.ja1-0.1)
Japanese resources for trac
trac-jsgantt (0.9+r11145-1)
displays Trac tickets as a Gantt chart in a wiki page
trac-mastertickets (3.0.2+20111224-2)
adds inter-ticket dependencies to Trac
trac-navadd (0.3+svn13554-1)
add custom items to main and meta navigation bar in Trac webapp
trac-odtexport (0.6.0+svn10787-2)
Export Trac wiki pages as OpenDocument (ODT) files
trac-privatetickets (2.0.3-3)
Allows Trac users to only see tickets they are associated with
trac-roadmap (0.4.1+r11241-1)
enhances the Trac roadmap with sorting and filtering
trac-sensitivetickets (0.21-1)
Plugin for Trac ticketing system to hide tickets marked as sensitive
trac-subcomponents (1.2.0+hga86f0413121f-2)
use multiple layers of components in Trac
trac-subtickets (0.1.1+253f019-1)
sub-ticket feature for Trac tickets
trac-tags (0.7+svn12392-1)
Tagging plugin for Trac wiki and issue tracking system
trac-translatedpages (1.0~svn11919-2)
Show translated versions of wiki page in the Trac web application
trac-virtualticketpermissions (1.0.0+svn4153-1)
Extended permissions plugin for Trac ticketing system
trac-wikiprint (1.9.2-2)
Make Trac wiki pages printable, exporting to PDF or printable HTML
trac-wysiwyg (
WYSIWYG style editor for the Trac issue tracking system
trac-xmlrpc (1.1.2+r10706-1)
XML-RPC interface to the Trac wiki and issue tracking system
trafficserver (5.0.1-1)
fast, scalable and extensible HTTP/1.1 compliant caching proxy server
trafficserver-dev (5.0.1-1)
Apache Traffic Server Software Developers Kit (SDK)
tt-rss (1.13+dfsg-1)
Tiny Tiny RSS - web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) aggregator
twitter-recess (1.1.9-1)
code quality tool for CSS built on top of LESS
typo3 (4.5.35+dfsg1-1)
web content management system (meta)
typo3-database (4.5.35+dfsg1-1)
web content management system (database)
typo3-dummy (4.5.35+dfsg1-1)
web content management system (basic site structure)
typo3-src-4.5 (4.5.35+dfsg1-1)
web content management system (core)
ukolovnik (1.4-2)
Simple todo manager using PHP and MySQL
urlwatch (1.15-3)
tool for monitoring webpages for updates
usemod-wiki (1.0.5-3)
Perl-based Wiki clone
uwsgi (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
fast, self-healing application container server
uwsgi-app-integration-plugins (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
plugins for integration of uWSGI and application
uwsgi-core (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
fast, self-healing application container server (core)
uwsgi-emperor (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
fast, self-healing application container server (emperor scripts)
uwsgi-extra (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
fast, self-healing application container server (extra files)
uwsgi-infrastructure-plugins (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
infrastructure plugins for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-alarm-curl (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
cURL alarm plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-alarm-xmpp (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
XMPP alarm plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-curl-cron (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
cron cURL plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-emperor-pg (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
Emperor PostgreSQL plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-fiber (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
Fiber plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-geoip (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
GeoIP plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-graylog2 (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
graylog2 plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-greenlet-python (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
greenlet plugin for uWSGI (Python 2)
uwsgi-plugin-jvm-openjdk-7 (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
Java plugin for uWSGI (OpenJDK 7)
uwsgi-plugin-jwsgi-openjdk-7 (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
JWSGI plugin for uWSGI (OpenJDK 7)
uwsgi-plugin-ldap (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
LDAP plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-lua5.1 (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
Lua WSAPI plugin for uWSGI (Lua 5.1)
uwsgi-plugin-lua5.2 (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
Lua WSAPI plugin for uWSGI (Lua 5.2)
uwsgi-plugin-luajit (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
Lua WSAPI plugin for uWSGI (LuaJIT)
uwsgi-plugin-php (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
PHP plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-psgi (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
Perl PSGI and Coro::AnyEvent plugins for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-python (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
WSGI plugin for uWSGI (Python 2)
uwsgi-plugin-python3 (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
WSGI plugin for uWSGI (Python 3)
uwsgi-plugin-rack-ruby2.1 (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
Rack plugin for uWSGI (ruby2.1)
uwsgi-plugin-rados (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
Ceph/RADOS storage plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-rbthreads (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
Ruby native threads plugin for uWSGI (ruby2.1)
uwsgi-plugin-router-access (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
Access router plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-sqlite3 (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
SQLite 3 configurations plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-v8 (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
JavaScript V8 plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-xslt (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
XSLT request plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugins-all (2.0.6~dfsg-8)
all available plugins for uWSGI
uzbl (0.0.0~git.20120514-1.1)
Lightweight Webkit browser following the UNIX philosophy
varnish (4.0.1-1)
state of the art, high-performance web accelerator
visitors (0.7-10)
fast web server log analyzer
vlogger (1.3-4)
virtual web logfile rotater/parser
w3c-markup-validator (1.3+dfsg-1)
W3C Markup Validator
w3cam (0.7.2-6.2)
a simple CGI to retrieve images from video4linux device
w3m (0.5.3-17)
WWW browsable pager with excellent tables/frames support
w3m-img (0.5.3-17)
inline image extension support utilities for w3m
wap-wml-tools (0.0.4-7) [non-free]
Wireless Markup Language development and test tools
wapua (0.06.1-3)
Web browser for WAP WML pages
wbox (5-1)
HTTP testing tool and configuration-less HTTP server
wdg-html-validator (1.6.2-7)
WDG HTML Validator
webalizer (2.23.08-1b1)
web server log analysis program
webauth-tests (4.6.1-1b1)
Tests for the WebAuth authentication modules
webauth-utils (4.6.1-1b1)
Command-line utilities for WebAuth authentication
webauth-weblogin (4.6.1-1b1)
Central login server for WebAuth authentication
webcheck (1.10.4)
website link and structure checker
webdruid (0.5.4-14b2)
Web server log file analysis tool
webgui (7.10.28-1)
Content management platform to maintain complex web sites
webhttrack (3.48.19-1)
Copy websites to your computer, httrack with a Web interface
webhttrack-common (3.48.19-1)
webhttrack common files
webissues-server (0.8.5-3)
a network system supporting team collaboration (server)
webkit2pdf (0.3-1)
export web pages to PDF files or printer
webmagick (2.02-11)
create gallery thumbnails for website
wget (1.16-1b1)
retrieves files from the web
wiliki (0.6.2-1)
Yet another Wiki clone written in Scheme
wims (1:4.07d~dfsg1-1)
server for educational content: courses, exercises, and exams
wims-extra-all (3.62-6)
extra modules for Wims
wims-extra-es (3.64-1)
Spanish modules for WIMS
wims-help (4.01-2)
help files for wims
wims-java-applets (1:4.07d~dfsg1-1)
applets for modules used by WIMS
wims-modules (1:4.07d~dfsg1-1)
minimal set of modules used by WIMS
wims-moodle (4.0-17)
module for Moodle featuring Wims mini-classes
wmf (1.0.5-6)
Web Mail Folder
wml (2.0.12ds1-7b1)
off-line HTML generation toolkit
wordpress (4.0.1+dfsg-1b1)
weblog manager
wordpress-theme-twentyfourteen (4.0.1+dfsg-1b1)
weblog manager - twentyfourteen theme files
wordpress-theme-twentythirteen (4.0.1+dfsg-1b1)
weblog manager - twentythirteen theme files
wordpress-theme-twentytwelve (4.0.1+dfsg-1b1)
weblog manager - twentyttwelve theme files
wput (0.6.2+git20130413-2)
tiny wget-like ftp-client for uploading files
wwwconfig-common (0.2.2)
Debian web auto configuration
xapian-omega (1.2.18-1)
CGI search interface and indexers using Xapian
xul-ext-password-editor (2.7.2-1)
edit password manager entries in Mozilla applications
xul-ext-pdf.js (1.0.473+dfsg-1)
Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer plugin for Iceweasel
xul-ext-torbirdy (0.1.2-1)
configures and enhances various Mozilla birds for anonymity use
yaws-chat (1.98-4)
Chat application for Yaws web server
yaws-mail (1.98-4)
Webmail application for Yaws web server
yaws-wiki (1.98-4)
Wiki application for Yaws web server
yaws-yapp (1.98-4)
Provides an easy way to deploy applications for Yaws web server
yocto-reader (0.9.4)
web based RSS reader
youtube-dl (2014.08.05-1)
downloader of videos from YouTube and other sites
yrmcds (1.0.4-6)
memcached compatible KVS with master/slave replication
yui-builder (1.0.0b1+dfsg-1)
Build environment for YUI
zendframework (1.12.7-0.1)
powerful PHP framework
zendframework-bin (1.12.7-0.1)
binary scripts for zendframework
zendframework-resources (1.12.7-0.1)
resource scripts for zendframework
zope-maildrophost (2.3-1)
send mails from within Zope through a mail queue