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Software Packages in "bartholomea", Subsection shells

ash (0.5.7-4)
compatibility package for dash
autojump (21.7.1-1)
shell extension to jump to frequently used directories
bash (4.3-9.2)
GNU Bourne Again SHell
bash-completion (1:2.1-4)
programmable completion for the bash shell
bash-static (4.3-9.2)
GNU Bourne Again SHell (static version)
busybox-static (1:1.22.0-9)
Standalone rescue shell with tons of builtin utilities
csh (20110502-2.1)
Shell with C-like syntax
dash (0.5.7-4)
POSIX-compliant shell
fdclone (3.01b-1)
console-base lightweight file manager
fish (2.1.0-1)
friendly interactive shell
fizsh (1.0.7-1)
Friendly Interactive ZSHell
ksh (93u+20120801-1)
Real, AT&T version of the Korn shell
lshell (0.9.16-1)
restricts a user's shell environment to limited sets of commands
mksh (50b-1)
MirBSD Korn Shell
mono-csharp-shell (3.2.8+dfsg-7)
interactive C# shell
pdmenu (1.3.3)
simple console menu program
posh (0.12.3)
Policy-compliant Ordinary SHell
rainbow (0.8.7-1)
a Bitfrost isolation shell
rc (1.7.1-5)
implementation of the AT&T Plan 9 shell
rush (1.7+dfsg-4)
restricted user shell
sash (3.8-3)
Stand-alone shell
screenie (20120406-1)
Lightweight GNU screen(1) wrapper
tcsh (6.18.01-2)
TENEX C Shell, an enhanced version of Berkeley csh
yash (2.36-1)
yet another shell
zsh (5.0.5-4)
shell with lots of features
zsh-antigen (1-2)
manage your zsh plugins
zsh-common (5.0.5-4)
architecture independent files for Zsh
zsh-static (5.0.5-4)
shell with lots of features (static link)