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Software Packages in "bartholomea-updates", Subsection mail

calendar-google-provider (31.8.0-1~deb8u1~tanglu2.1)
Google Calendar support for lightning- and iceowl-extension
checkpw (1.02-1.1~tanglu1.1)
checks password which is stored in ~/Maildir/.password
heirloom-mailx (12.5-2~tanglu1.1)
feature-rich BSD mail(1)
icedove (31.8.0-1~deb8u1~tanglu2.1)
mail/news client with RSS and integrated spam filter support
icedove-dev (31.8.0-1~deb8u1~tanglu2.1)
Development files for Icedove
iceowl-extension (31.8.0-1~deb8u1~tanglu2.1)
Calendar Extension for Thunderbird/Icedove
mailman (1:2.1.18-2~tanglu1.1)
Powerful, web-based mailing list manager
sympa (6.1.23~dfsg-1~tanglu1.1)
Modern mailing list manager