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Software Packages in "aequorea", Subsection libdevel

389-ds-base-dev (
389 Directory Server suite - development files
atfs-dev (1.4pl6-11)
The Attributed File System (AtFS development libraries)
audacious-dev (3.4.1-1)
audacious development files
beignet-dev (0.3-1)
Intel OpenCL library
bmagic (3.7.0-2)
C++ template library for efficient platform independent bitsets
boolstuff-dev (0.1.14-1)
library for operating on boolean expression binary trees - devel
chipmunk-dev (6.1.5-1)
Fast and lightweight 2D rigid body physics library - devel
codeblocks-dev (12.11-3)
Code::Blocks development files (SDK)
coinor-libcbc-dev (2.8.7-1)
Coin-or branch-and-cut mixed integer programming solver (developer files)
coinor-libcgl-dev (0.58.4-2)
COIN-OR Cut Generation Library (developer files)
coinor-libclp-dev (1.15.5-1)
Coin-or linear programming solver (developer files)
coinor-libcoinutils-dev (2.9.10-1)
Coin-or collection of utility classes (developer files)
coinor-libdylp-dev (1.6.0-1.1)
Linear programming solver using of the dynamic simplex algorithm
coinor-libflopc++-dev (1.0.6-3.1b1)
Formulation of Linear Optimization Problems in C++
coinor-libipopt-dev (3.11.4-1b1)
Interior-Point Optimizer - header files
coinor-libosi-dev (0.106.4-1)
COIN-OR Open Solver Interface (developer files)
coinor-libsymphony-dev (5.5.6-1)
COIN-OR solver for mixed-integer linear programs (developer files)
coinor-libvol-dev (1.1.7-1)
Coin-or linear programming solver
comerr-dev (2.1-1.42.8-1)
common error description library - headers and static libraries
corosync-dev (1.4.6-1)
Standards-based cluster framework (generic devel files)
davix-dev (0.2.8-1)
Development files for davix
dcap-dev (2.47.8-2)
Client Development Files for dCache
dico-dev (2.2-4)
RFC 2229 compliant modular dictionary server (development files)
dietlibc-dev (0.33~cvs20120325-4)
diet libc - a libc optimized for small size
dolfin-dev (1.2.0+dfsg-4)
Empty package depending on latest DOLFIN development package
dssi-dev (1.1.1~dfsg0-1)
Header file for compiling DSSI plugins and hosts
dssi-example-plugins (1.1.1~dfsg0-1)
Examples of DSSI plugin
dssi-host-jack (1.1.1~dfsg0-1)
Example of DSSI host
dssi-utils (1.1.1~dfsg0-1)
Command-line utilities for sending commands to DSSI plugins
e2fslibs-dev (1.42.8-1)
ext2/ext3/ext4 file system libraries - headers and static libraries
ecpg-xc (1.1-2b1)
Postgres-XC version of ECPG (Embedded PostgreSQL for C)
etl-dev (0.04.17-1)
Extended Class and Template Library
fcitx-libs-dev (1:
Flexible Input Method Framework - library development files
fcitx-libs-qt5-dev (0.1.1-3b1)
Free Chinese Input Toy of X - Devel files for libfcitx-qt5
festival-dev (1:2.1~release-6)
Development kit for the Festival speech synthesis system
firebird-dev (
Development files for Firebird - an RDBMS based on InterBase 6.0 code
flow-tools-dev (1:0.68-12.1b1)
development files for flow-tools
freecad-dev (0.13.2800-dfsg-1)
FreeCAD development files
freeglut3-dev (2.8.1-1)
OpenGL Utility Toolkit development files
ftplib-dev (3.1-1-9)
Library of callable ftp routines (development)
gambas3-gb-args (3.5.1-1)
Gambas arguments parser
gambas3-gb-chart (3.5.1-1)
Gambas charting component
gambas3-gb-clipper (3.5.1-1)
Gambas Clipper component
gambas3-gb-complex (3.5.1-1)
Gambas Complex component
gambas3-gb-compress (3.5.1-1)
Gambas compression component
gambas3-gb-compress-bzlib2 (3.5.1-1)
Gambas bzlib2 component
gambas3-gb-compress-zlib (3.5.1-1)
Gambas zlib compression component
gambas3-gb-crypt (3.5.1-1)
Gambas crypt encription component
gambas3-gb-data (3.5.1-1)
Gambas abstract datatypes component
gambas3-gb-db (3.5.1-1)
Gambas database access common libraries
gambas3-gb-db-form (3.5.1-1)
Gambas database bound controls
gambas3-gb-db-mysql (3.5.1-1)
MySQL driver for the Gambas database
gambas3-gb-db-odbc (3.5.1-1)
ODBC driver for the Gambas database
gambas3-gb-db-postgresql (3.5.1-1)
PostgreSQL driver for the Gambas database
gambas3-gb-db-sqlite2 (3.5.1-1)
Gambas sqlite2 driver database
gambas3-gb-db-sqlite3 (3.5.1-1)
Gambas sqlite3 driver database
gambas3-gb-desktop (3.5.1-1)
Gambas Portland project compatibility component
gambas3-gb-eval-highlight (3.5.1-1)
Gambas syntax highlighting component
gambas3-gb-form (3.5.1-1)
Gambas native form component
gambas3-gb-form-dialog (3.5.1-1)
Gambas native mdi form component
gambas3-gb-form-mdi (3.5.1-1)
Gambas native mdi form component
gambas3-gb-gmp (3.5.1-1)
Gambas GMP component
gambas3-gb-gsl (3.5.1-1)
Gambas GNU Scientific Library component
gambas3-gb-gtk (3.5.1-1)
Gambas GTK+ component
gambas3-gb-gtk-opengl (3.5.1-1)
Gambas GTK+ OpenGL component
gambas3-gb-gui (3.5.1-1)
Gambas graphical toolkit selector
gambas3-gb-gui-opengl (3.5.1-1)
Gambas OpenGL selector
gambas3-gb-httpd (3.5.1-1)
Gambas HTTP server
gambas3-gb-image (3.5.1-1)
Gambas image effects
gambas3-gb-image-effect (3.5.1-1)
Gambas image effects: effects
gambas3-gb-image-imlib (3.5.1-1)
Gambas image effects: IMLIB bindings
gambas3-gb-image-io (3.5.1-1)
Gambas image effects: I/O
gambas3-gb-jit (3.5.1-1)
Gambas Just-In-Time compiler component
gambas3-gb-libxml (3.5.1-1)
Gambas libxml component
gambas3-gb-map (3.5.1-1)
Gambas online map viewer
gambas3-gb-memcached (3.5.1-1)
Gambas memcached client
gambas3-gb-mime (3.5.1-1)
Gambas MIME message management
gambas3-gb-mysql (3.5.1-1)
Gambas MySQL component
gambas3-gb-ncurses (3.5.1-1)
Gambas NCurses component
gambas3-gb-net (3.5.1-1)
Gambas networking component
gambas3-gb-net-curl (3.5.1-1)
Gambas advanced networking component
gambas3-gb-net-pop3 (3.5.1-1)
Gambas POP3 client implementation
gambas3-gb-net-smtp (3.5.1-1)
Gambas smtp protocol component
gambas3-gb-openal (3.5.1-1)
Gambas OpenAL component
gambas3-gb-opengl (3.5.1-1)
Gambas OpenGL component
gambas3-gb-opengl-glsl (3.5.1-1)
Gambas OpenGL component: GL Shading Language subcomponent
gambas3-gb-opengl-glu (3.5.1-1)
Gambas OpenGL utility
gambas3-gb-opengl-sge (3.5.1-1)
Gambas SDL Game Engine
gambas3-gb-openssl (3.5.1-1)
Gambas OpenSSL component
gambas3-gb-option (3.5.1-1)
Gambas option component
gambas3-gb-pcre (3.5.1-1)
Gambas regexp component
gambas3-gb-pdf (3.5.1-1)
Gambas pdf component
gambas3-gb-qt4 (3.5.1-1)
Gambas Qt GUI component
gambas3-gb-qt4-ext (3.5.1-1)
Gambas extended Qt GUI component
gambas3-gb-qt4-opengl (3.5.1-1)
Gambas OpenGL component with QT toolkit
gambas3-gb-report (3.5.1-1)
Gambas report component
gambas3-gb-sdl (3.5.1-1)
Gambas SDL component
gambas3-gb-sdl-sound (3.5.1-1)
Gambas SDL component
gambas3-gb-settings (3.5.1-1)
Gambas utilities class
gambas3-gb-signal (3.5.1-1)
Gambas OS signal library
gambas3-gb-v4l (3.5.1-1)
Gambas video for Linux component
gambas3-gb-vb (3.5.1-1)
Gambas Visual Basic(tm) compatibility component
gambas3-gb-web (3.5.1-1)
Gambas CGI for web applications
gambas3-gb-xml (3.5.1-1)
Gambas XML component
gambas3-gb-xml-html (3.5.1-1)
Gambas HTML component
gambas3-gb-xml-rpc (3.5.1-1)
Gambas RPC component
gambas3-gb-xml-xslt (3.5.1-1)
Gambas XSLT component
gambas3-runtime (3.5.1-1)
Gambas runtime interpreter
gambas3-script (3.5.1-1)
Gambas scripter
gammaray-dev (1.2.2-1)
GammaRay plugin development files
gem-dev (1:0.93.3-5b1)
Graphics Environment for Multimedia (development files)
giblib-dev (1.2.4-9)
headers for giblib
gir1.2-nemo-3.0 (1.8.4-2tanglu1)
libraries for nemo components - gir bindings
glee-dev (5.4.0-2)
extension loading library for OpenGL - development
gnash-dev (0.8.11~git20140121+dfsg-1tanglu1)
GNU Shockwave Flash (SWF) player - Development files
gnome-settings-daemon-dev (3.10.1-1tanglu2)
Headers for building applications communicating with gnome-settings-daemon
gnunet-dev (0.9.3-7b1)
secure, trust-based peer-to-peer framework (development)
gnuradio-dev (
GNU Software Defined Radio toolkit development
gr-iqbal (
GNU Radio Blind IQ imbalance estimator and correction
grail-tools (3.1.0-2)
Gesture Recognition And Instantiation Library - test tools
gridengine-drmaa-dev (6.2u5-7.2)
Distributed resource management Application API library
guile-cairo-dev (1.4.0-3)
Guile bindings for Cairo, development files
ibus-anthy-dev (1.5.4-1)
anthy engine for IBus, development files
icu-devtools (52.1-3)
Development utilities for International Components for Unicode
ino-headers (0.4.0-1)
C API to execute JavaScript code - header files
kdelibs5-dev (4:4.11.5-1)
development files for the KDE Development Platform libraries
kdepimlibs5-dev (4:4.11.5-1)
development files for the KDE Development Platform PIM libraries
kdevplatform-dev (1.5.1-2)
development files for the KDevelop platform
kmymoney-dev (4.6.4-1)
KMyMoney development files
krb5-multidev (1.11.3+dfsg-3+nmu1+build1)
Development files for MIT Kerberos without Heimdal conflict
lcmaps-basic-interface (1.6.1-1)
LCMAPS header files for basic interfaces
lcmaps-globus-interface (1.6.1-1)
LCMAPS header files for Globus interfaces
lcmaps-openssl-interface (1.6.1-1)
LCMAPS header files for OpenSSL interfaces
lib32bz2-dev (1.0.6-5)
high-quality block-sorting file compressor library - 32bit development
lib32ffi-dev (3.0.13-8tanglu1)
Foreign Function Interface library (development files, 32bit)
lib32gcc-4.7-dev (4.7.3-5)
GCC support library (32 bit development files)
lib32gcc-4.8-dev (4.8.2-1tanglu1)
GCC support library (32 bit development files)
lib32gfortran-4.7-dev (4.7.3-5)
Runtime library for GNU Fortran applications (32bit development files)
lib32gfortran-4.8-dev (4.8.2-1tanglu1)
Runtime library for GNU Fortran applications (32bit development files)
lib32ncurses5-dev (5.9+20140118-1)
developer's libraries for ncurses (32-bit)
lib32ncursesw5-dev (5.9+20140118-1)
developer's libraries for ncursesw (32-bit)
lib32objc-4.7-dev (4.7.3-5)
Runtime library for GNU Objective-C applications (32bit development files)
lib32objc-4.8-dev (4.8.2-1tanglu1)
Runtime library for GNU Objective-C applications (32bit development files)
lib32readline-gplv2-dev (5.2+dfsg-2)
GNU readline and history libraries, development files (32-bit)
lib32readline6-dev (6.2+dfsg-0.1)
GNU readline and history libraries, development files (32-bit)
lib32stdc++-4.8-dev (4.8.2-1tanglu1)
GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (development files)
lib32stdc++6-4.7-dev (4.7.3-5)
GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (development files)
lib32tinfo-dev (5.9+20140118-1)
developer's library for the low-level terminfo library (32-bit)
lib32z1-dev (1:1.2.8.dfsg-1)
compression library - 32 bit development
lib3ds-dev (1.3.0-6)
Autodesk 3D Studio file reader development files
lib4store-dev (1.1.4-2)
RDF database storage and query engine -- development files
lib64bz2-dev (1.0.6-5)
high-quality block-sorting file compressor library - 64bit development
lib64expat1-dev (2.1.0-4)
XML parsing C library - development kit (64bit)
lib64ffi-dev (3.0.13-8tanglu1)
Foreign Function Interface library (development files, 64bit)
lib64gcc-4.7-dev (4.7.3-5)
GCC support library (64bit development files)
lib64gcc-4.8-dev (4.8.2-1tanglu1)
GCC support library (64bit development files)
lib64gfortran-4.7-dev (4.7.3-5)
Runtime library for GNU Fortran applications (64bit development files)
lib64gfortran-4.8-dev (4.8.2-1tanglu1)
Runtime library for GNU Fortran applications (64bit development files)
lib64ncurses5-dev (5.9+20140118-1)
developer's libraries for ncurses (64-bit)
lib64objc-4.7-dev (4.7.3-5)
Runtime library for GNU Objective-C applications (64bit development files)
lib64objc-4.8-dev (4.8.2-1tanglu1)
Runtime library for GNU Objective-C applications (64bit development files)
lib64readline-gplv2-dev (5.2+dfsg-2)
GNU readline and history libraries, development files (64-bit)
lib64readline6-dev (6.2+dfsg-0.1)
GNU readline and history libraries, development files (64-bit)
lib64stdc++-4.8-dev (4.8.2-1tanglu1)
GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (development files)
lib64stdc++6-4.7-dev (4.7.3-5)
GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (development files)
lib64z1-dev (1:1.2.8.dfsg-1)
compression library - 64 bit development
liba52-0.7.4-dev (0.7.4-16)
library for decoding ATSC A/52 streams (development)
libaa1-dev (1.4p5-41)
ASCII art library, development kit
libaacs-dev (0.6.0-2)
free-and-libre implementation of AACS (development files)
libaal-dev (1.0.5-5.1)
Reiser4's application abstraction library
libabiword-3.0-dev (3.0.0~svn20130523-2tanglu2)
efficient, featureful word processor with collaboration -- development files
libaccountsservice-dev (0.6.34-2)
query and manipulate user account information - header files
libace-dev (6.0.3+dfsg-0.2)
C++ network programming framework - development files
libace-flreactor-dev (6.0.3+dfsg-0.2)
ACE-GUI reactor integration for Fl - development files
libace-foxreactor-dev (6.0.3+dfsg-0.2)
ACE-GUI reactor integration for FOX - development files
libace-htbp-dev (6.0.3+dfsg-0.2)
ACE protocol over HTTP tunneling library - development files
libace-inet-dev (6.0.3+dfsg-0.2)
ACE Inet protocol library - development files
libace-inet-ssl-dev (6.0.3+dfsg-0.2)
ACE SSL-enabled Inet protocol library - development files
libace-qtreactor-dev (6.0.3+dfsg-0.2)
ACE-GUI reactor integration for Qt - development files
libace-rmcast-dev (6.0.3+dfsg-0.2)
ACE reliable multicast library - development files
libace-ssl-dev (6.0.3+dfsg-0.2)
ACE secure socket layer library - development files
libace-tkreactor-dev (6.0.3+dfsg-0.2)
ACE-GUI reactor integration for Tk - development files
libace-tmcast-dev (6.0.3+dfsg-0.2)
ACE transactional multicast library - development files
libace-xtreactor-dev (6.0.3+dfsg-0.2)
ACE-GUI reactor integration for Xt - development files
libacexml-dev (6.0.3+dfsg-0.2)
ACE SAX based XML parsing library - development files
libacl1-dev (2.2.52-1)
Access control list static libraries and headers
libacpi-dev (0.2-4)
development files for libacpi
libacr38ucontrol-dev (1.7.11-1)
Library for operational mode for ACR38U smartcard reader dev files
libadasockets4-dev (1.8.10-2)
bindings for socket services in Ada
libaddresses-dev (0.4.7-1+b5)
Database API backend framework for GNUstep (development files)
libaddressview-dev (0.4.7-1+b5)
Address display/edit framework for GNUstep (development files)
libadios-dev (1.3-11b1)
ADIOS Adaptable IO system for simulations
libadminutil-dev (1.1.15-1b1)
Utility library for 389ds administration - development files
libadns1-dev (1.4-2)
Asynchronous-capable DNS client library and utilities
libadolc-dev (2.4.1-1)
ADOLC development libs and headers
libadplug-dev (2.2.1+dfsg3-0.1)
free AdLib sound library (development)
libafflib-dev (3.6.6-1.1+b1 [i386], 3.6.6-1.1 [amd64])
support for Advanced Forensics format (development)
libafpclient-dev (0.8.1-5)
Client for the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) (development files)
libafrodite-0.12-dev (0.12.1-3tanglu1)
Afrodite completion library - development files
libafterimage-dev (2.2.12-2)
imaging library designed for AfterStep - development files
libagg-dev (2.5+dfsg1-9)
AntiGrain Geometry graphical toolkit (development files)
libahven3-dev (2.1-4)
Unit test library for Ada (development)
libaiksaurus-1.2-dev (1.2.1+dev-0.12-6.1)
an English-language thesaurus (development)
libaiksaurusgtk-1.2-dev (1.2.1+dev-0.12-6.1)
graphical interface to the Aiksaurus toolkit (development)
libaio-dev (0.3.109-4)
Linux kernel AIO access library - development files
libakonadi-dev (1.10.3-1tanglu2)
development files for the Akonadi PIM storage service
libalberta2-dev (2.0.1-6)
Adaptive finite element library (development headers)
libaldmb1-dev (1:0.9.3-6)
development files for libaldmb1
libalglib-dev (3.8.2-1)
Development files for the alglib library
libalkimia-dev (4.3.2-1.1)
Financial library - Development files
liballeggl4-dev (2:4.4.2-4)
development files for the allegrogl library
liballegro-acodec5-dev (2:5.0.10-2)
header files for the Allegro 5 audio codec addon
liballegro-audio5-dev (2:5.0.10-2)
header files for the Allegro 5 audio addon
liballegro-dialog5-dev (2:5.0.10-2)
header files for the Allegro 5 dialog addon
liballegro-image5-dev (2:5.0.10-2)
header files for the Allegro 5 image addon
liballegro-physfs5-dev (2:5.0.10-2)
header files for the Allegro 5 physfs addon
liballegro-ttf5-dev (2:5.0.10-2)
header files for the Allegro 5 TTF addon
liballegro4-dev (2:4.4.2-4)
development files for the Allegro library
liballegro5-dev (2:5.0.10-2)
development files for the Allegro 5 library
libalog0.4.1-base-dev (0.4.1-2)
Logging framework for Ada (development)
libalog0.4.1-full-dev (0.4.1-2)
Logging framework for Ada (development)
libalsaplayer-dev (0.99.80-5.1)
PCM player designed for ALSA (interface library, development files)
libalure-dev (1.2-6)
AL Utilities REtooled (development files)
libalut-dev (1.1.0-3)
OpenAL Utility Toolkit development files
libamu-dev (6.2+rc20110530-3.1)
Support library for amd the 4.4BSD automounter (development)
libanalitza-dev (4:4.11.3-1)
development files for analitza
libanet0.1-dev (0.1-3)
Ada networking library (development)
libanfo0-dev (0.98-4)
Development files for Short Read Aligner/Mapper from MPG
libanjuta-dev (2:3.8.4-1build1)
GNOME development IDE, for C/C++ - development files
libann-dev (1.1.2+doc-4)
Approximate Nearest Neighbor Searching library (development files)
libanthy-dev (9100h-23)
input method for Japanese - development files
libantlr-dev (2.7.7+dfsg-5)
language tool for constructing recognizers, compilers etc
libantlr3c-dev (3.2-2)
ANTLR v3 parser generator C runtime [development files]
libao-dev (1.1.0-2)
Cross Platform Audio Output Library Development
libaosd-dev (0.2.7-1)
atheme.org's on screen display library - dev
libapache2-mod-perl2-dev (2.0.8+httpd24-r1449661-6build1)
Integration of perl with the Apache2 web server - development files
libapertium3-3.1-0-dev (3.1.0-2)
Development library for Apertium
libapm-dev (3.2.2-14)
Library for interacting with APM driver in kernel
libapol-dev (3.3.8-1b1)
Security Enhanced Linux policy analysis development
libapparmor-dev (2.8.0-2)
AppArmor development libraries and header files
libappindicator-dev (0.4.92-2)
allow applications to export a menu into the panel -- development
libappindicator0.1-cil-dev (0.4.92-2)
allow applications to export a menu into the panel -- CLI development
libappindicator3-dev (0.4.92-2)
allow applications to export a menu into the panel -- GTK3 development
libappstream-dev (0.4.0-1)
Library to access AppStream services (development files)
libapq-postgresql3.2.0-dev (3.2.0-2)
APQ Ada 95 Postgresql Binding Plugin (development)
libapq3.2.0-dev (3.2.0-1)
Pluggable Ada 95 Binding to various database systems (development)
libapr-memcache-dev (0.7.0-1)
memcache client library development files
libapr1-dev (1.5.0-1)
Apache Portable Runtime Library - Development Headers
libapreq2-dev (2.13-3)
generic Apache request library - development files
libapron-dev (0.9.10-6b4)
abstract interpretation library
libaprutil1-dev (1.5.3-1)
Apache Portable Runtime Utility Library - Development Headers
libapt-pkg-dev (
development files for APT's libapt-pkg and libapt-inst
libaqbanking34-dev (5.1.0beta-1)
library for online banking applications
libaqsis-dev (1.8.1-4b1)
3D rendering solution adhering to the RenderMan(R) standard, development files
libarchive-dev (3.1.2-7)
Multi-format archive and compression library (development files)
libargtable2-dev (12-1)
A library for parsing GNU style command line arguments
libaria-demo (2.8.0+repack-1)
C++ library for MobileRobots/ActivMedia robots (demo example)
libaria-dev (2.8.0+repack-1)
C++ library for MobileRobots/ActivMedia robots (devel)
libarmadillo-dev (1:3.930.1+dfsg-1)
streamlined C++ linear algebra library - Headers
libarpack++2-dev (2.3-2)
Object-oriented version of the ARPACK package (development)
libarpack2-dev (3.1.4-1b1)
Fortran77 subroutines to solve large scale eigenvalue problems (development)
libart-2.0-dev (2.3.21-2)
Library of functions for 2D graphics - development files
libasio-dev (1.4.8-2)
cross-platform C++ library for network programming
libasis2010-dev (2010-6b1)
Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS) headers and libraries
libasm-dev (0.157-3)
libasm development libraries and header files
libasound2-dev (
shared library for ALSA applications -- development files
libaspell-dev (0.60.7~20110707-1)
Development files for applications with GNU Aspell support
libasprintf-dev (
GNU Internationalization library development files
libass-dev (0.10.2-1b1)
development files for libass
libassa3.5-5-dev (3.5.1-3)
object-oriented C++ networking library
libassimp-dev (3.0~dfsg-2)
3D model import library (development)
libassuan-dev (2.1.1-1)
IPC library for the GnuPG components
libast2-dev (0.7-6+b1)
libast2 development files
libasyncns-dev (0.8-4)
Asynchronous name service query library development files
libatasmart-dev (0.19-3)
ATA S.M.A.R.T. reading and parsing library - development files
libatk-bridge2.0-dev (2.10.0-1)
Development files for the AT-SPI 2 toolkit bridge
libatk1.0-dev (2.10.0-2)
Development files for the ATK accessibility toolkit
libatkmm-1.6-dev (2.22.7-2)
C++ wrappers for ATK accessibility toolkit (development files)
libatlas-base-dev (3.10.1-2b1)
Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software, generic static
libatlas-cpp-0.6-dev (0.6.2-3)
World Forge wire protocol library - developer files
libatlas-dev (3.10.1-2b1)
Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software, C header files
libatm1-dev (1:2.5.1-1.5)
Development files for compiling ATM programs
libatomic-ops-dev (7.3~alpha3+git20130717-1)
A library for atomic operations (development files)
libatomicparsley-dev (2.1.4-1b2)
main library for atomic parsley in gtkpod, development kit
libatspi2.0-dev (2.10.1-1)
Development files for the assistive technology serice provider
libattica-dev (0.4.2-1)
development files for libattica
libattr1-dev (1:2.4.47-1)
Extended attribute static libraries and headers
libaubio-dev (0.3.2-4.2+b1)
a library for audio segmentation
libaudio-dev (1.9.4-1)
Network Audio System - development files
libaudiofile-dev (0.3.6-2)
Open-source version of SGI's audiofile library (header files)
libaudiomask-dev (1.0-2)
Audio masking threshold estimation lib headers, docs and examples
libaudit-dev (1:2.3.2-2)
Header files and static library for security auditing
libaugeas-dev (1.0.0-1.1)
Development files for writing applications based on libaugeas0
libaunit2-dev (1.03-8)
AUnit, a unit testing framework for Ada: development
libauparse-dev (1:2.3.2-2)
Header files and static library for the libauparse0 library
libautotrace-dev (0.31.1-16+b1)
bitmap to vector graphics converter, development files
libautounit-dev (0.20.1-4)
Development files for C unit testing framework
libavahi-cil-dev (0.6.19-4.2)
CLI bindings for Avahi
libavahi-client-dev (0.6.31-4)
Development files for the Avahi client library
libavahi-common-dev (0.6.31-4)
Development files for the Avahi common library
libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev (0.6.31-4)
Development headers for the Avahi Apple Bonjour compatibility library
libavahi-core-dev (0.6.31-4)
Development files for Avahi's embeddable mDNS/DNS-SD library
libavahi-glib-dev (0.6.31-4)
Development headers for the Avahi GLib integration library
libavahi-gobject-dev (0.6.31-4)
Development headers for the Avahi GObject library
libavahi-qt4-dev (0.6.31-4)
Development headers for the Avahi Qt 4 integration library
libavahi-ui-cil-dev (0.6.19-4.2)
CLI bindings for Avahi Ui
libavahi-ui-dev (0.6.31-4)
Development headers for the Avahi GTK+ User interface library
libavahi-ui-gtk3-dev (0.6.31-4)
Development headers for the Avahi GTK+ User interface library
libavbin-dev (7-1.4)
development files for libavbin
libavc1394-dev (0.5.4-2)
control IEEE 1394 audio/video devices (development files)
libavcodec-dev (6:9.11-1)
Development files for libavcodec
libavdevice-dev (6:9.11-1)
Development files for libavdevice
libavfilter-dev (6:9.11-1)
Development files for libavfilter
libavformat-dev (6:9.11-1)
Development files for libavformat
libavifile-0.7-dev (1:0.7.48~20090503.ds-14b1)
development header files for libavifile
libavis-dev (1.2.4-8)
high-performance publish/subscribe event router (C client library)
libavl-dev (0.3.5-3)
AVL tree manipulation library - development
libavogadro-dev (1.1.0-4)
Molecular Graphics and Modelling System (development files)
libavresample-dev (6:9.11-1)
Development files for libavresample
libavutil-dev (6:9.11-1)
Development files for libavutil
libaws2.10.2-dev (2.10.2-4)
Ada Web Server development files
libaxis2c-dev (1.6.0-6b1)
Apache web services engine - Development
libb64-dev (1.2-3)
base64 encoding/decoding library - development files
libbabeltrace-ctf-dev (1.1.1-1)
Common Trace Format (CTF) development files
libbabeltrace-dev (1.1.1-1)
Babeltrace development files
libbabl-dev (0.1.10-1tanglu1)
Dynamic, any to any, pixel format conversion library (development files)
libbam-dev (0.1.19-1)
manipulates nucleotide sequence alignments in BAM or SAM format
libbamf-dev (0.2.118-1)
Window matching library - development files (gtk2)
libbamf3-dev (0.2.118-1)
Window matching library - development files
libbarry-dev (0.18.5-1)
Development files for libbarry
libbasicobjects-dev (
Basic object types for C -- development files
libbdd-dev (2.4-8)
Binary decision-diagram library (development)
libbeecrypt-dev (4.2.1-4)
header files for beecrypt, a library of cryptographic algorithms
libbfb0-dev (0.23-1.2b1)
bfb protocol library - development files
libbfio-dev (20130507-1)
Header files and libraries for developing applications for libbfio
libbg1-dev (1.106-1)
BG Libraries Collection (development)
libbibutils-dev (4.12-5)
bibliography file converter, development kit
libbind-dev (1:9.9.3.dfsg.P2-2)
Static Libraries and Headers used by BIND
libbind4-dev (6.0-1)
DNS resolver and message parsing static library and headers
libbinio-dev (1.4+dfsg1-1)
Binary I/O stream class library (development files)
libbio2jack0-dev (0.9-2.1)
oss/alsa to jack porting lib - development files
libbiococoa-dev (2.2.2-2)
Bioinformatics framework for GNUstep and Cocoa (development files)
libbiosig-dev (1.3.0-2b1)
I/O library for biomedical data - development files
libbisho-common-dev (0.27.2+git20111122.9e68ef3d-2)
Meego web services settings library (development files)
libbison-dev (2:2.7.1.dfsg-1)
YACC-compatible parser generator - development library
libbitmask-dev (2.0-2)
header files and docs for libbitmask
libbitstream-dev (1.0-1)
access to binary structures such as specified by MPEG, DVB, IETF and more
libblacs-mpi-dev (1.1-31.1)
Basic Linear Algebra Comm. Subprograms - Dev. files for MPI
libbladerf-dev (
nuand bladeRF software-defined radio device (header files)
libblas-dev (1.2.20110419-7)
Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines 3, static library
libblimps3-dev (3.9-1) [non-free]
blocks database improved searcher library (development)
libbliss-dev (0.72-5)
development files to compute graph automorphisms and labelings
libblitz0-dev (1:0.10-1)
C++ template class library for scientific computing
libblkid-dev (2.20.1-5.5)
block device id library - headers and static libraries
libblkmaker-0.1-dev (0.3.2-1)
C implementation of getblocktemplate protocol - development files
libblocksruntime-dev (0.1-1)
Blocks Runtime (development files)
libbluedevil-dev (1.9.3-1)
development files for libbluedevil
libbluetooth-dev (4.101-3)
Development files for using the BlueZ Linux Bluetooth library
libbluray-dev (1:0.4.0-1)
Blu-ray disc playback support library (development files)
libbml-dev (0.6.1-1)
BuzzMachine loader - development files
libbobcat-dev (3.18.01-1)
headers and documentation for the Bobcat library
libbogl-dev (0.1.18-9)
Ben's Own Graphics Library - development files
libbognor-regis-dev (0.6.12+git20101007.02c25268-8)
Media daemon and play queue manager library (development files)
libboinc-app-dev (7.2.33+dfsg-1)
development files to build applications for BOINC projects
libbonobo2-dev (2.32.1-3)
Bonobo CORBA interfaces library -- development files
libbonoboui2-dev (2.24.3-1)
The Bonobo UI library - development files
libboost-all-dev (
Boost C++ Libraries development files (ALL) (default version)
libboost-atomic-dev (
atomic data types, operations, and memory ordering constraints (default version)
libboost-atomic1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
atomic data types, operations, and memory ordering constraints
libboost-chrono-dev (
C++ representation of time duration, time point, and clocks (default version)
libboost-chrono1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
C++ representation of time duration, time point, and clocks
libboost-context-dev (
provides a sort of cooperative multitasking on a single thread (default version)
libboost-context1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
provides a sort of cooperative multitasking on a single thread
libboost-coroutine-dev (
provides a sort of cooperative multitasking on a single thread (default version)
libboost-coroutine1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
provides a sort of cooperative multitasking on a single thread
libboost-date-time-dev (
set of date-time libraries based on generic programming concepts (default version)
libboost-date-time1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
set of date-time libraries based on generic programming concepts
libboost-dev (
Boost C++ Libraries development files (default version)
libboost-exception-dev (
library to help write exceptions and handlers (default version)
libboost-exception1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
library to help write exceptions and handlers
libboost-filesystem-dev (
filesystem operations (portable paths, iteration over directories, etc) in C++ (default version)
libboost-filesystem1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
filesystem operations (portable paths, iteration over directories, etc) in C++
libboost-graph-dev (
generic graph components and algorithms in C++ (default version)
libboost-graph-parallel-dev (
generic graph components and algorithms in C++ (default version)
libboost-graph-parallel1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
generic graph components and algorithms in C++
libboost-graph1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
generic graph components and algorithms in C++
libboost-iostreams-dev (
Boost.Iostreams Library development files (default version)
libboost-iostreams1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
Boost.Iostreams Library development files
libboost-locale-dev (
C++ facilities for localization (default version)
libboost-locale1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
C++ facilities for localization
libboost-log-dev (
C++ logging library (default version)
libboost-log1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
C++ logging library
libboost-math-dev (
Boost.Math Library development files (default version)
libboost-math1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
Boost.Math Library development files
libboost-mpi-dev (
C++ interface to the Message Passing Interface (MPI) (default version)
libboost-mpi-python-dev (
C++ interface to the Message Passing Interface (MPI), Python Bindings (default version)
libboost-mpi-python1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
C++ interface to the Message Passing Interface (MPI), Python Bindings
libboost-mpi1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
C++ interface to the Message Passing Interface (MPI)
libboost-program-options-dev (
program options library for C++ (default version)
libboost-program-options1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
program options library for C++
libboost-python-dev (
Boost.Python Library development files (default version)
libboost-python1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
Boost.Python Library development files
libboost-random-dev (
Boost Random Number Library (default version)
libboost-random1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
Boost Random Number Library
libboost-regex-dev (
regular expression library for C++ (default version)
libboost-regex1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
regular expression library for C++
libboost-serialization-dev (
serialization library for C++ (default version)
libboost-serialization1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
serialization library for C++
libboost-signals-dev (
managed signals and slots library for C++ (default version)
libboost-signals1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
managed signals and slots library for C++
libboost-system-dev (
Operating system (e.g. diagnostics support) library (default version)
libboost-system1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
Operating system (e.g. diagnostics support) library
libboost-test-dev (
components for writing and executing test suites (default version)
libboost-test1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
components for writing and executing test suites
libboost-thread-dev (
portable C++ multi-threading (default version)
libboost-thread1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
portable C++ multi-threading
libboost-timer-dev (
C++ wall clock and CPU process timers (default version)
libboost-timer1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
C++ wall clock and CPU process timers
libboost-tools-dev (
Boost C++ Libraries development tools (default version)
libboost-wave-dev (
C99/C++ preprocessor library (default version)
libboost-wave1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
C99/C++ preprocessor library
libboost1.54-all-dev (1.54.0-4)
Boost C++ Libraries development files (ALL)
libboost1.54-dev (1.54.0-4)
Boost C++ Libraries development files
libboost1.54-tools-dev (1.54.0-4)
Boost C++ Libraries development tools
libbotan1.10-dev (1.10.5-1)
multiplatform crypto library (development)
libbox-dev (2.5-3)
Boxlib: C++ Block-structured finite difference algorithms library
libbox2d-dev (2.0.1+dfsg1-1)
2D physics engine - development files
libbpp-core-dev (2.1.0-1)
Bio++ Core library development files.
libbpp-phyl-dev (2.1.0-1)
Bio++ Phylogenetic library development files.
libbpp-phyl-omics-dev (2.1.0-1)
Bio++ Phylogenetics library: genomics components.
libbpp-popgen-dev (2.1.0-1)
Bio++ Population Genetics library development files.
libbpp-qt-dev (2.1.0-1)
Bio++ Qt Graphic classes library development files.
libbpp-raa-dev (2.1.0-1)
Bio++ Remote Acnuc Access library development files.
libbpp-seq-dev (2.1.0-1)
Bio++ Sequence library development files.
libbpp-seq-omics-dev (2.1.0-1)
Bio++ Sequence library: genomics components.
libbrahe-dev (1.3.2-4)
heterogeneous C library of numeric functions
libbrasero-media3-dev (3.8.0-2b1)
CD/DVD burning library for GNOME - development
libbrlapi-dev (4.5-3b1)
Library for communication with BRLTTY - static libs and headers
libbs2b-dev (3.1.0+dfsg-2)
Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP library development files
libbsd-dev (0.6.0-1)
utility functions from BSD systems - development files
libbse-dev (0.7.4-5)
music synthesis and composition framework - development files
libbt-dev (0.70.1-18)
Blackbox - development library
libbtparse-dev (0.66-1b1)
C library to parse BibTeX files - development files
libbuffy-dev (1.9.2-2)
Base functions for building mailbox summary applications
libbullet-dev (2.81-rev2613+dfsg2-1)
professional 3D Game Multiphysics Library -- development files
libbullet-extras-dev (2.81-rev2613+dfsg2-1)
professional 3D Game Multiphysics Library -- extra development
libbulletml-dev (0.0.6-6)
C++ library to handle BulletML easily - development files
libburn-dev (1.3.2-1)
development package for libburn4
libbuzztard-dev (0.6.0-1tanglu1)
Modular music composer - development files
libbz2-dev (1.0.6-5)
high-quality block-sorting file compressor library - development
libc++-dev (1.0~svn189766-1)
LLVM C++ Standard library (development files)
libc++abi-dev (1.0~svn189766-1)
LLVM low level support for a standard C++ library (development files)
libc-ares-dev (1.10.0-2)
asynchronous name resolver - development files
libc-client2007e-dev (8:2007f~dfsg-2)
c-client library for mail protocols - development files
libc-dev-bin (2.17-97)
Embedded GNU C Library: Development binaries
libc6-dev (2.17-97)
Embedded GNU C Library: Development Libraries and Header Files
libc6-dev-amd64 (2.17-97)
Embedded GNU C Library: 64bit Development Libraries for AMD64
libc6-dev-i386 (2.17-97)
Embedded GNU C Library: 32-bit development libraries for AMD64
libc6-dev-x32 (2.17-97)
Embedded GNU C Library: X32 ABI Development Libraries for AMD64
libc6-pic (2.17-97)
Embedded GNU C Library: PIC archive library
libc6-prof (2.17-97)
Embedded GNU C Library: Profiling Libraries
libcableswig-dev (0.1.0+cvs20111009-1.1)
Libraries for writing a C++ wrapper generator
libcaca-dev (0.99.beta18-1)
development files for libcaca
libcairo2-dev (1.12.16-2)
Development files for the Cairo 2D graphics library
libcairomm-1.0-dev (1.10.0-1)
C++ wrappers for Cairo (development files)
libcajun-dev (2.0.3-1)
C++ headers for JSON generation and parsing
libcal3d12-dev (0.11.0-4.1)
Skeletal based 3d character animation library - development files
libcamel1.2-dev (3.10.3-0tanglu1)
Development files for libcamel
libcamitk3-dev (3.2.2-1)
Computer Assisted Medical Intervention Tool Kit - development
libcanberra-dev (0.30-2)
simple abstract interface for playing event sounds
libcanberra-gtk-common-dev (0.30-2)
simple abstract interface for playing event sounds
libcanberra-gtk-dev (0.30-2)
simple abstract interface for playing event sounds
libcanberra-gtk3-dev (0.30-2)
simple abstract interface for playing event sounds
libcangjie-dev (0.0.1a+git20130528-1)
Cangjie input method library (development)
libcanl-c++1-dev (1.0.1-1)
EMI Common Authentication Library - Development Files for C++
libcanl-c-dev (2.1.2-1)
Development files for EMI caNl
libcanlock2-dev (2b-6)
development files for Usenet cancel lock library
libcanna1g-dev (3.7p3-12)
input system for Japanese - development files
libcap-dev (1:2.22-1.2)
development libraries and header files for libcap2
libcap-ng-dev (0.7.3-1b1)
Development and header files for libcap-ng
libcapi20-dev (1:3.25+dfsg1-3.3)
ISDN utilities - CAPI development libraries
libcapnp-dev (0.3.0-1)
Cap'n Proto C++ library (development files)
libcapsinetwork-dev (0.3.0-7)
C++ network server library, development files
libcaribou-dev (0.4.12-2)
Configurable on screen keyboard - library (development)
libcbf-dev (
development files for CBFlib
libccaudio2-dev (2.1.1-1)
header files and static link library for GNU ccAudio
libccfits-dev (2.4-1)
static library for I/O with FITS format data files
libcconv-dev (0.6.2-1)
development library for CCONV
libccrtp-dev (2.0.6-3)
Common C++ class framework for RTP packets - development files
libccs-dev (3.1.8-1.1b1)
Red Hat cluster suite - cluster manager development files
libccscript3-dev (1.1.7-2)
GNU Common C++ framework for embedded scripting - development files
libccss-dev (0.5.0-4)
simple api for CSS stylesheets (development headers)
libcdaudio-dev (0.99.12p2-13)
library for controlling a CD-ROM when playing audio CDs (development)
libcdb-dev (0.78)
development files for constant databases (cdb)
libcdd-dev (094g-4)
Library for finding vertices of convex polytopes, development
libcddb2-dev (1.3.2-4)
library to access CDDB data - development files
libcdi-dev (1.6.2+dfsg.1-1)
Development files for the climate data interface library
libcdio-cdda-dev (0.83-4.1)
library to read and control digital audio CDs (development files)
libcdio-dev (0.83-4.1)
library to read and control CD-ROM (development files)
libcdio-paranoia-dev (0.83-4.1)
library to read digital audio CDs with error correction (development files)
libcdk5-dev (5.0.20060507-4)
C-based curses widget library (development files)
libcdparanoia-dev (3.10.2+debian-11)
audio extraction tool for sampling CDs (development)
libcdr-dev (0.0.14-1b1)
library for reading and converting Corel DRAW files -- development
libcec-dev (2.1.4-1)
USB CEC Adaptor communication Library (development files)
libcegui-mk2-dev (0.7.6-3.1)
Crazy Eddie's GUI (development files)
libcephfs-dev (0.48-2)
Ceph distributed file system client library (development files)
libcext-dev (6.3.1-1)
Commonly used utility functions for C programs (development files)
libcfg-dev (1.4.6-1)
Standards-based cluster framework, Cfg devel files
libcfitsio3-dev (3.340-2)
static library for I/O with FITS format data files
libcgal-dev (4.2-5b1)
C++ library for computational geometry (development files)
libcgal-qt4-dev (4.2-5b1)
C++ library for computational geometry (development files, support for Qt4)
libcgic-dev (2.05-3)
C library for developing CGI applications
libcgicc5-dev (3.2.9-3)
C++ class library for writing CGI applications (development files)
libcgns-dev (
CFD General Notation System library
libcgroup-dev (0.38-3)
Development libraries to develop applications that utilize control groups
libcgsi-gsoap-dev (1.3.5-3)
GSI plugin for gSOAP - development files
libchamplain-0.12-dev (0.12.5-1b1)
C library providing ClutterActor to display maps (development files)
libchamplain-gtk-0.12-dev (0.12.5-1b1)
Gtk+ widget to display maps (development files)
libcharls-dev (1.0-5)
Implementation of the JPEG-LS standard (development libraries)
libchasen-dev (2.4.5-9)
Japanese Morphological Analysis System (libraries and headers)
libcheese-dev (3.10.1-3)
tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam - base dev
libcheese-gtk-dev (3.10.1-3)
tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam - widgets dev
libchewing3-dev (0.3.5-3)
intelligent phonetic input method library (developer version)
libchicken-dev (
Practical and portable Scheme system - development
libchipcard-dev (5.0.3beta-4)
API for smartcard readers
libchise-dev (0.3.0-2+b1)
C language binding of CHISE, the character information database
libchm-bin (2:0.40a-2)
library for dealing with Microsoft CHM files (test programs)
libchm-dev (2:0.40a-2)
library for dealing with Microsoft CHM files (development)
libchromaprint-dev (1.1-1)
audio fingerprinting library - development files
libcib1-dev (1.1.7-2.1)
Development file for pacemaker's cib library
libcitadel-dev (8.22-1)
Development files for libcitadel4
libcitygml0-dev (0.14+svn134-1+3p2p0)
Static and header files of libcitygml
libck-connector-dev (0.4.6-3)
ConsoleKit development files
libclalsadrv-dev (2.0.0-3)
ALSA driver C++ access library (development files)
libclam-dev (1.4.0-5.1)
C++ Library for Audio and Music(development files)
libclam-qtmonitors-dev (1.4.0-3.1)
development files for libclam-qtmonitors CLAM extensions
libclamav-dev (0.98.1+dfsg-1)
anti-virus utility for Unix - development files
libclang-3.3-dev (1:3.3-16)
clang library - Development package
libclang-common-3.3-dev (1:3.3-16)
clang library - Common development package
libclang-common-dev (1:3.2repack-11)
clang library - Common development package
libclang-dev (1:3.3-21)
clang library - Development package
libclanlib-dev (1.0~svn3827-3)
ClanLib game SDK development files
libclassad-dev (8.0.5~dfsg.1-1b1)
HTCondor classads expression language - development library
libclaw-application-dev (1.7.3-1)
Set of classes to ease the initialisation of the program (development files)
libclaw-configuration-file-dev (1.7.3-1)
Class to process configuration files (development files)
libclaw-dev (1.7.3-1)
Claw is a generalist C++ library (development files)
libclaw-dynamic-library-dev (1.7.3-1)
Class to ease the manipulation of dynamic libraries (development files)
libclaw-graphic-dev (1.7.3-1)
Set of classes for image manipulation (development files)
libclaw-logger-dev (1.7.3-1)
Flexible log system (development files)
libclaw-net-dev (1.7.3-1)
C++ standard stream interface for Unix sockets (development files)
libclaw-tween-dev (1.7.3-1)
C++ tweeners (development files)
libclc-dev (0~git20130819-2)
OpenCL C language implementation - development files
libclhep-dev (
CLHEP: A Class Library for High Energy Physics - development
libcli-dev (1.9.6-1)
emulates a cisco style telnet command-line interface (dev files)
libclippoly-dev (0.11-4)
polygon clipping routines, development library
libclips-dev (6.24-3)
CLIPS shared libraries
libcliquer-dev (1.21-1)
clique searching library (development headers)
libcln-dev (1.3.3-1)
Development library for Class Library for Numbers (c++)
libcloog-isl-dev (0.18.1-3)
Chunky Loop Generator (development files)
libcloog-ppl-dev (0.16.1-3)
Chunky Loop Generator (development files)
libclthreads-dev (2.4.0-5)
Development file for libclthreads
libclucene-dev (
library for full-featured text search engine (development)
libclustalo-dev (1.2.0-1)
library to embed Clustal Omega
libclutter-1.0-dev (1.16.0-1)
Open GL based interactive canvas library (development files)
libclutter-gst-2.0-dev (2.0.8-2)
Open GL based interactive canvas library GStreamer elements (development files)
libclutter-gst-dev (1.6.0-2b2)
Open GL based interactive canvas library GStreamer elements (development files)
libclutter-gtk-1.0-dev (1.4.4-4)
Open GL based interactive canvas library GTK+ widget (development files)
libclutter-imcontext-0.1-dev (0.1.4-3b2)
Open GL based interactive canvas library IMContext framework (dev. files)
libcluttergesture-dev (
Open GL based interactive canvas library Gesture framework (dev. files)
libclxclient-dev (3.9.0-1)
Development file for libclxclient
libcman-dev (3.1.8-1.1b1)
Red Hat cluster suite - cluster manager development files
libcminpack-dev (1.3.1-1)
Nonlinear equations and nonlinear least squares problems - development
libcmis-dev (0.3.1-5)
CMIS protocol client library -- development
libcmocka-dev (0.3.2-1)
development files for the CMocka unit testing framework
libcmor-dev (2.8.0-4)
Development files for Climate Model Output Rewriter
libcmph-dev (0.9-1)
C Minimal Perfect Hashing Library development files
libcneartree-dev (3.1.1-2)
Library and headers for solving the Nearest Neighbor Problem
libcnf-dev (4.0-2)
library for C and Fortran mixed programming
libcnoid-dev (1.1.0+dfsg-6.1)
Integrated robotics GUI environment - development files
libcob1-dev (1.1-1)
COBOL compiler - development files
libcogl-dev (1.16.0-4)
Object oriented GL/GLES Abstraction/Utility Layer (development files)
libcogl-gles2-dev (1.16.0-4)
Object oriented GL/GLES Abstraction/Utility Layer (development files)
libcogl-pango-dev (1.16.0-4)
Object oriented GL/GLES Abstraction/Utility Layer (development files)
libcoin80-dev (3.1.4~abc9f50-4)
high-level 3D graphics devkit with Open Inventor and VRML97 support
libcojets2-dev (20061220+dfsg3-3)
[Physics] COJETS p-p and pbar-p interaction Monte Carlo
libcollectdclient-dev (5.4.0-3)
client library for collectd's control interface (development files)
libcollection-dev (
Development files for libcollection
libcolord-dev (1.0.2-1)
system service to manage device colour profiles -- development files
libcolord-gtk-dev (0.1.25-1.1)
GTK+ convenience library for interacting with colord - dev files
libcolorhug-dev (1.0.2-1)
library to access the ColorHug colourimeter -- development files
libcomedi-dev (0.10.1-1)
Development library for Comedi
libcommoncpp2-dev (1.8.1-5)
Header files and static libraries for Common C++ "2"
libconcord-dev (0.24-1.1)
Harmony remote configuration tool - development files
libconfdb-dev (1.4.6-1)
Standards-based cluster framework, Confdb devel files
libconfig++-dev (1.4.9-1)
parsing and manipulation of structured config files(C++ development)
libconfig-dev (1.4.9-1)
parsing and manipulation of structured config files(development)
libconfuse-dev (2.7-4)
Development files for libConfuse
libconsole-bridge-dev (0.2.5-2)
console bridge - development files
libcore++-dev (1.7-12) [non-free]
C/C++ library for robust computation (development files)
libcorelinux-dev (0.4.32-7.3)
Foundation Classes, Design Patterns, IPC and Threads
libcorelinux-examples (0.4.32-7.3)
Foundation Classes, Design Patterns, IPC and Threads
libcoroipcc-dev (1.4.6-1)
Standards-based cluster framework, CoroIPCC devel files
libcoroipcs-dev (1.4.6-1)
Standards-based cluster framework, CoroIPCS devel files
libcos4-dev (4.1.6-2)
omniORB CORBA services stubs development files
libcoverart-dev (1.0.0+git20140109-2)
library to access the Cover Art Archive (development files)
libcoyotl-dev (3.1.0-6)
portable C++ classes used by acovea -- development files
libcpg-dev (1.4.6-1)
Standards-based cluster framework, Cpg devel files
libcpl-dev (6.3.1-1)
ESO library for automated astronomical data-reduction
libcppcutter-dev (1.1.7-1.2)
Cutter C++ integration (Development files)
libcppunit-dev (1.13.1-2)
Unit Testing Library for C++
libcppunit-subunit-dev (0.0.15-2)
SubunitTestProgressListener for CPPUnit - Development headers
libcpputest-dev (3.4-3)
C/C++ based unit test framework — headers and static libraries
libcpufreq-dev (008-1)
development files to deal with the cpufreq Linux kernel feature
libcpuset-dev (1.0-4)
header files and docs for libcpuset
libcqrlib2-dev (1.1.2-2)
Library and headers for quaternion arithmetic and rotation math
libcr-dev (0.8.5-2.1)
Development files for BLCR
libcrack2-dev (2.9.0-2)
pro-active password checker library - development files
libcrmcluster1-dev (1.1.7-2.1)
Development file for pacemaker's crm library
libcrmcommon2-dev (1.1.7-2.1)
Development file for pacemaker's common library
libcroco3-dev (0.6.8-2)
Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) parsing and manipulation toolkit
libcrypto++-dev (5.6.1-6)
General purpose cryptographic library - C++ development
libcryptsetup-dev (2:1.6.1-1)
disk encryption support - development files
libcryptui-dev (3.8.0-1)
UI library for OpenPGP prompts (development)
libcrystalhd-dev (1:0.0~git20110715.fdd2f19-9)
Crystal HD Video Decoder (development files)
libcrystalspace-dev (2.0+dfsg-1)
Multiplatform 3D Game Development Kit (development files)
libcsfml-dev (2.1-2)
Libraries for the C Binding of SFML - Development Files
libcsnd-dev (1:6.01~dfsg-2)
development files for Csound -- C++ API
libcsoap-dev (1.1.0-17.1)
development header files for CSOAP library
libcsound64-dev (1:6.01~dfsg-2)
development files for Csound
libcsoundac-dev (1:6.01~dfsg-2)
development files for CsoundAC
libcsvimp-dev (0.4.7-2)
CSV data import tool for xTuple applications (development files)
libctapimkt1-dev (1.0.5~rc1-1)
Read German Krankenversichertenkarte and eGK (development)
libctdb-dev (2.4+debian0-1)
clustered database to store temporary data -- development files
libctemplate-dev (2.2-4)
Simple but powerful template language for C++ - development files
libctl-dev (3.1.0-5)
library for flexible control files, development version
libctpl-dev (0.3.3.dfsg-4)
template engine written in C, development files
libctpp2-dev (2.8.3-7)
HTML template engine for C++ (development)
libcuba3-dev (3.0+20111124-2)
library for multidimensional numerical integration: development files
libcudf-dev (0.6.3-2b1)
C library to access descriptions of package upgrade problems
libcue-dev (1.4.0-1)
CUE Sheet Parser Library - development files
libcuneiform-dev (1.1.0+dfsg-4) [non-free]
multi-language OCR system (development)
libcunit1-dev (2.1-2.dfsg-1)
Unit Testing Library for C -- development files
libcunit1-ncurses-dev (2.1-2.dfsg-1)
Unit Testing Library for C (ncurses) -- development files
libcups2-dev (1.7.1-2)
Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - Development files CUPS library
libcupscgi1-dev (1.7.1-2)
Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - Development files for CGI library
libcupsfilters-dev (1.0.43-1)
OpenPrinting CUPS Filters - Development files for the library
libcupsimage2-dev (1.7.1-2)
Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - Development files CUPS image library
libcupsmime1-dev (1.7.1-2)
Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - Development files MIME library
libcupsppdc1-dev (1.7.1-2)
Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - Development files PPD library
libcupt2-dev (2.5.11)
alternative front-end for dpkg -- development files
libcupti-dev (4.2.9-2) [non-free]
NVIDIA CUDA Profiler Tools Interface development files
libcurl4-gnutls-dev (7.35.0-1)
development files and documentation for libcurl (GnuTLS flavour)
libcurl4-nss-dev (7.35.0-1)
development files and documentation for libcurl (NSS flavour)
libcurl4-openssl-dev (7.35.0-1)
development files and documentation for libcurl (OpenSSL flavour)
libcurlpp-dev (0.7.3-4)
c++ wrapper for libcurl (development files)
libcutter-dev (1.1.7-1.2)
Development files to write tests with Cutter
libcv-dev (
Translation package for libcv-dev
libcvaux-dev (
Translation package for libcvaux-dev
libcvc3-dev (2.4.1-4)
Automatic theorem prover library for SMT problems (development files)
libcvector2-dev (
ANSI C implementation of dynamic arrays (development files)
libcvm1-dev (0.96-1+b1)
Credential Validation Modules (development files, documentation)
libcw3-dev (3.0.2-1)
Morse code tutor - development files
libcwd (1.0.4-1) [non-free]
C++ Debugging Support Library
libcwidget-dev (0.5.16-3.5)
high-level terminal interface library for C++ (development files)
libcwiid-dev (0.6.00+svn201-3+b1)
library to interface with the wiimote -- developpement
libcwnn-dev (1.1.1~a021+cvs20130302-4)
Header files and static library for cWnn (FreeWnn cserver)
libcxgb3-dev (1.3.1-1)
Development files for the libcxgb3 driver
libcxxtools-dev (2.2-1)
library of unrelated but useful C++ classes
libdacs-dev (1.4.28b-3)
Distributed Access Control System (DACS) - shared library
libdaemon-dev (0.14-2)
lightweight C library for daemons - development files
libdap-dev (3.12.0-1)
Development files (headers and static libraries) for libdap
libdaq-dev (0.6.2-2)
Data Acquisition library for packet I/O - development files
libdar-dev (2.4.8-1)
Disk ARchive: Development files for shared library
libdataquay-dev (0.9-2)
Simple RDF for C++ and Qt applications (development files)
libdatrie-dev (
Development files for double-array trie library
libdawgdic-dev (0.4.5-2)
C++ library for DAWG dictionaries
libdb++-dev (5.1.7)
Berkeley Database Libraries for C++ [development]
libdb-dev (5.1.7)
Berkeley Database Libraries [development]
libdb-java-dev (5.1.7)
Berkeley Database Libraries for Java [development]
libdb-sql-dev (5.1.7)
Berkeley Database Libraries [SQL development]
libdb5.1++-dev (5.1.29-7)
Berkeley v5.1 Database Libraries for C++ [development]
libdb5.1-dev (5.1.29-7)
Berkeley v5.1 Database Libraries [development]
libdb5.1-java-dev (5.1.29-7)
Berkeley v5.1 Database Libraries for Java [development]
libdb5.1-sql-dev (5.1.29-7)
Berkeley v5.1 Database Libraries [SQL development]
libdb5.1-stl-dev (5.1.29-7)
Berkeley v5.1 Database Libraries [STL development]
libdb5.3++-dev (5.3.28-3)
Berkeley v5.3 Database Libraries for C++ [development]
libdb5.3-dev (5.3.28-3)
Berkeley v5.3 Database Libraries [development]
libdb5.3-java-dev (5.3.28-3)
Berkeley v5.3 Database Libraries for Java [development]
libdb5.3-sql-dev (5.3.28-3)
Berkeley v5.3 Database Libraries [SQL development]
libdb5.3-stl-dev (5.3.28-3)
Berkeley v5.3 Database Libraries [STL development]
libdballe-dev (5.18-1)
DB-All.e C development library for weather research
libdballef-dev (5.18-1)
DB-All.e Fortran development library for weather research
libdbaudiolib0-dev (0.9.8-6.3)
Communicate to the DBMix audio system (development files)
libdbi-dev (0.8.4-6)
DB Independent Abstraction Layer for C -- development files
libdbus-1-dev (1.8.0-1)
simple interprocess messaging system (development headers)
libdbus-c++-dev (0.9.0-6)
C++ API for D-Bus (development package)
libdbus-glib-1-dev (0.100.2-1)
simple interprocess messaging system (GLib interface)
libdbusada0.2-dev (0.2-2)
Ada bindings to the D-Bus message bus system
libdbusmenu-glib-dev (0.6.2-1)
library for passing menus over DBus - development files
libdbusmenu-gtk-dev (0.6.2-1)
library for passing menus over DBus - GTK+ version developement files
libdbusmenu-gtk3-dev (0.6.2-1)
library for passing menus over DBus - GTK+ version developement files
libdbusmenu-jsonloader-dev (0.6.2-1)
library for passing menus over DBus - Test lib development files
libdbusmenu-qt-dev (0.9.2-1)
Qt implementation of the DBusMenu protocol (development)
libdc-dev (0.3.24~svn3121-2)
Development libraries for Valknut
libdc1394-22-dev (2.2.1-2)
high level programming interface for IEEE1394 digital camera - development
libdca-dev (0.0.5-6)
decoding library for DTS Coherent Acoustics streams (development)
libdcmtk2-dev (3.6.0-15)
OFFIS DICOM toolkit development libraries and headers
libdconf-dbus-1-dev (0.18.0-1)
simple configuration storage system - D-Bus development files
libdconf-dev (0.18.0-1)
simple configuration storage system - development files
libddccontrol-dev (0.4.2-11)
development files for ddccontrol
libdds-dev (2.3.0+ddd105-2)
bridge double dummy solver - library
libdebconf-kde-dev (0.3-1)
Development headers for the Debconf KDE library
libdebconfclient0-dev (0.187)
Development files for cdebconf
libdebian-installer4-dev (0.88)
Library of common debian-installer functions
libdebug0-dev (0.4.4-1.1)
Development files for the debug library
libdecodeqr-dev (0.9.3-6.2b1)
C/C++ library for decoding QR code
libdee-dev (1.0.10-3b1)
model to synchronize mutiple instances over DBus - dev files
libdessert0.87-dev (0.87.2-1b1)
header file and documentation for libdessert0.87
libdevhelp-dev (3.8.2-2)
Library providing documentation browser functionality (development)
libdevil-dev (1.7.8-7)
Cross-platform image loading and manipulation toolkit
libdevmapper-dev (2:1.02.83-2)
Linux Kernel Device Mapper header files
libdhash-dev (
Development files for libdhash
libdiagnostics-dev (0.3.3-9)
Logging, unittesting, and runtime diagnostics for C++ - development files
libdianewcanvas2-dev (0.6.10-5.4)
a gtk+2 vectorial canvas with extra features
libdieharder-dev (3.31.1-4)
Random-number generator test library -- development package
libdiet-admin2.8-dev (2.8.0-1b1)
DIET grid middleware - admin development files
libdiet-client2.8-dev (2.8.0-1b1)
DIET grid middleware - client development files
libdiet-dagda2.8-dev (2.8.0-1b1)
DIET grid middleware - dagda development files
libdiet-sed2.8-dev (2.8.0-1b1)
DIET grid middleware - sed development files
libdirac-dev (1.0.2-6)
open and royalty free high quality video codec - development files
libdirectfb-dev (
direct frame buffer graphics library - development files
libdisasm-dev (0.23-5)
disassembler library for x86 code (development files)
libdiscid0-dev (0.6.1-2)
library for creating MusicBrainz DiscIDs (development files)
libdiscover-dev (2.1.2-5.2)
hardware identification library development files
libdispatch-dev (0~svn197-3.2)
development files for the Grand Central Dispatch API
libdisplaymigration0-dev (0.28-10)
display migration support for GTK [development]
libdistorm64-dev (1.7.30-1)
ultimate disassembler library for x86 code - header files
libdivecomputer-dev (0.4.1-1)
dive computer interface library - development files
libdjconsole-dev (0.1.3-1)
Hercules DJ Console access library - development headers
libdjvulibre-dev (
Development files for the DjVu image format
libdkim-dev (1:1.0.21-3)
cryptographically identify the sender of email
libdleyna-core-1.0-dev (0.1.0-1)
Utility functions for higher level dLeyna components (development files)
libdlm-dev (3.1.8-1.1b1)
Red Hat cluster suite - distributed lock manager development files
libdlmcontrol-dev (3.1.8-1.1b1)
Red Hat cluster suite - distributed lock manager development files
libdlrestrictions-dev (0.15.12tanglu1)
development files for the DLRestrictions library
libdm0-dev (2.2.10-1)
Data Management API static libraries and headers
libdmalloc-dev (5.5.2-5)
debug memory allocation library (development files and doc)
libdmapsharing-3.0-dev (2.9.23-1)
DMAP client and server library - development
libdmraid-dev (1.0.0.rc16-4.2b1)
Device-Mapper Software RAID support tool - header files
libdmtcpaware-dev (1.2.5-1)
DMTCP programming interface -- developer package
libdmtx-dev (0.7.4-1)
Data Matrix barcodes (development files and static libraries)
libdmx-dev (1:1.1.3-1)
X11 Distributed Multihead extension library (development headers)
libdnet-dev (2.61)
DECnet development libraries & Headers
libdockapp-dev (1:0.5.0-3)
Window Maker Dock App support (development files)
libdogleg-dev (0.08-1b1)
Powell's dog-leg nonlinear least squares solver for sparse matrices
libdolfin1.2-dev (1.2.0+dfsg-4)
Shared links and header files for DOLFIN
libdoodle-dev (0.7.0-8)
Desktop Search Engine (development)
libdotconf-dev (1.0.13-3)
Configuration file parser library - development files
libdouble-conversion-dev (2.0.0-1)
routines to convert IEEE floats to and from strings (development files)
libdpkg-dev (1.17.1)
Debian package management static library
libdpm-dev (1.8.7-3)
DPM development libraries and header files
libdrawtk-dev (2.0-2)
Library to simple and efficient 2D drawings (development files)
libdrizzle-dev (1:7.2.3-2)
library for the Drizzle and MySQL protocols, development files
libdrizzledmessage-dev (1:7.2.3-2)
Devel library containing serialized messages used with Drizzle
libdrm-dev (2.4.46-4b1)
Userspace interface to kernel DRM services -- development files
libdrumstick-dev (0.5.0-3)
Qt4/C++ wrapper for ALSA Sequencer - development files
libdsdp-dev (5.8-9.1)
Software for Semidefinite Programming
libdshconfig1-dev (0.20.13-1)
configuration file parser library for dsh - development
libdspam7-dev (3.10.2+dfsg-13)
Development headers for libdspam
libdssialsacompat-dev (1.0.8a-1)
DSSI ALSA compatibility library (development files)
libdumb1-dev (1:0.9.3-6)
development files for libdumb1
libdumbnet-dev (1.12-4)
A dumb, portable networking library -- development files
libdune-common-dev (2.2.1-2)
toolbox for solving PDEs -- basic classes (development files)
libdune-geometry-dev (2.2.1-2)
toolbox for solving PDEs -- geometry classes (development files)
libdune-grid-dev (2.2.1-2b1)
toolbox for solving PDEs -- grid interface (development files)
libdune-istl-dev (2.2.1-2)
toolbox for solving PDEs -- iterative solvers (development files)
libdune-localfunctions-dev (2.2.1-2)
toolbox for solving PDEs -- local basis (development files)
libduo-dev (1.8-1)
Duo Security development libraries and header files
libdv4-dev (1.0.0-6)
software library for DV format digital video (devel files)
libdvb-dev (
library to tune and command Digital Video Broadcasting cards
libdvbcsa-dev (1.1.0-2)
free implementation of the DVB/CSA (development files)
libdvbpsi-dev (1.0.0-3)
development files for libdvbpsi8
libdvdnav-dev (4.2.0+20130225-4)
DVD navigation library (development)
libdvdread-dev (4.2.0+20130219-3)
library for reading DVDs (development)
libdw-dev (0.157-3)
libdw1 development libraries and header files
libdwarf-dev (20120410-2)
library to consume and produce DWARF debug information
libdx4-dev (1:4.4.4-7b1)
OpenDX (IBM Visualization Data Explorer) - development files
libdxflib-dev (
Development files for the dxflib library
libdynamite-dev (0.1.1-2)
PKWARE Data Compression decompressor library - development files
libeb16-dev (4.4.3-7)
C library for accessing electronic books (development files)
libebackend1.2-dev (3.10.3-0tanglu1)
Utility library for evolution data servers (development files)
libebml-dev (1.3.0-2)
access library for the EBML format (development files)
libebook-contacts1.2-dev (3.10.3-0tanglu1)
Client library for evolution contacts books (development files)
libebook1.2-dev (3.10.3-0tanglu1)
Client library for evolution address books (development files)
libec-dev (2013-01-01-1)
Library for modular symbols and elliptic curves over Q (development)
libecal1.2-dev (3.10.3-0tanglu1)
Client library for evolution calendars (development files)
libecap2-dev (0.2.0-1)
eCAP development libraries
libecasoundc-dev (2.9.0-1)
multitrack-capable audio recorder and effect processor (C dev library)
libechonest-dev (2.1.0-2)
Qt library for The Echo Nest platform - development files
libecm-dev (6.4.4-1)
Factor integers using the Elliptic Curve Method (library)
libecore-dev (1.7.7-1)
Ecore headers and static libraries
libecpg-dev (9.3.2-1b1)
development files for ECPG (Embedded PostgreSQL for C)
libecryptfs-dev (103-3)
ecryptfs cryptographic filesystem (development)
libedac-dev (0.18-1)
report kernel-detected PCI and ECC RAM errors
libedata-book1.2-dev (3.10.3-0tanglu1)
Backend library for evolution address books (development files)
libedata-cal1.2-dev (3.10.3-0tanglu1)
Backend library for evolution calendars (development files)
libedataserver1.2-dev (3.10.3-0tanglu1)
Utility library for evolution data servers (development files)
libedbus-dev (1.7.7-1)
D-Bus and HAL wrapper libraries for use with the EFL - Development files
libedit-dev (3.1-20130712-2)
BSD editline and history libraries (development files)
libeditline-dev (1.12-6)
development files for libeditline
libeditorconfig-dev (0.11.5-1)
coding style indenter across editors - development files
libedje-dev (1.7.7-1)
libedje headers and static libraries
libee-dev (0.4.1-1)
Event expression library inspired by CEE
libeegdev-dev (0.2-3)
Biosignal acquisition device library (Developement files)
libeet-dev (1.7.9-1)
Enlightenment DR17 file chunk reading/writing library development files
libefreet-dev (1.7.7-2)
Development files for libefreet and libefreet-mime
libegl1-mesa-dev (9.2.5-0tanglu1)
free implementation of the EGL API -- development files
libeigen2-dev (2.0.17-1)
lightweight C++ template library for linear algebra
libeigen3-dev (3.2.0-6)
lightweight C++ template library for linear algebra
libeina-dev (1.7.9-2)
Development files for libeina
libeinspline-dev (0.9.2-1)
library for interpolating cubic basis splines (static library and doc)
libeio-dev (1.7.7-1)
EIO headers and static libraries
libeiskaltdcpp-dev (2.2.9-1)
DC++ kernel from EiskaltDC++ (development files)
libej-dev (3.1.1-2)
hardware & software framework for developing science experiments
libelektra-cpp-dev (0.7.1-1)
elektra configuration store, CPP binding [development]
libelektra-dev (0.7.1-1)
elektra configuration store, main library [development]
libelektratools-dev (0.7.1-1)
elektra configuration store, elektratools library [development]
libelemental-dev (1.2.0-9)
Periodic Table viewer (development files)
libelementary-dev (1.7.7-3)
Development files for libelementary
libelf-dev (0.157-3)
libelf1 development libraries and header files
libelfg0-dev (0.8.13-5)
an ELF object file access library: development files
libelk0-dev (3.99.8-2.1)
development files for libelk0
libelmer-dev (6.1.0.svn.5396.dfsg2-4)
finite element multiphysics suite - development files
libembryo-dev (1.7.7-2)
Development files for libembryo1
libemos-dev (000392+dfsg.1-1)
ECMWF Interpolation Library - development
libemu-dev (0.2.0+git20120122-1.2)
x86 shellcode detection and emulation
libenca-dev (1.15-1)
Extremely Naive Charset Analyser - development files
libenchant-dev (1.6.0-10)
Wrapper library for various spell checker engines (development)
libenet-dev (1.3.11+ds-1)
thin network communication layer on top of UDP - headers
libepc-dev (0.4.4-1)
Easy Publish and Consume library - development files
libepc-ui-dev (0.4.4-1)
Easy Publish and Consume library - widget development files
libepr-api2-dev (2.2-2)
ENVISAT Product Reader API for C - Development files
libepsilon-dev (0.9.1-2)
A library for wavelet image compression - development files
libept-dev (1.0.12)
High-level library for managing Debian package information
libepub-dev (0.2.2-1)
library to work with the EPUB file format - development files
liberfa-dev (1.0.0-1)
Essential Routines for Fundamental Astronomy (development files)
liberis-1.3-dev (1.3.19-5)
WorldForge client entity library - development files
liberuby-dev (1.0.5-2.1)
Development files for liberuby
libesd0-dev (0.2.41-11)
Enlightened Sound Daemon - Development files
libesmtp-dev (1.0.6-1+b1)
LibESMTP SMTP client library development files
libespeak-dev (1.47.11-1)
Multi-lingual software speech synthesizer: development files
libestools2.1-dev (1:2.1~release-6)
Edinburgh Speech Tools Library - developer's libraries
libestr-dev (0.1.5-2)
Helper functions for handling strings (headers)
libestraier-dev (1.4.13-11b1)
full-text search system Libraries [development]
libethos-dev (0.2.2-3)
GObject library for application plugins - development files
libethos-ui-dev (0.2.2-3)
GObject library for application plugins, GTK+ integration - development files
libetpan-dev (1.0-5)
mail handling library - development files
libetsf-io-dev (1.0.3-4+b1)
Static libraries and Fortran module files of ETSF_IO
libeurodec1-dev (20061220+dfsg3-3)
[Physics] Monte Carlo library for quark / heavy lepton decays
libev-dev (1:4.15-3)
static library, header files, and docs for libev
libev-libevent-dev (1:4.15-3)
libevent event loop compatibility wrapper for libev
libeval0-dev (0.29.6-2)
support library for eleeye - development file
libevas-dev (1.7.7-5)
Enlightenment DR17 advanced canvas library development files
libevd-0.1-dev (0.1.28-1)
Peer-to-peer inter-process communication library - Development files
libevdev-dev (0.5-1)
wrapper library for evdev devices - development files
libevemu-dev (1.2.0-1)
Linux Input Event Device Emulation Library - development files
libevent-dev (2.0.21-stable-1)
Asynchronous event notification library (development files)
libevince-dev (3.10.0-1)
Document (PostScript, PDF) rendering library - development files
libevocosm-dev (4.0.2-3)
C++ framework for developing evolutionary algorithms
libevs-dev (1.4.6-1)
Standards-based cluster framework, Evs devel files
libevtlog-dev (0.2.12-6)
Syslog event logger library development files
libewf-dev (20130416-2)
support for Expert Witness Compression format (development)
libexchangemapi-1.0-dev (3.10.2-0tanglu1)
client library for accessing Exchange servers - development
libexempi-dev (2.2.1-1)
library to parse XMP metadata (Development files)
libexif-dev (0.6.21-1)
library to parse EXIF files (development files)
libexif-gtk-dev (0.3.5-5)
Library providing GTK+ widgets to display/edit EXIF tags (development files)
libexiv2-dev (0.23-1)
EXIF/IPTC metadata manipulation library - development files
libexo-1-dev (0.10.2-2)
Development files for libexo
libexodusii-dev (5.14.dfsg.1-2+b1)
exodusII datamodel for finite element analysis
libexosip2-dev (4.0.0-4)
eXtended osip library development files
libexpat1-dev (2.1.0-4)
XML parsing C library - development kit
libexplain-dev (0.52.D002-1)
library of syscall-specific strerror replacements - development files
libextractor-dev (1:1.1-1)
extracts meta-data from files of arbitrary type (development)
libextractor-java-dev (0.6.0-6)
Java bindings for GNU libextractor (development)
libexttextcat-dev (3.4.3-1)
Language detection library - development files
libeztrace-dev (0.9.1-5b1)
Automatic execution trace generation for HPC - development files
libf2c2-dev (20090411-2)
Development libraries for use with f2c
libfaac-dev (1.28-6) [non-free]
AAC audio encoder (development)
libfaad-dev (2.7-8)
freeware Advanced Audio Decoder - development files
libfaifa-dev (0.2~svn82-1)
manage HomePlug 1.0/AV devices via ethernet frames - devel library
libfakekey-dev (0.1-8.1)
library for converting characters to X key-presses [development]
libfam-dev (2.7.0-17)
Client library to control the FAM daemon - development files
virtual package provided by libgamin-dev
libfann-dev (2.1.0~beta~dfsg-8)
Development libraries and header files for FANN
libfarstream-0.1-dev (0.1.2-2)
Audio/Video communications framework: development files
libfarstream-0.2-dev (0.2.3-1)
Audio/Video communications framework: development files
libfauhdli-dev (20130704-1)
interpreter library and development files for fauhdli
libfcgi-dev (2.4.0-8.1)
Header files of FastCGI
libfdk-aac-dev (0.1.2-1) [non-free]
Fraunhofer FDK AAC Codec Library - development files
libfdt-dev (1.4.0-2)
Flat Device Trees manipulation library - development files
libfeel++-dev (1:0.95.0-final-2b1)
A library for the finite element method
libfence-dev (3.1.8-1.1b1)
Red Hat cluster suite - fence server development files
libffado-dev (2.1.0+svn2456-1)
FFADO API - development files
libffcall1-dev (1.10+cvs20100619-2)
Foreign Function Call Libraries (development files)
libffi-dev (3.0.13-8tanglu1)
Foreign Function Interface library (development files)
libffindex0-dev (
library for simple index/database for huge amounts of small files (development)
libffmpegthumbnailer-dev (2.0.8-1)
development files for ffmpegthumbnailer
libffms2-dev (2.17+r731-3b1)
Development files for libffms2
libfftw3-dev (3.3.3-7b1)
Library for computing Fast Fourier Transforms - development
libfftw3-mpi-dev (3.3.3-7b1)
MPI Library for computing Fast Fourier Transforms - development
libfiredns-dev (0.9.12+dfsg-3)
Development files for firedns, an asynch. dns resolver library
libfirestring-dev (0.9.12-8)
Development files for firestring, a string handling library
libfishsound1-dev (1.0.0-1.1)
simple API that wraps Xiph.Org audio codecs (development files)
libfiu-dev (0.92-1)
userspace fault injection framework (development libraries)
libfixposix-dev (20110316.git47f17f7-1)
Replacement for inconsistent parts of POSIX (development)
libfko2-dev (2.5.1-1b1)
FireWall KNock OPerator - developpement library
libflac++-dev (1.3.0-2)
Free Lossless Audio Codec - C++ development library
libflac-dev (1.3.0-2)
Free Lossless Audio Codec - C development library
libflake-dev (0.11-2)
Alternative encoder for the Free Lossless Audio Codec -- Development files
libflann-dev (1.8.4-2)
Fast Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbors - development
libflatzebra-dev (0.1.6-2)
Generic Game Engine library development files
libflickcurl-dev (1.24-1)
C library for accessing the Flickr API - development files
libflint-dev (1.011-2.2)
C library for number theory, development files
libflorist2011-dev (2011-1)
POSIX.5 Ada interface to operating system services
libflowcanvas-dev (0.7.1+dfsg0-0.2)
interactive widget for “boxes and lines” environments - header files
libfltk1.1-dev (1.1.10-16)
Fast Light Toolkit - development files
libfltk1.3-compat-headers (1.3.2-3)
Fast Light Toolkit - compatibility header symlinks
libfltk1.3-dev (1.3.2-3)
Fast Light Toolkit - development files
libfluidsynth-dev (1.1.6-2)
Real-time MIDI software synthesizer (development files)
libfm-dev (
file management support (core development files)
libfm-gtk-dev (
file management support (GTK+ GUI development files)
libfolia-dev (0.10-4.2b1)
implementation of the FoLiA document format
libfolks-dev (0.9.5-1)
library to aggregates people into metacontact - development files
libfolks-eds-dev (0.9.5-1)
Evolution-data-server backend for libfolks - development files
libfolks-telepathy-dev (0.9.5-1)
Telepathy backend for libfolks - development files
libfontconfig1-dev (2.11.0-2)
generic font configuration library - development
libfontembed-dev (1.0.43-1)
OpenPrinting CUPS Filters - Development files for font embed library
libfontenc-dev (1:1.1.2-1)
X11 font encoding library (development headers)
libfontforge-dev (20120731.b-5)
font editor - runtime library (development files)
libforms-dev (1.0.93sp1-2)
Header files and static libraries for the XForms widget library
libformsgl-dev (1.0.93sp1-2)
Header files and static libraries for the OpenGL XForms library
libfox-1.6-dev (1.6.49-2)
FOX C++ GUI Toolkit - development headers
libfpga-dev (0.0+201212-1+b1 [amd64], 0.0+201212-1 [i386])
development files for fpgatools
libfplll-dev (4.0.4-1)
Library for LLL-reduction of Euclidean lattices, development
libfprint-dev (1:0.5.1-1)
async fingerprint library of fprint project, development headers
libframe-dev (2.5.0-3)
Touch Frame Library - dev files
libfreecell-solver-dev (3.20.0-1)
Library for solving Freecell games (Development files)
libfreecontact0-dev (1.0.21-1)
fast protein contact predictor library - development files
libfreefem++-dev (3.19.1-1b2)
Provides the development files of the FreeFem++ FE suite
libfreefem-dev (3.5.8-5)
Development library, header files and manpages
libfreefoam-dev (0.1.0+dfsg-1b1)
libraries for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) - development files
libfreehdl0-dev (0.0.7-1.1)
VHDL simulator for Linux (development headers)
libfreeimage-dev (3.15.1-2)
Support library for graphics image formats (development files)
libfreeipmi-dev (1.1.5-3)
GNU IPMI - development package
libfreenect-demos (1:0.1.2+dfsg-6)
library for accessing Kinect device -- dummy package
libfreenect-dev (1:0.1.2+dfsg-6)
library for accessing Kinect device -- development files
libfreeradius-client-dev (1.1.6-6)
Enhanced RADIUS client library development files
libfreeradius-dev (2.1.12+dfsg-1.2b1)
FreeRADIUS shared library development files
libfreerdp-dev (1.0.2-3)
RDP client for Windows Terminal Services (development)
libfreetype6-dev (2.5.2-1)
FreeType 2 font engine, development files
libfreexl-dev (1.0.0f-2)
library for direct reading of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets - devel
libfribidi-dev (0.19.6-1)
Development files for FreeBidi library
libfs-dev (2:1.0.5-1)
X11 Font Services library (development headers)
libfso-glib-dev (2012.07.27.2-2)
Development files for libfso-glib
libfsoframework-dev (0.12.0-4)
Development files for libfsoframework
libfsplib-dev (0.11-2)
FSP v2 protocol stack library - development files
libfstrcmp-dev (0.6.D001-1)
fuzzy string compare library - development files
libftdi-dev (0.20-1+b1)
Development files for libftdi
libftdipp-dev (0.20-1+b1)
Development files for libftdipp
libftgl-dev (2.1.3~rc5-4+nmu1)
development files for libftgl
libfuntools-dev (1.4.4-6)
Minimal buy-in FITS library (development files)
libfuse-dev (2.9.3-3)
Filesystem in Userspace (development)
libfuzzy-dev (2.7-2)
Recursive piecewise hashing tool (development headers)
libfxt-dev (0.2.14-2)
Multithreaded tracing library
libg15-dev (1.2.7-2)
Library for interfacing with the Logitech G15 keyboards
libg15daemon-client-dev (
Development packages for libg15daemon-client
libg15render-dev (1.3.0~svn316-2.2)
Library for interfacing with the Logitech G15 keyboards
libg2-dev (0.72-4)
g2 2D graphics library (development files)
libg3d-dev (0.0.8-17)
LibG3D development package
libga-dev (2.4.7-3)
C++ Library of Genetic Algorithm Components
libgadap-dev (2.0-1)
Development and static libraries for GADAP
libgadu-dev (1:1.12.0~rc2-1)
Gadu-Gadu protocol library - development files
libgaiagraphics-dev (0.4b-1)
Gaia common graphics support - development headers
libgail-3-dev (3.10.2-1)
GNOME Accessibility Implementation Library -- development files
libgail-dev (2.24.22-1)
GNOME Accessibility Implementation Library -- development files
libgambc4-dev (4.2.8-1.1)
header file and link for the Gambit-C shared library
libgamin-dev (0.1.10-4.1)
Development files for the gamin client library
libgammu-dev (1.33.0-3)
mobile phone management library (development files)
libganglia1-dev (3.6.0-2tanglu1)
cluster monitoring toolkit - development libraries
libganv-dev (0~svn5021~dfsg0-2)
canvas widget for graph-based interfaces (development files)
libgarcon-1-0-dev (0.2.1-1)
Development files for garcon
libgarmin-dev (0~svn320-4)
Garmin image format library (development files)
libgatos-dev (0.0.5-19)
The General ATI TV and Overlay Software(GATOS): Dev Lib and Headers
libgaviotatb-dev (0.4-1)
Gaviota chess endgame tablebase probing library
libgavl-dev (1.4.0-1)
low level audio and video library - development files
libgbm-dev (9.2.5-0tanglu1)
generic buffer management API -- development files
libgc-dev (1:7.2d-6)
conservative garbage collector for C (development)
libgcal-dev (0.9.6-3.1)
Google calendar and contacts (development files)
libgcc-4.7-dev (4.7.3-5)
GCC support library (development files)
libgcc-4.8-dev (4.8.2-1tanglu1)
GCC support library (development files)
libgccxml-dev (0.9.0+git20130511-1)
Libraries for building extension to gccxml output
libgcj14-dev (4.8.2-1tanglu1)
Java development headers for use with gcj
libgck-1-dev (3.10.1-1)
GLib wrapper library for PKCS#11 - development
libgconf-bridge-dev (0.1-2.2)
Bind GObject properties to GConf keys (development files)
libgconf2-dev (3.2.6-1)
GNOME configuration database system (development)
libgconfmm-2.6-dev (2.28.0-1)
C++ wrappers for GConf (development files)
libgcr-3-dev (3.10.1-1)
Library for Crypto UI related tasks - development
libgcroots-dev (0.8.5-4)
Development GC library for sigscheme Scheme interpreter
libgcrypt11-dev (1.5.3-2)
LGPL Crypto library - development files
libgcrypt20-dev (1.6.1-1)
LGPL Crypto library - development files
libgctp-dev (1.0-1)
General Cartographic Transformation Package - development files
libgd-dev (2.1.0-3)
GD Graphics Library (development version)
libgd2-noxpm-dev (2.1.0-3)
GD Graphics Library (transitional package)
virtual package provided by libgd-dev
libgda-5.0-dev (5.0.3-2)
data abstraction library based on GLib -- development files
libgdal-dev (1.10.1+dfsg-3)
Geospatial Data Abstraction Library - Development files
libgdal1-dev (1.10.1+dfsg-3)
Geospatial Data Abstraction Library - Transitional package
libgdata-dev (0.14.0-2)
Library for accessing GData webservices - development files
libgdbm-dev (1.8.3-12)
GNU dbm database routines (development files)
libgdchart-gd2-noxpm-dev (0.11.5-7.1b1)
Generate graphs using the GD library (development version)
libgdchart-gd2-xpm-dev (0.11.5-7.1b1)
Generate graphs using the GD library (development version)
libgdcm2-dev (2.2.4-1.1)
Grassroots DICOM development libraries and headers
libgdf-dev (0.1.2-2b1)
IO library for the GDF -- development library
libgdict-1.0-dev (3.10.0-1)
GNOME Dictionary base library - development files
libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev (2.28.2-1)
GDK Pixbuf library (development files)
libgdkcutter-pixbuf-dev (1.1.7-1.2)
Cutter Gdk-pixbuf support (Development files)
libgdl-3-dev (3.8.1-2)
GNOME DevTool libraries - development files
libgdm-dev (
Next generation GNOME Display Manager (development files)
libgdome2-cpp-smart-dev (0.2.6-6+build1)
C++ bindings for GDome2 DOM implementation
libgdome2-dev (0.8.1+debian-6)
Development files for libgdome2
libgeant321-2-dev (1:3.21.14.dfsg-11b2)
[Physics] Library for GEANT 3.21 (development files)
libgearman-dev (1.0.6-3)
Development files for the Gearman Library
libgecode-dev (4.2.1-1)
generic constraint development environment
libgeda-dev (1:1.8.1-2)
GPL EDA -- Electronics design software (development files)
libgee-0.8-dev (0.10.5-1)
GObject based collection library (development files)
libgee-dev (0.6.8-1)
GObject based collection library (development files)
libgegl-dev (0.2.0-4b2)
Generic Graphics Library (development files)
libgeis-dev (2.2.16-1)
Gesture engine interface support - dev files
libgenders0-dev (1.20-1b1)
development files for parsing and querying a genders database
libgenome-1.3-0-dev (1.3.1-5)
toolkit for developing bioinformatic related software (devel)
libgenometools0-dev (1.5.1-2)
development files for GenomeTools
libgeoclue-dev (0.12.99-3)
C API for GeoClue (development files)
libgeocode-glib-dev (3.10.0-1)
developement files for geocode-glib library
libgeographiclib-dev (1.21-1)
A C++ library to solve some geodesic problems -- development files
libgeoip-dev (1.6.0-1)
Development files for the GeoIP library
libgeos++-dev (3.3.3-1.1)
Geometry engine for GIS - C++ development files
libgeos-dev (3.3.3-1.1)
Geometry engine for GIS - Development files
libgeotiff-dev (1.3.0+dfsg-3.2)
the GeoTIFF library -- development files
libgeotranz3-dev (3.2-1)
GEOgraphic coordinates TRANslator (development files)
libges-0.10-dev (0.10.1-2)
GStreamer editing services (development files)
libgetdata-dev (0.7.3-6b1)
library to read/write dirfile data - devel files (C, C++, F77, F95)
libgetfem++-dev (4.2+dfsg1-1)
Development files for the GETFEM++ generic finite element library
libgetopt++-dev (0.0.2-p22-3)
development files for libgetopt++
libgettextpo-dev (
GNU Internationalization library development files
libgexiv2-dev (0.7.0-1)
GObject-based wrapper around the Exiv2 library - development files
libgf2x-dev (1.1-1b1)
Routines for fast arithmetic in GF(2)[x] (development files)
libgfal2-dev (2.3.0-4)
Development files of gfal2
libgfarm-dev (2.4.1-1.1)
Gfarm file system development files
libgflags-dev (2.0-1.1)
commandline flags module for C++ (development files)
libgfortran-4.7-dev (4.7.3-5)
Runtime library for GNU Fortran applications (development files)
libgfortran-4.8-dev (4.8.2-1tanglu1)
Runtime library for GNU Fortran applications (development files)
libgfs-dev (20110329-dfsg.2-1b1)
Gerris Flow Solver -- development libraries and headers
libgfs-mpi-dev (20110329-dfsg.2-1b1)
Gerris Flow Solver -- development libraries and headers
libgfshare-dev (1.0.5-2)
library for multi-way secret-sharing (headers)
libghemical-dev (3.0.0-2b1)
Molecular Modelling Library (development files)
libgif-dev (4.1.6-11tanglu1)
library for GIF images (development)
libgiftiio-dev (1.0.9-1)
IO library for the GIFTI cortical surface data format
libgig-dev (3.3.0-2)
development files for libgig
libgimp2.0-dev (2.8.6-1)
Headers and other files for compiling plugins for GIMP
libginac-dev (1.6.2-1)
GiNaC symbolic framework development files
libgirara-dev (0.1.9-1)
library for minimalistic user interfaces (development files)
libgirepository1.0-dev (1.38.0-1)
Library for handling GObject introspection data (development files)
libgisi-dev (0.1.0-1)
low-level communication library for ISI modems (devel files)
libgisicomm-dev (0.1.0-1)
high-level communication library for ISI modems (devel files)
libgivaro-dev (3.7.2-1)
arithmetic and algebraic computations - development files
libgjs-dev (1.38.1-1)
Mozilla-based javascript bindings for the GNOME platform
libgksu2-dev (2.0.13~pre1-6)
library providing su and sudo functionality (development files)
libgl1-mesa-dev (9.2.5-0tanglu1)
free implementation of the OpenGL API -- GLX development files
libgl1-mesa-swx11-dev (9.2.5-0tanglu1)
free implementation of the OpenGL API -- development files
libgl2ps-dev (1.3.8-1)
Lib providing high quality vector output for OpenGL application
libglade2-dev (1:2.6.4-2)
development files for libglade
libglademm-2.4-dev (2.6.7-2)
C++ wrappers for libglade2 (development files)
libgladeui-dev (3.14.2-3)
GTK+ User Interface Build core library (development files)
libglbsp-dev (2.24-2)
node builder library for OpenGL-based Doom-style games (headers)
libglc-dev (0.7.2-5b1)
An implementation of SGI's OpenGL Character Renderer (GLC)
libgle3-dev (3.1.0-7)
OpenGL tubing and extrusion library development files
libgles1-mesa-dev (9.2.5-0tanglu1)
free implementation of the OpenGL|ES 1.x API -- development files
libgles2-mesa-dev (9.2.5-0tanglu1)
free implementation of the OpenGL|ES 2.x API -- development files
libglew-dev (1.10.0-3)
OpenGL Extension Wrangler - development environment
libglewmx-dev (1.10.0-3)
OpenGL Extension Wrangler MX - development environment
libglfw-dev (2.7.2-1)
header files and static libraries portable framework for OpenGL application development
libglib2.0-dev (2.38.1-1)
Development files for the GLib library
libglibmm-2.4-dev (2.36.2-1)
C++ wrapper for the GLib toolkit (development files)
libglide2-dev (2002.04.10ds1-9)
graphics library for 3Dfx Voodoo based cards - development files
libglide3-dev (2002.04.10ds1-9)
graphics library for 3Dfx Voodoo based cards - development files
libglm-dev (
C++ library for OpenGL GLSL type-based mathematics
libglobus-authz-callout-error-dev (2.2-3)
Globus Toolkit - Globus authz error library Development Files
libglobus-authz-dev (2.2-3)
Globus Toolkit - Globus authz library Development Files
libglobus-callout-dev (2.4-2)
Globus Toolkit - Globus Callout Library Development Files
libglobus-common-dev (14.10-2)
Globus Toolkit - Common Library Development Files
libglobus-ftp-client-dev (7.6-1)
Globus Toolkit - GridFTP Client Library Development Files
libglobus-ftp-control-dev (4.7-1)
Globus Toolkit - GridFTP Control Library Development Files
libglobus-gass-cache-dev (8.1-4)
Globus Toolkit - Globus Gass Cache Development Files
libglobus-gass-copy-dev (8.6-3)
Globus Toolkit - Globus Gass Copy Development Files
libglobus-gass-server-ez-dev (4.3-3)
Globus Toolkit - Globus Gass Server_ez Development Files
libglobus-gass-transfer-dev (7.2-4)
Globus Toolkit - Globus Gass Transfer Development Files
libglobus-gfork-dev (3.2-3)
Globus Toolkit - GFork Development Files
libglobus-gram-client-dev (12.4-3)
Globus Toolkit - GRAM Client Library Development Files
libglobus-gram-job-manager-callout-error-dev (2.1-4)
Globus Toolkit - Globus GRAM Jobmanager Callout Errors Development Files
libglobus-gram-protocol-dev (11.3-5)
Globus Toolkit - GRAM Protocol Library Development Files
libglobus-gridftp-server-control-dev (2.10-1)
Globus Toolkit - Globus GridFTP Server Library Development Files
libglobus-gridftp-server-dev (6.38-1)
Globus Toolkit - Globus GridFTP Server Development Files
libglobus-gridmap-callout-error-dev (1.2-4)
Globus Toolkit - Globus Gridmap Callout Errors Development Files
libglobus-gsi-callback-dev (4.6-1)
Globus Toolkit - Globus GSI Callback Library Development Files
libglobus-gsi-cert-utils-dev (8.6-2)
Globus Toolkit - Globus GSI Cert Utils Library Development Files
libglobus-gsi-credential-dev (6.0-2)
Globus Toolkit - Globus GSI Credential Library Development Files
libglobus-gsi-openssl-error-dev (2.1-5)
Globus Toolkit - Globus OpenSSL Error Handling Development Files
libglobus-gsi-proxy-core-dev (6.2-4)
Globus Toolkit - Globus GSI Proxy Core Library Development Files
libglobus-gsi-proxy-ssl-dev (4.1-5)
Globus Toolkit - Globus GSI Proxy SSL Library Development Files
libglobus-gsi-sysconfig-dev (5.3-3)
Globus Toolkit - Globus GSI System Config Library Development Files
libglobus-gss-assist-dev (9.0-1)
Globus Toolkit - GSSAPI Assist library Development Files
libglobus-gssapi-error-dev (4.1-5)
Globus Toolkit - GSSAPI Error Library Development Files
libglobus-gssapi-gsi-dev (10.10-1)
Globus Toolkit - GSSAPI library Development Files
libglobus-io-dev (9.5-1)
Globus Toolkit - uniform I/O interface Development Files
libglobus-openssl-module-dev (3.3-2)
Globus Toolkit - Globus OpenSSL Module Wrapper Development Files
libglobus-rls-client-dev (5.2-11)
Globus Toolkit - Replica Location Service Client Development Files
libglobus-rsl-dev (9.1-4)
Globus Toolkit - Resource Specification Language Library Development Files
libglobus-scheduler-event-generator-dev (4.7-3)
Globus Toolkit - Scheduler Event Generator Development Files
libglobus-usage-dev (3.1-4)
Globus Toolkit - Usage Library Development Files
libglobus-xio-dev (3.6-2)
Globus Toolkit - Globus XIO Framework Development Files
libglobus-xio-gridftp-driver-dev (1.2-1)
Globus Toolkit - Globus XIO GridFTP Driver Development Files
libglobus-xio-gsi-driver-dev (2.4-1)
Globus Toolkit - Globus XIO GSI Driver Development Files
libglobus-xio-pipe-driver-dev (2.2-3)
Globus Toolkit - Globus Pipe Driver Development Files
libglobus-xio-popen-driver-dev (2.3-3)
Globus Toolkit - Globus XIO Pipe Open Driver Development Files
libgloox-dev (1.0-1.1)
C++ jabber/xmpp library devel files
libglpk-dev (4.52.1-2)
linear programming kit - development files
libglrr-glib-dev (20050529-3.1)
Development library of Grift (glib)
libglrr-gobject-dev (20050529-3.1)
Development library of Grift (gobject)
libglrr-gtk-dev (20050529-3.1)
Development library of Grift (gtk)
libglrr-widgets-dev (20050529-3.1)
Development library of Grift's widgets
libglu1-mesa-dev (9.0.0-2)
Mesa OpenGL utility library -- development files
libglw1-mesa-dev (8.0.0-1.1)
GL widget library for Athena and Motif -- development files
libglyr-dev (1.0.2-1)
search engine for music-related metadata - development files
libgme-dev (0.5.5-2)
Playback library for video game music files - development files
libgmerlin-avdec-dev (1.2.0~dfsg-3b1)
general multimedia decoding library (development files)
libgmerlin-dev (1.2.0~dfsg+1-1)
core library for gmerlin - development files
libgmic-dev (
GREYC's Magic for Image Computing - development files
libgmime-2.6-dev (2.6.19-2)
MIME message parser and creator library - development files
libgmlib-dev (1.0.8-3)
gnome-mplayer library (development files)
libgmm++-dev (4.2+dfsg1-1)
Generic C++ template library for sparse, dense and skyline matrices
libgmp-dev (2:5.1.2+dfsg-3)
Multiprecision arithmetic library developers tools
libgmp3-dev (2:5.1.2+dfsg-3)
Multiprecision arithmetic library developers tools
libgmpada4-dev (0.0.20121109-3b1)
Ada binding to the GNU MultiPrecision library: development
libgmsh-dev (2.8.3+dfsg-4b1)
Three-dimensional finite element mesh generator. Development files
libgmt-dev (4.5.11-1)
Generic Mapping Tools Library
libgmtk-dev (1.0.8-3)
gnome-mplayer toolkit (development files)
libgnadecommon2-dev (1.6.2-9)
GNat Ada Database Environment - subprograms common to other GNADE packages
libgnadeodbc2-dev (1.6.2-9)
GNat Ada Database Environment - ODBC programming interface
libgnadesqlite3-2-dev (1.6.2-9)
GNat Ada Database Environment - SQLite3 programming interface
libgnatprj4.6-dev (4.6.4-0tanglu2)
GNU Ada compiler Project Manager (development files)
libgnatprj4.8-dev (4.8.2-4)
GNU Ada compiler Project Manager (development files)
libgnatvsn4.6-dev (4.6.4-0tanglu2)
GNU Ada compiler selected components (development files)
libgnatvsn4.8-dev (4.8.2-4)
GNU Ada compiler selected components (development files)
libgnet-dev (2.0.8-2.2)
Developer files for GNet network library
libgnokii-dev (0.6.30+dfsg-1+b1)
Gnokii mobile phone interface library (development files)
libgnome-bluetooth-dev (3.8.2-0tanglu1)
GNOME Bluetooth tools - support library development files
libgnome-desktop-3-dev (3.10.1-2)
Utility library for loading .desktop files - development files
libgnome-desktop-dev (2.32.1-2)
Utility library for loading .desktop files - development files
libgnome-keyring-dev (3.8.0-2)
Development files for GNOME keyring service
libgnome-media-profiles-dev (3.0.0-1)
GNOME Media Profiles library
libgnome-menu-3-dev (3.8.0-2)
GNOME implementation of the freedesktop menu specification
libgnome-menu-dev (3.0.1-4)
GNOME implementation of the freedesktop menu specification
libgnome-speech-dev (1:0.4.25-5)
GNOME text-to-speech library (development headers)
libgnome2-dev (2.32.1-5)
The GNOME library - development files
libgnomeada2.24.1-dev (2.24.1-14)
Ada binding for the GNOME GUI (development files)
libgnomecanvas2-dev (2.30.3-2)
powerful object-oriented display engine - development files
libgnomecanvasmm-2.6-dev (2.26.0-1)
C++ wrappers for libgnomecanvas2 (development files)
libgnomekbd-dev (3.6.0-1)
GNOME library to manage keyboard configuration - development files
libgnomescan-dev (0.6.2-1.1tanglu3)
Scan library for GNOME - development
libgnomeui-dev (2.24.5-3)
GNOME user interface library - development files
libgnomevfs2-dev (1:2.24.4-4)
GNOME Virtual File System library (development files)
libgnuift0-dev (0.1.14-12)
libgnuift development files
libgnuplot-iostream-dev (0~20130604.gitdd47c7a-1)
C++ programming interface for gnuplot. Headers
libgnuspool-dev (1.7)
API development library for GNUspool
libgnustep-base-dev (1.22.1-4.2b1)
GNUstep Base header files and development libraries
libgnustep-dl2-dev (0.12.0-10)
development files for gnustep-dl2 runtime libraries
libgnustep-gui-dev (0.20.0-3+b1 [amd64], 0.20.0-3 [i386])
GNUstep GUI header files and static libraries
libgnutls-dev (2.12.23-8)
GNU TLS library - development files
libgnutls28-dev (3.2.7-3)
GNU TLS library - development files
libgoa-1.0-dev (3.10.0-2)
library for GNOME Online Accounts - development files
libgoa-backend-1.0-dev (3.10.0-2)
backend library for GNOME Online Accounts - development files
libgoffice-0.10-dev (0.10.8-1)
Document centric objects library - development files
libgoffice-0.8-dev (0.8.17-3)
Document centric objects library - development files
libgofigure-dev (0.9.0-3)
Tool for visualizing, processing and analysing of bioimages
libgoocanvas-dev (0.15-1.1)
development libraries, include files and documentation for goocanvas
libgoocanvasmm-dev (0.15.4-1)
C++ bindings for GooCanvas - development files
libgoogle-glog-dev (0.3.3-1)
library that implements application-level logging.
libgoogle-perftools-dev (2.0-4)
libraries for CPU and heap analysis, plus an efficient thread-caching malloc
libgooglepinyin0-dev (0.1.2-1)
Pinyin engine fork from Google Pinyin on Android - development files
libgpac-dev (0.5.0+svn4288~dfsg1-4)
GPAC Project on Advanced Content - development files
libgpds-dev (1.5.1-6)
library for configuration of pointing devices (development files)
libgpg-error-dev (1.12-0.2)
library for common error values and messages in GnuPG components (development)
libgpgme11-dev (1.4.3-0.1)
GPGME - GnuPG Made Easy (development files)
libgphoto2-2-dev (2.4.14-2.4)
gphoto2 digital camera library (development files)
libgpiv3-dev (0.6.1-4b1)
library for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) - development files
libgpm-dev (1.20.4-6.1)
General Purpose Mouse - development files
libgpod-dev (0.8.3-1.1tanglu2)
development files for libgpod
libgpod-nogtk-dev (0.8.3-1.1tanglu2)
development files for libgpod (version without artwork support)
libgportugol-dev (1.1-2)
Development files for the G-Portugol library
libgps-dev (3.9-3)
Global Positioning System - development files
libgraflib1-dev (20061220+dfsg3-4)
CERNLIB data analysis suite - graphical library (development files)
libgrafx11-1-dev (20061220+dfsg3-4)
CERNLIB data analysis suite - interface to X11 and PostScript (development)
libgrail-dev (3.1.0-2)
Gesture Recognition And Instantiation Library - dev files
libgrantlee-dev (0.3.0-5)
Grantlee templating library development files
libgraphicsmagick++1-dev (1.3.18-1)
format-independent image processing - C++ development files
libgraphicsmagick1-dev (1.3.18-1)
format-independent image processing - C development files
libgraphite-dev (1:2.3.1-0.2)
Development files for SILGraphite
libgraphite2-dev (1.2.4-1)
Development files for libgraphite2
libgraphviz-dev (2.26.3-16.1)
graphviz libs and headers against which to build applications
libgretl1-dev (1.9.14-1)
GNU Regression, Econometric & Time-Series Library -- development package
libgrib-api-dev (1.10.4-3)
GRIB decoding/encoding software library (development)
libgrib2c-dev (1.4.0-1)
NCEP GRIB2 library - development files
libgridsite-dev (2.0.4-2)
Developers tools for gridsite
libgrilo-0.2-dev (0.2.7-1)
Framework for discovering and browsing media - Development files
libgringotts-dev (1:1.2.1-2)
development files for the gringotts data encapsulation library
libgrits-dev (0.8.1-1)
Development files for grits
libgrok-dev (1.20110708.1-4)
development files for grok
virtual package provided by libgrok-dev
libgrss-dev (0.5.0-2)
Glib-based library to manage RSS and Atom feeds - development files
libgs-dev (9.05~dfsg-8)
interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF - Development Files
libgsasl7-dev (1.8.0-2)
Development files for the GNU SASL library
libgsecuredelete-dev (0.2-1)
wrapper library for the secure-delete tools - development files
libgsf-1-dev (1.14.28-1)
Structured File Library - development files
libgsl0-dev (1.16+dfsg-1)
GNU Scientific Library (GSL) -- development package
libgsm0710-dev (1.2.2-2)
development files for use with libgsm0710
libgsm1-dev (1.0.13-4)
Development libraries for a GSM speech compressor
libgsmme-dev (1.10+20120414.gita5e5ae9a-0.1)
Header files and static libraries for gsmlib
libgsnmp0-dev (0.3.0-1.2)
an SNMP library implementation based on glib and gnet (development files)
libgsoap-dev (2.8.16-2)
Development libraries and headers for gSOAP
libgsql-dev (0.2.2-1.2+b1)
Integrated database development tool for GNOME
libgss-dev (1.0.2-3)
Development and documentation files for Generic Security Services
libgssdp-1.0-dev (0.14.6-1)
GObject-based library for SSDP (development files)
libgssglue-dev (0.4-2)
header files and docs for libgssglue
libgst-dev (3.2.4-2build1)
GNU Smalltalk virtual machine development files
libgstbuzztard-dev (0.6.0-1)
Buzztard - Support plugins for GStreamer (development files)
libgstreamer-plugins-bad0.10-dev (0.10.23-7.1tanglu1)
GStreamer development files for libraries from the "bad" set
libgstreamer-plugins-bad1.0-dev (1.2.2-1)
GStreamer development files for libraries from the "bad" set
libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-dev (0.10.36-1.1)
GStreamer development files for libraries from the "base" set
libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-dev (1.2.2-1)
GStreamer development files for libraries from the "base" set
libgstreamer0.10-dev (0.10.36-1.2)
GStreamer core development files
libgstreamer1.0-dev (1.2.2-1)
GStreamer core development files
libgstrtspserver-0.10-dev (0.10.8-3)
RTSP server plugin for GStreamer (development files)
libgtest-dev (1.7.0~svn20130629-2)
Google's framework for writing C++ tests - header files
libgtextutils-dev (0.6.2-1)
Gordon Text_utils library (development files)
libgtg-dev (0.2+dfsg-1b1)
Generic Trace Generator (GTG) - development files
libgtk-3-dev (3.10.2-1)
development files for the GTK+ library
libgtk-vnc-1.0-dev (0.5.2-2tanglu1)
VNC viewer widget for GTK+2 (development files)
libgtk-vnc-2.0-dev (0.5.2-2tanglu1)
VNC viewer widget for GTK+3 (development files)
libgtk2.0-dev (2.24.22-1)
development files for the GTK+ library
libgtkada2.24.1-dev (2.24.1-14)
Ada binding for the GTK+ GUI (development files)
libgtkdatabox-0.9.2-0-dev (1:
Gtk+ library to display large amounts of numerical data (development)
libgtkdataboxmm-dev (0.9.4-2)
C++ bindings for GtkDatabox - development files
libgtkgl2.0-dev (2.0.1-2.1)
OpenGL context support for GTK+ (development files)
libgtkglada2.24.1-dev (2.24.1-14)
Ada binding for GTK+ OpenGL extensions (development files)
libgtkglext1-dev (1.2.0-3.1)
OpenGL Extension to GTK+ (development files)
libgtkglextmm-x11-1.2-dev (1.2.0-6)
C++ bindings for GtkGLExt (Development files)
libgtkhex-3-dev (3.8.1-1)
GNOME Hex editor for files (development headers)
libgtkhotkey-dev (0.2.1-5)
Gtk hotkey static libraries and headers
libgtkhtml-4.0-dev (4.6.6-2)
HTML rendering/editing library - development files
libgtkhtml-editor-3.14-dev (3.32.2-2.2)
HTML rendering/editing library - editor widget development files
libgtkhtml-editor-4.0-dev (4.6.6-2)
HTML rendering/editing library - editor widget development files
libgtkhtml3.14-dev (3.32.2-2.2)
HTML rendering/editing library - development files
libgtkimageview-dev (1.6.4+dfsg-0.1)
image viewer widget for GTK+ (development files)
libgtkmathview-dev (0.8.0-9)
rendering engine for MathML documents
libgtkmm-2.4-dev (1:2.24.4-1)
C++ wrappers for GTK+ (development files)
libgtkmm-3.0-dev (3.8.1-1)
C++ wrappers for GTK+ (development files)
libgtkpod-dev (2.1.4-1b2)
main library for the gtkpod package, development kit
libgtksourceview-3.0-dev (3.10.1-1)
development files for the GTK+ syntax highlighting widget
libgtksourceview2.0-dev (2.10.5-1)
development files for the GTK+ syntax highlighting widget
libgtksourceviewmm-3.0-dev (3.2.0-1build1)
C++ binding of GtkSourceView - development files
libgtkspell-dev (2.0.16-1)
Development files for GtkSpell
libgtkspell3-3-dev (3.0.4-1)
Development files for GtkSpell
libgtop2-dev (2.28.5-2)
gtop system monitoring library (devel)
libgts-dev (0.7.6+darcs121130-1)
development files for libgts
libguac-dev (0.8.3-1b1)
Development headers for the core Guacamole library
libgucharmap-2-90-dev (1:3.8.2-3)
Unicode browser widget library (development headers)
libgudev-1.0-dev (204-7tanglu1)
libgudev-1.0 development files
libguess-dev (1.1-3)
high-speed character set detection library (development)
libguestfs-dev (1:1.24.5-1b2)
guest disk image management system - development headers
libguestfs-gobject-dev (1:1.24.5-1b2)
guest disk image management system - GObject development headers
libguichan-dev (0.8.2-12)
small, efficient C++ GUI library (development headers)
libgupnp-1.0-dev (0.20.8-1)
GObject-based library for UPnP (development files)
libgupnp-av-1.0-dev (0.12.3-1)
Audio/Visual utility library for GUPnP (development files)
libgupnp-dlna-2.0-dev (0.10.2-1)
DLNA utility library for GUPnP (development files)
libgupnp-igd-1.0-dev (0.2.2-1)
library to handle UPnP IGD port mapping - development files
libgusb-dev (0.1.6-4)
GLib wrapper around libusb1 - development files
libgutenprint-dev (5.2.9-1)
development files for the Gutenprint printer driver library
libgutenprintui2-dev (5.2.9-1)
development files for the Gutenprint printer driver user interface library
libguytools2-dev (2.0.1-1.1)
development files for libguytools being a small programming toolbox
libgvnc-1.0-dev (0.5.2-2tanglu1)
VNC GObject wrapper (development files)
libgweather-3-dev (3.10.1-1b1)
GWeather development files
libgwenhywfar60-dev (4.8.0beta-1)
OS abstraction layer (development files)
libgwibber-dev (0.1.1-1.3)
Gwibber - shared library (development)
libgwibber-gtk-dev (0.1.1-1.3)
Gwibber - shared library (GTK+ development)
libgwibber-gtk0.1-cil-dev (0.1.1-1.3)
CLI bindings for libgwibber (GTK+ development)
libgwibber0.1-cil-dev (0.1.1-1.3)
CLI bindings for libgwibber (development)
libgwyddion20-dev (2.33-1)
header files for Gwyddion SPM analysis tool
libgxps-dev (0.2.2-2build1)
handling and rendering XPS documents (development files)
libgyoto1-dev (0.1.0-2)
development files for libgyoto
libh323plus-dev (1.24.0~dfsg2-1b1)
H.323 aka VoIP library development files
libhackrf-dev (2013.07.1.16.d5cebd-2)
Software defined radio peripheral
libhaildb-dev (2.3.2-1.3)
Library implementing InnoDB-like database - dev files
libhal-dev (0.5.14-8)
Hardware Abstraction Layer - development files
libhal-storage-dev (0.5.14-8)
Hardware Abstraction Layer - development files
libhamlib++-dev (
Development library to control radio transceivers and receivers
libhamlib-dev (
Development library to control radio transceivers and receivers
libhangul-dev (0.1.0-3)
Hangul keyboard input library - development files
libharfbuzz-dev (0.9.25-1)
Development files for OpenType text shaping engine
libharminv-dev (1.3.1-9)
Library for using harminv, development version
libhashkit-dev (1.0.8-1)
libmemcached hashing functions and algorithms (development files)
libhavege-dev (1.7c-1)
entropy source using the HAVEGE algorithm - development files
libhawknl-dev (1.6.8+dfsg2-1)
Hawk game oriented network library API (development headers)
libhbaapi-dev (2.2.9-1)
SNIA HBAAPI library (development files)
libhbalinux-dev (1.0.16-1)
Library headers files for retrieving FCOE adapter information
libhd-dev (16.0-2.2)
Hardware identification system library and headers
libhdate-dev (1.6-2)
Provides a library that help use hebrew dates (development files)
libhdf4-alt-dev (4.2r4-13)
Hierarchical Data Format 4 library -- development package
libhdf4-dev (4.2r4-13)
Hierarchical Data Format 4 library -- development package
libhdf4g-dev (4.2r4-13)
Hierarchical Data Format 4 library -- transitional development package
libhdf5-dev (1.8.11-5b1)
Hierarchical Data Format 5 (HDF5) - development files - serial version
virtual package provided by libhdf5-mpich2-dev, libhdf5-openmpi-dev
libhdf5-mpi-dev (1.8.11-5b1)
Hierarchical Data Format 5 (HDF5) - development files - MPICH2 version
libhdf5-mpich2-dev (1.8.11-5b1)
Hierarchical Data Format 5 (HDF5) - development files - MPICH2 version
libhdf5-openmpi-dev (1.8.11-5b1)
Hierarchical Data Format 5 (HDF5) - development files - OpenMPI version
libhdf5-serial-dev (1.8.11-5b1)
Hierarchical Data Format 5 (HDF5) - development files - transitionnal package
virtual package provided by libhdf5-dev
libhdfeos-dev (2.17v1.00.dfsg.1-5)
Development files for the HDF-EOS4 library
libhdhomerun-dev (20130328-2)
Development library for Silicon Dust HD HomeRun
libhe5-hdfeos-dev (5.1.14+dfsg.1-1)
Development files for the HDF-EOS5 library
libheartbeat2-dev (1:3.0.5-3.2)
Subsystem for High-Availability Linux (development files)
libhersheyfont-dev (0.1-1)
Hershey vector fonts library development files
libherwig59-2-dev (20061220+dfsg3-3)
[Physics] Monte Carlo event generator for hadrons (development)
libhesiod-dev (3.2.1-2)
Project Athena's DNS-based directory service - development files
libhfsp-dev (1.0.4-12)
Library to access HFS+ formatted volumes
libhighgui-dev (
Translation package for libhighgui-dev
libhippocanvas-dev (0.3.1-1.1)
a GTK+2.0 canvas library
libhiredis-dev (0.11.0-3)
minimalistic C client library for Redis (development files)
libhivex-dev (1.3.9-1)
library for reading and writing Windows Registry hives
libhkl-dev (4.0.3-4)
diffractometer computation control library - development files
libhmsbeagle-dev (1.1r1092-2)
High-performance lib for Bayesian and Maximum Likelihood phylogenetics (devel)
libhocr-dev (0.10.17-2)
Developemnt files for hocr library
libhpdf-dev (2.2.1-1)
C library for generating pdf files (development files)
libhpmud-dev (3.13.11-2.1b1)
HP Multi-Point Transport Driver (hpmud) development libraries
libhsclient-dev (1.1.0-7-g1044a28-1.1build1)
HandlerSocket client library
libhtmlcxx-dev (0.85-2)
simple HTML/CSS1 parser library for C++ (development)
libhtp-dev (0.2.12-1)
HTTP normalizer and parser library (devel)
libhts-dev (0.2.0~rc3-1)
Development files for the HTSlib
libhtsengine-dev (1.06-1)
Development files for HMM-based speech synthesis engine API
libhttp-parser-dev (2.1-2)
parser for HTTP messages: development libraries and header files
libhttrack-dev (3.47.27-3)
Httrack website copier includes and development files
libhunspell-dev (1.3.2-6)
spell checker and morphological analyzer (development)
libhupnp-dev (1.0.0-1)
Library for building UPnP devices - development files
libhwloc-dev (1.8-1)
Hierarchical view of the machine - static libs and headers
libhx-dev (3.15-2)
Development files for libhx
libhyantes-dev (1.3.0-1)
development files for libhyantes
libhyphen-dev (2.8.6-3)
ALTLinux hyphenation library - development files
libhypre-dev (2.8.0b-2)
High Performance Matrix Preconditioners - Development Files
libi2c-dev (3.1.0-2)
userspace I2C programming library development files
libibcm-dev (1.0.4-1.1)
Development files for the libibcm library
libibcommon-dev (1.1.2-20090314-1)
Development files for the libibcommon library
libibdm-dev (1.2-OFED-1.4.2-1.3)
Development files for the libibdm library
libiberty-dev (20131116-1)
library of utility functions used by GNU programs
libibmad-dev (1.2.3-20090314-1.1)
Development files for libibmad
libibtk-dev (0.0.14-12)
Insomnia's Basic ToolKit: Development Libraries and Header Files
libibumad-dev (1.2.3-20090314-1.1)
Development files for libibumad
libibus-1.0-dev (1.5.4-1)
Intelligent Input Bus - development file
libibus-qt-dev (1.3.1-4b1)
qt-immodule for ibus (QT4)
libibverbs-dev (1.1.7-1)
Development files for the libibverbs library
libical-dev (0.48-2)
iCalendar library implementation in C (development)
libicapapi-dev (1:0.1.6-1.1)
ICAP API library development files
libicc-dev (2.12+argyll1.5.1-5)
Development files for the ICC profile I/O library
libice-dev (2:1.0.8-2)
X11 Inter-Client Exchange library (development headers)
libicecc-dev (1.0.1-1)
development files for icecc (distributed compiler)
libicee-dev (1.2.0-6.1)
ZeroC IceE for C++ development libraries
libicns-dev (0.8.1-1)
libicns development files
libiconv-hook-dev (0.0.20021209-10)
header files of libiconv-hook
libics-dev (1.5.2-4)
Image Cytometry Standard file reading and writing
libicu-dev (52.1-3)
Development files for International Components for Unicode
libid3-3.8.3-dev (3.8.3-15)
ID3 Tag Library: Development Libraries and Header Files
libid3tag0-dev (0.15.1b-10)
ID3 tag reading library from the MAD project
libident-dev (0.22-3)
simple RFC1413 client library - development
libidl-dev (0.8.14-0.3)
development files for programs that use libIDL
libidn11-dev (1.28-1)
Development files for GNU Libidn, an IDN library
libidn2-0-dev (0.9-1)
Internationalized domain names (IDNA2008) development files
libido-0.1-dev (0.3.4-1)
development files for the libido library
libido3-0.1-dev (0.3.4-1)
development files for the libido library - GTK3 version
libidzebra-2.0-dev (2.0.44-3.1)
IDZebra development
libiec16022-dev (0.2.4-1)
Development files for the ISO/IEC 16022 barcodes library
libiec61883-dev (1.2.0-0.1)
an partial implementation of IEC 61883
libieee1284-3-dev (0.2.11-12)
cross-platform library for parallel port access [development files]
libifp-dev (
communicate with iRiver iFP audio devices (development files)
libifstat-dev (1.1-8b1)
Ifstat Development Files
libigraph0-dev (0.6.5-3b1)
library for creating and manipulating graphs - development files
libigstk4-dev (4.4.0-6)
Toolkit for image-guided surgery applications - development
libijs-dev (0.35-8)
IJS raster image transport protocol: development files
libiksemel-dev (1.2-4.2)
C library for the Jabber IM platform
libilmbase-dev (1.0.1-6)
development files for IlmBase
libimdi-dev (1.5.1-5)
Development files for the IMDI library
libiml-dev (1.0.3-5)
Integer Matrix Library, development files
libimlib2-dev (1.4.5-4)
image loading, rendering, saving library (development files)
libimobiledevice-dev (1.1.5-2)
Library for communicating with iPhone and iPod Touch devices
libindi-dev (0.9.7-1)
Instrument-Neutral Device Interface library -- development files
libindicate-dev (0.6.92-2)
library for raising indicators via DBus - development files
libindicate-gtk-dev (0.6.92-2)
library for raising indicators via DBus - GTK+ bindings development files
libindicate-gtk0.1-cil-dev (0.6.92-2)
CLI bindings for libindicate-gtk2 - development files
libindicate-gtk3-dev (0.6.92-2)
library for raising indicators via DBus - GTK bindings development files
libindicate-qt-dev (
Qt bindings for libindicate - development files
libindicate0.1-cil-dev (0.6.92-2)
CLI bindings for libindicate5 - development files
libindicator-dev (0.5.0-2)
panel indicator applet - library development files
libindicator-messages-status-provider-dev (0.6.0-1.1)
indicator status provider - library development files
libindicator3-dev (0.5.0-2)
panel indicator applet - library development files
libindigo-dev (1.1.11-2)
Organic Chemistry Toolkit (development files)
libinfinity-0.5-dev (0.5.4-1)
infinote-based collaborative editing - development files
libini-config-dev (
Development files for libini_config
libinklevel-dev (0.8.0-1.1+b1)
development files for libinklevel5
libinnodb-dev (
Embedded InnoDB Library (dev files)
libinotifytools0-dev (3.14-1)
Development library and header files for libinotifytools0
libinput-pad-dev (1.0.2-2)
On-screen Input Pad to Send Characters with Mouse - dev
libinsighttoolkit3-dev (3.20.1+git20120521-3)
Image processing toolkit for registration and segmentation - development
libinsighttoolkit4-dev (4.4.2-4)
Image processing toolkit for registration and segmentation - development
libinstpatch-dev (1.0.0-3)
MIDI instrument editing library development files
libint-dev (1.1.5-1)
Evaluate the integrals in modern atomic and molecular theory (devel)
libiodbc2-dev (3.52.7-3)
iODBC Driver Manager (development files)
libiomp-dev (0.20130912-1)
Intel OpenMP runtime - dev package
libion-dev (3.1.3~dfsg1-1)
NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN) - development files
libipa-hbac-dev (1.11.2-1b2)
FreeIPA HBAC Evaluator library
libipathverbs-dev (1.2-1)
Development files for the libipathverbs driver
libipe-dev (7.1.4-2)
Ipe library used by ipelets (developer files)
libipmiconsole-dev (1.1.5-3)
GNU IPMI - ipmiconsole development package
libipmidetect-dev (1.1.5-3)
GNU IPMI - ipmidetect development package
libipmimonitoring-dev (1.1.5-3)
GNU IPMI - ipmimonitoring development package
libipset-dev (6.20.1-1)
development files for IP sets
libiptcdata0-dev (1.0.4-3)
Library to parse IPTC metadata (development files)
libircclient-dev (1.3+dfsg1-3)
C library to create IRC clients
libirman-dev (0.4.4-2)
library for accessing the Irman Infra Red hardware
libirrlicht-dev (1.8+dfsg1-2)
High performance realtime 3D engine development library
libisajet758-3-dev (20061220+dfsg3-3)
[Physics] Monte Carlo generator for proton/electron reactions
libiscsi-dev (1.4.0-3)
iSCSI client shared library
libisl-dev (0.12.1-2)
manipulating sets and relations of integer points bounded by linear constraints
libiso9660-dev (0.83-4.1)
library to work with ISO9660 filesystems (development files)
libisoburn-dev (1.3.2-1)
development package for libisoburn
libisocodes-dev (1.0-4)
access of iso-codes data and translations - development files
libisofs-dev (1.3.2-1)
development package for libisofs
libitl-dev (0.7.0-3)
Islamic tools & libraries project - development files
libitl-gobject-dev (0.2-1)
GObject bindings for libitl - development files
libitpp-dev (4.3.1-1)
C++ library of signal processing and communication routines: Headers
libitsol-dev (1.0.0-2)
ITerative SOLvers - devel
libiulib-dev (0.3-3+b1)
C++ library of image understanding-related algorithms -- development files
libivykis-dev (0.36.2-1)
Development libraries, header files and docs for libivykis
libiw-dev (30~pre9-8)
Wireless tools - development files
libixp-dev (0.6~20121202+hg148-2)
simple 9P client-/server-library (development)
libjack-dev (1:0.121.3+20120418git75e3e20b-2.1)
JACK Audio Connection Kit (development files)
virtual package provided by libjack-jackd2-dev
libjack-jackd2-dev (
JACK Audio Connection Kit (development files)
libjalali-dev (0.4.1-2)
development files of a library to display Jalali calendar
libjama-dev (1.2.4-2)
C++ Linear Algebra Package
libjana-dev (0.0.0+git20091215.9ec1da8a-3)
interface library for time-related personal information (dev. files)
libjana-ecal-dev (0.0.0+git20091215.9ec1da8a-3)
implementation of libjana based on evolution-data-server (dev. files)
libjana-gtk-dev (0.0.0+git20091215.9ec1da8a-3)
GTK+ widgets to visualise libjana data (development files)
libjansson-dev (2.5-1)
C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data (dev)
libjasper-dev (1.900.1-14)
Development files for the JasPer JPEG-2000 library
libjaula-dev (1.4.0-3)
JSON parser/writer library for C++ (development files)
libjavascriptcoregtk-1.0-dev (2.3.3-1)
JavaScript engine library for GTK+ - Development files
libjavascriptcoregtk-3.0-dev (2.3.3-1)
JavaScript engine library for GTK+ - Development files
libjbig-dev (2.0-2)
JBIGkit development files
libjbig2dec0-dev (0.11+20120125-1)
JBIG2 decoder library - development files
libjconv-dev (2.8-6+b1)
charset conversion library - development
libjemalloc-dev (3.4.1-1)
development files and documentation for jemalloc
libjim-dev (0.73-3)
small-footprint implementation of Tcl - development files
libjpeg8-dev (8d-2)
Development files for the IJG JPEG library
libjpgalleg4-dev (2:4.4.2-4)
development files for the JPG loading addon for Allegro 4
libjson-c-dev (0.11-3)
JSON manipulation library - development files
libjson-glib-dev (0.16.2-1)
GLib JSON manipulation library (development files)
libjson-spirit-dev (4.05-1.1)
C++ JSON Parser/Generator implemented with Boost Spirit
libjsoncpp-dev (0.6.0~rc2-3)
Library for reading and writing JSON for C++ (devel files)
libjte-dev (1.19-2)
Jigdo Template Export - development
libjthread-dev (1.3.1-3)
JThread cross-platform library headers
libjudy-dev (1.0.5-1)
C library for creating and accessing dynamic arrays (dev package)
libjuman-dev (7.0-1.1)
Header files of JUMAN
libjxr-dev (1.1-3)
JPEG-XR lib - dev files
libk3b-dev (2.0.2-7)
KDE CD/DVD burning application library - development files
libkactivities-dev (4:4.11.3-1)
development files for the KDE Activities libraries
libkakasi2-dev (2.3.5~pre1+cvs20071101-2)
Header files and static libraries for library version of KAKASI
libkal-dev (0.9.0-1)
library for converting dates between various calendar systems
libkarma-cil-dev (0.1.2-2.3)
Rio Karma access library [CLI library development files]
libkarma-dev (0.1.2-2.3)
Rio Karma access library [development files]
libkate-dev (0.4.1-1)
Kate is a codec for karaoke and text encapsulation (dev)
libkaz-dev (1.21-2)
Kazlib's reusable data structure development tools
libkcddb-dev (4:4.11.3-1)
CDDB library for KDE Platform (development)
libkcompactdisc-dev (4:4.11.3-1)
CD drive library for KDE Platform (development)
libkdcraw-dev (4:4.11.3-1)
RAW picture decoding library -- development files
libkdeedu-dev (4:4.11.3-1)
development files for the KDE educational libraries
libkdegames-dev (4:4.11.3-1)
development files for the KDE games library
libkernlib1-dev (20061220+dfsg3-4)
CERNLIB data analysis suite - core library of basic functions (development)
libkexiv2-dev (4:4.11.3-1)
Qt-like interface for the libexiv2 library -- development files
libkeybinder-dev (0.3.0-2)
registers global key bindings for applications - development headers
libkeyutils-dev (1.5.6-1)
Linux Key Management Utilities (development)
libkgapi-dev (2.0.1-3)
Google API library for KDE version 1 -- development files
libkgapi2-2-dev (2.0.1-3)
Google API library for KDE version 2 -- development files
libkibi-dev (0.1.1-1)
library for byte prefixes (development files)
libkipi-dev (4:4.11.3-1)
KDE Image Plugin Interface library -- development files
libkiten-dev (4:4.11.3-1)
development files for the Kiten Japanese reference libraries
libklatexformula3-dev (3.2.7-1)
Runtime libraries for klatexformula, development files
libklibc-dev (2.0.2-1)
kernel headers used during the build of klibc
libkmahjongglib-dev (4:4.11.3-1)
development files for the KDE kmahjongg library
libkmfl-dev (0.9.8-1)
A Library for providing Keyman(C) services to Linux - development
libkmflcomp-dev (0.9.8-1)
Development files for libkmflcomp
libkml-dev (1.3.0~r864-2)
Library to manipulate KML 2.2 OGC standard files - development files
libkmod-dev (16-2)
libkmod development files
libkokyu-dev (6.0.3+dfsg-0.2)
ACE scheduling and dispatching library - development files
libkolab-dev (0.4.2-7)
Development package for Kolab library
libkolabxml-dev (0.8.4-5b1)
Development files for libkolabxml
libkonq5-dev (4:4.11.3-1tanglu2)
development files for the Konqueror libraries
libkonqsidebarplugin-dev (4:4.11.3-1tanglu2)
konqueror sidebar plugin library development files
libkopete-dev (4:4.11.3-2)
development files for the Kopete instant messaging and chat application
libkosd2-dev (0.8.1-1)
KDE On-Screen Display framework - development files
libkpathsea-dev (2013.20130729.30972-2b2)
TeX Live: path search library for TeX (development part)
libkqueue-dev (1.0.4-2)
Development files for libkqueue
libkrb5-dev (1.11.3+dfsg-3+nmu1+build1)
Headers and development libraries for MIT Kerberos
libksane-dev (4:4.11.3-1)
scanner library development headers
libksba-dev (1.3.0-3)
X.509 and CMS support library - development files
libkscreen-dev (1.0.1-0tanglu1)
library for screen management - development files
libktoblzcheck1-dev (1.43-1)
library for verification of account numbers and bank codes (development files)
libktorrent-dev (1.3.1-3)
development files for the KTorrent Library
libktpcommoninternalsprivate-dev (0.7.0-1)
KDE Telepathy internal library - Development headers
libkvutils-dev (2.9.0-1)
multitrack-capable audio recorder and effect processor (kvutils dev files)
libkwnn-dev (1.1.1~a021+cvs20130302-4)
Header files and static library for kWnn (FreeWnn kserver)
libkwwidgets1-dev (1.0.0~cvs20100930-8)
Cross-Platform GUI Toolkit - development
libkxl0-dev (1.1.7-16)
development files for libkxl0
libkyotocabinet-dev (1.2.76-4)
Straightforward implementation of DBM - development headers
libkyototycoon-dev (0.9.56-1)
Handy cache/storage server - development headers
libkytea-dev (0.4.6+dfsg-2)
library of KyTea : development files
libladr-dev (0.0.200911a-2)
the LADR deduction library, development files
liblangtag-dev (0.5.1-2)
library to access tags for identifying languages -- development
liblapack-dev (3.5.0-2)
Library of linear algebra routines 3 - static version
liblapack-pic (3.5.0-2)
Library of linear algebra routines 3 - static PIC version
liblapacke-dev (3.5.0-2)
Library of linear algebra routines 3 - Headers
liblas-dev (1.2.1-5.1b1)
ASPRS LiDAR data translation library - development
liblash-compat-dev (1+dfsg0-4)
LASH compatibility library (development files)
liblasi-dev (1.1.0-1)
development files and documentation for the LASi library
liblasso3-dev (2.3.6-3)
Library for Liberty Alliance and SAML protocols - development kit
liblastfm-dev (1.0.8-2)
Last.fm web services library - development files
liblbfgs-dev (1.10-4)
L-BFGS solver for unconstrained nonlinear optimization problems
liblcas-dev (1.3.19-1)
Local Centre Authorization Service development files
liblcgdm-dev (1.8.7-3)
LCG Data Management common development files
liblcmaps-dev (1.6.1-1)
LCMAPS development libraries
liblcmaps-without-gsi-dev (1.6.1-1)
LCMAPS development libraries (Without GSI)
liblcms1-dev (1.19.dfsg-1.2)
Litle CMS color management library development headers
liblcms2-dev (2.2+git20110628-2.3)
Little CMS 2 color management library development headers
libldap2-dev (2.4.31-1+nmu2b1)
OpenLDAP development libraries
libldb-dev (1:1.1.16-1)
LDAP-like embedded database - development files
libldm-dev (0.2.3-2)
library for managing Microsoft Windows dynamic disks
libldns-dev (1.6.16-1)
ldns library for DNS programming
liblensfun-dev (0.2.7-3)
Lens Correction library - Development files
libleptonica-dev (1.69-4)
image processing library
libleveldb-dev (1.13.0-2)
fast key-value storage library (development files)
liblfc-dev (1.8.7-3)
LFC development libraries and header files
liblfunction-dev (1.23+dfsg-1)
development files for liblfunction
liblhapdf-dev (5.9.1-3)
[Physics] Les Houches Accord PDF Interface - development files
liblhasa-dev (0.0.7-2)
lzh decompression library - development files
liblicense-dev (0.8.1-3)
Development headers for the liblicense package
libliggghts-dev (2.3.8-1b1)
Open Source DEM Particle Simulation Software. Development files
liblightdm-gobject-1-0 (1.6.3-1)
simple display manager (gobject library)
liblightdm-gobject-dev (1.6.3-1)
simple display manager (gobject development files)
liblightdm-qt-2-0 (1.6.3-1)
simple display manager (Qt library)
liblightdm-qt-dev (1.6.3-1)
simple display manager (Qt development files)
liblilv-dev (0.16.0~dfsg0-1)
library for simple use of LV2 plugins (development files)
liblinbox-dev (1.3.2-1b1)
Library for exact linear algebra - development files
liblinboxsage-dev (1.3.2-1b1)
SAGE interface of LinBox - development files
liblinear-dev (1.8+dfsg-1)
Development libraries and header files for LIBLINEAR
liblink-grammar4-dev (4.7.4-2)
Carnegie Mellon University's link grammar parser (development headers)
liblinphone-dev (3.6.1-2.1b1)
Linphone web phone's library - development files
liblip-dev (2.0.0-1.1)
reliable interpolation of multivariate scattered data
liblircclient-dev (0.9.0~pre1-1)
infra-red remote control support - client library development files
liblistaller-glib-dev (0.5.8-2)
3rd-party application installer (development files)
liblitl-dev (0.1.1+dfsg-3)
Lightweight Trace Library - development files
liblivemedia-dev (2013.04.30-1)
multimedia RTSP streaming library (development files)
liblldpctl-dev (0.7.7-1)
implementation of IEEE 802.1ab (LLDP) - development files
liblmdb-dev (0.9.7-1)
Lightning Memory-Mapped Database development files
liblo-dev (0.26~repack-7)
Lightweight OSC library -- development files
liblo10k1-dev (1.0.27-2)
ALSA emu10k1/2 patch-loader library development files
libloadpng4-dev (2:4.4.2-4)
development files for the PNG loading addon for Allegro 4
liblockdev1-dev (1.0.3-1.5b1)
Development library for locking devices
liblockfile-dev (1.09-6)
Development library for liblockfile
liblodo3.0-dev (3.0.2+dfsg-4.1)
Networked server for robots and sensors - laser odometry dev files
liblog4ada2-dev (1.2-3)
Ada library for flexible logging (development)
liblog4c-dev (1.2.1-3)
C library for flexible logging (development)
liblog4cplus-dev (1.0.4-1)
C++ logging API modeled after the Java log4j API - development library
liblog4cpp5-dev (1.0-4)
C++ library for flexible logging (development)
liblog4cxx10-dev (0.10.0-1.3)
A logging library for C++ (development files)
liblog4shib-dev (1.0.8-1)
log4j-style configurable logging library for C++ (development)
liblog4tango5-dev (8.1.2c+dfsg-3)
logging for TANGO - development library
liblogforwarderutils2-dev (2.7-1)
liblogforwarderutils development files
liblogg4-dev (2:4.4.2-4)
development files for the OGG loading addon for Allegro 4
liblognorm-dev (0.3.7-1)
Log normalizing library
liblogservicecomponentbase2-dev (2.7-1)
liblogservicecomponentbase development files
liblogservicetoolbase2-dev (2.7-1)
liblogservicetool development files
liblogsys-dev (1.4.6-1)
Standards-based cluster framework, Logsys devel files
liblogthread-dev (3.1.8-1.1b1)
Red Hat cluster suite - cluster logging development files
libloki-dev (0.1.7-3)
C++ library of generic design patterns (development files)
libloudmouth1-dev (1.4.3-10)
Development files for Loudmouth Jabber library
liblouis-dev (2.5.3-2)
Braille translation library - static libs and headers
liblouisutdml-dev (2.4.0-1)
Braille UTDML translation library - static libs and headers
liblouisxml-dev (2.4.0-4)
Braille XML translation library - static libs and headers
liblowpan-dev (0.3-1)
Include files and examples for writing programming for LoWPAN
liblpsolve55-dev (
Solve (mixed integer) linear programming problems - library
liblqr-1-0-dev (0.4.1-2)
converts plain array images into multi-size representation (developments files)
liblrcalc-dev (1.1.7-1)
library for calculating Littlewood-Richardson coefficients - development files
liblrdf0-dev (0.4.0-5)
liblrdf0 development files
liblrm2-dev (1.0.10+hg2722-1.1)
Reusable cluster development files -- liblrm
liblrs-dev (0.43-1)
package to enumerate vertices and extreme rays (static libraries and headers)
liblscp-dev (0.5.6-6)
Development files for LinuxSampler Control Protocol library
libltc-dev (1.1.3-1)
Development files for libltc
libltcsmpte-dev (0.4.4-1)
Development files for libltcsmpte
libltdl-dev (2.4.2-1.3)
A system independent dlopen wrapper for GNU libtool
liblttng-ctl-dev (2.3.0-2)
LTTng control and utility library (development files)
liblttng-ust-dev (2.3.0-4)
LTTng 2.0 Userspace Tracer (development files)
liblttoolbox3-3.1-0-dev (3.1.0-1.1)
Development library for lttoolbox
liblttvtraceread-2.6-dev (0.12.38-21032011-1+b1)
LTTng trace reading library (development files)
liblua5.1-0-dev (5.1.5-5)
Development files for the Lua language version 5.1
liblua5.1-rrd-dev (1.4.7-2b1)
time-series data storage and display system (Lua 5.1 development)
liblua5.2-dev (5.2.2-3)
Development files for the Lua language version 5.2
liblua50-dev (5.0.3-7)
Main interpreter library for Lua 5.0: static library and headers
libluabind-dev (0.9.1+dfsg-7tanglu2)
luabind c++ binding for lua: static library and headers
libluabind-examples (0.9.1+dfsg-7tanglu2)
luabind c++ binding for lua: example files
libluajit-5.1-dev (2.0.2+dfsg-1)
Just in time compiler for Lua - development files
liblualib50-dev (5.0.3-7)
Extension library for Lua 5.0: static and headers
liblunar-1-dev (2.0.1-2.2)
Development files for the Chinese Lunar library
liblunar-date-dev (2.4.0-2)
Chinese Lunar library based on GObject - develop files
liblv2dynparam1-dev (2-5)
lv2dynparam is a LV2 plugin interface extension
liblvm2-dev (2.02.104-2)
LVM2 libraries - development files
liblwipv6-dev (1.5a-2)
Development files for the LWIPv6 library
liblz-dev (1.3-4)
data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm (development)
liblz4-dev (0.0~r107-1)
Fast LZ compression algorithm library - development files
liblzma-dev (5.1.1alpha+20120614-2)
XZ-format compression library - development files
liblzo2-dev (2.06-1.2)
data compression library (development files)
libm17n-dev (1.6.4-2b1)
multilingual text processing library - development
libm17n-im-config-dev (0.9.0-3)
input method configuration library for m17n-lib - development
libm4ri-dev (20130416-6)
Method of the Four Russians Inversion library, development files
libm4rie-dev (20130416-2)
extended Method of the Four Russians Inversion library, development files
libmaa-dev (1.3.2-2)
maa programming library, development files
libmad0-dev (0.15.1b-8)
MPEG audio decoder development library
libmadlib-dev (1.3.0-2.1)
mesh adaptation library
libmagic-dev (1:5.17-0.1)
File type determination library using "magic" numbers (development)
libmagick++-dev (8:
object-oriented C++ interface to ImageMagick - development files
virtual package provided by graphicsmagick-libmagick-dev-compat
libmagickcore-dev (8:
low-level image manipulation library - development files
libmagickwand-dev (8:
image manipulation library - development files
libmagics++-dev (2.18.15-2)
Development files for ECMWF plotting software MAGICS++
libmailutils-dev (1:2.99.98-1.1)
Development files for GNU mailutils
libmalaga-dev (7.12-4.1)
Developer's library for automatic language analysis
libmaloc-dev (0.2-2.3)
Object-oriented Abstraction Layer for C (development files)
libmama-dev (
message oriented middleware - development files
libmamda-dev (
message oriented middleware - development files
libmapcache1-dev (1.2.1-1)
tile caching server - shared library development files
libmapi-dev (1:2.0-2)
Development files for the MAPI client library
libmapiadmin-dev (1:2.0-2)
Development files for the MAPI administration client library
libmapipp-dev (1:2.0-2)
Development files for the C++ MAPI client library
libmapiproxy-dev (1:2.0-2)
Development files for the MAPI proxy library
libmapistore-dev (1:2.0-2)
Storage library for MAPI objects - development files
libmapnik2-dev (2.2.0+ds1-6b1)
C++/Python toolkit for developing GIS applications (dummy)
libmapserver1-dev (6.4.1-1)
Shared library development files for MapServer
libmarble-dev (4:4.11.3-1)
development files for the Marble globe widget library
libmarisa-dev (0.2.4-5)
developement files for libmarisa
libmarkdown2-dev (2.1.7-1)
implementation of the Markdown markup language in C (dev files)
libmatchbox-dev (1.9-osso8-3.1)
shared library for Matchbox Project applications [development]
libmate-desktop-dev (1.6.2-1)
Library with common API for various MATE modules (development files)
libmatekbd-dev (1.7.1.is.1.6.1-1)
MATE library to manage keyboard configuration (development files)
libmatepolkit-dev (1.6.1-1)
MATE authentication agent for PolicyKit-1 (development files)
libmateweather-dev (1.6.2-1)
MateWeather shared library (development files)
libmatewnck-dev (1.6.1-3)
MATE Window Navigator Construction Kit (development files)
libmath++-dev (0.0.4-4)
C++ Math Type Library, development files
libmatheval-dev (1.1.10-1)
GNU library for evaluating symbolic mathematical expressions (development)
libmathlib2-dev (20061220+dfsg3-4)
CERNLIB data analysis suite - core mathematical library (development files)
libmatio-dev (1.5.2-1)
MAT File I/O Library - development files
libmatrixssl1.8-dev (1.8.8-1)
small SSL library optimized for embedded systems (development files)
libmatroska-dev (1.4.1-2)
extensible open standard audio/video container format (development files)
libmbim-glib-dev (1.4.0-1)
Header files for adding MBIM support to applications that use glib
libmbt1-dev (3.2.10-4)
memory-based tagger-generator and tagger - development
libmcpp-dev (2.7.2-3)
Alternative C/C++ preprocessor (development files)
libmcrypt-dev (2.5.8-3.1)
De-/Encryption Library development files
libmd3-dev (0.1.92-4)
library to handle Quake .md3 files - development files
libmdc2-dev (0.13.0-1)
Medical Image (DICOM, ECAT, ...) conversion tool (development)
libmdds-dev (0.8.1-4)
Multi Dimension Data structure library -- headers
libmeanwhile-dev (1.0.2-4.1)
development package for libmeanwhile1
libmecab-dev (0.996-1.1)
Header files of Mecab
libmed-dev (3.0.6-2b1)
Development files for libmed
libmedc-dev (3.0.6-2b1)
Development files for libmedc
libmediainfo-dev (0.7.65-1)
library reading metadata from media files -- headers
libmediastreamer-dev (3.6.1-2.1b1)
Linphone web phone's media library - development files
libmedimport-dev (3.0.6-2b1)
Development files for libmedimport0
libmeep-dev (1.1.1-8)
development library for using meep
libmeep-lam4-dev (1.1.1-10)
development library for using parallel (OpenMPI) version of meep
libmeep-mpi-default-dev (1.1.1-10b1)
development library for using parallel (OpenMPI) version of meep
libmeep-mpich2-dev (1.1.1-10)
development library for using parallel (OpenMPI) version of meep
libmeep-openmpi-dev (1.1.1-9b1)
development library for using parallel (OpenMPI) version of meep
libmemcache-dev (1.4.0.rc2-1)
development headers for libmemcache C client API
libmemcached-dev (1.0.8-1)
C and C++ client library to the memcached server (development files)
libmemphis-0.2-dev (0.2.3-2)
A map-rendering library for OpenStreetMap (Developpement files)
libmenu-cache-dev (0.5.1-1)
LXDE implementation of the freedesktop Menu specification (devel)
libmercator-0.3-dev (0.3.0-2)
WorldForge terrain library - development files
libmetacity-dev (1:2.34.13-1)
development files for the Metacity window manager
libmetis-dev (5.1.0.dfsg-2)
Serial Graph Partitioning and Fill-reducing Matrix Ordering. Header
libmetis-edf-dev (4.1-2-3) [non-free]
Family of Multilevel Partitioning Algorithms
libmgl-dev (1.11.2-17)
library for scientific graphs. (development files)
libmhash-dev (
Library for cryptographic hashing and message authentication
libmia-2.0-dev (2.0.12-1)
library for 2D and 3D gray scale image processing, development files
libmialm-dev (1.0.7-2)
Development files for the MIA landmark library
libmiaviewit-dev (1.0.0-1)
development files for the 3D visualization library
libmicrohttpd-dev (0.9.33-1)
library embedding HTTP server functionality (development)
libmidgard2-dev (
Midgard Content Repository - Development Files
libmigemo-dev (20110227-8)
Japanese incremental search tool written in C - development binaries
libmikmod2-dev (3.1.12-5)
Portable sound library - development files
libmilter-dev (8.14.4-4.1)
Sendmail Mail Filter API (Milter)
libmimedir-dev (0.5.1-4)
Developer files for libmimedir
libmimedir-gnome-dev (0.4.2-6)
MIME Directory Profile implementation [development]
libmimelib1-dev (5:1.1.4-2)
mime library - development
libmimetic-dev (0.9.7-4)
C++ MIME library (development)
libmimic-dev (1.0.4-2.1b1)
A video codec for Mimic V2.x content (development files)
libminc-dev (2.2.00-3)
MNI medical image format development environment
libming-dev (1:0.4.5-1b1)
Library to generate SWF (Flash) Files (development files)
libmini18n-dev (0.2.1-1)
minimal internationalization library - devel headers
libminidjvu-dev (0.8.svn.2010.05.06+dfsg-2)
Small DjVu encoder/decoder, development files
libminiupnpc-dev (1.6-3)
UPnP IGD client lightweight library development files
libmission-control-plugins-dev (1:5.16.0-1)
management daemon for Telepathy (headers for plugins)
libmjpegtools-dev (1:2.0.0+debian-2)
MJPEG capture/editing/replay and MPEG encoding toolset (development)
libmkv-dev (
Alternative to the official libmatroska/libebml libraries (development)
libmlt++-dev (0.9.0-2)
MLT multimedia framework C++ wrapper (development)
libmlt-dev (0.9.0-2)
multimedia framework (development)
libmlx4-dev (1.0.5-1)
Development files for the libmlx4 driver
libmm-dev (1.4.2-5)
Shared memory library - development files
libmm-glib-dev (1.0.0-2)
D-Bus service for managing modems - library development files
libmmpong0.9-dev (0.9.1-3)
massively multiplayer pong game library (development headers)
libmms-dev (0.6.2-3)
MMS stream protocol library - development files
libmng-dev (1.0.10-3)
M-N-G library (Development headers)
libmnl-dev (1.0.3-3)
minimalistic Netlink communication library (devel)
libmodbus-dev (3.0.5-1)
development files for the Modbus protocol library
libmodemmanagerqt-dev (0.5.1-1)
Qt wrapper for ModemManager DBus API -- development files
libmodglue1-dev (1.17-2.1)
development files for a C++ library for handling of multiple co-processes
libmodpbase64-dev (3.10.3-2)
collection of high performance c-string transformations (development files)
libmodplug-dev (1:
development files for mod music based on ModPlug
libmoe-dev (1.5.8-1)
library to handle multiple octets character encoding scheme (devel files)
libmongo-client-dev (
Development files for the alternate C driver for MongoDB
libmopac7-dev (1.15-6)
Semi-empirical Quantum Chemistry Library (development files)
libmorph-dev (1:20090926)
digital image warping library (development files)
libmosquitto-dev (1.2.1-1)
MQTT version 3.1 client library, development files
libmosquittopp-dev (1.2.1-1)
MQTT version 3.1 client C++ library, development files
libmotif-dev (2.3.4-5)
Motif - development files
libmount-dev (2.20.1-5.5)
block device id library - headers and static libraries
libmowgli-dev (1.0.0-3)
high performance development framework for C (development)
libmozjs-17.0-dev (17.0.0-1)
Spidermonkey javascript library - development headers
libmozjs185-dev (1.8.5-1.0.0+dfsg-4build1)
Spidermonkey javascript library - development headers
libmp3lame-dev (3.99.5+repack1-3)
MP3 encoding library (development)
libmp3splt-dev (0.7.2-2)
development files for libmp3splt0
libmp4v2-dev (2.0.0~dfsg0-2)
library to read, create, and modify mp4 files (development files)
libmpc-dev (1.0.1-1)
multiple precision complex floating-point library development package
libmpcdec-dev (2:0.1~r459-4)
MusePack decoder - development files
libmpd-dev (0.20.0-1.1)
High-level client library for accessing Music Player Daemon
libmpdclient-dev (2.9-1b1)
client library for the Music Player Daemon (development files)
libmpdec-dev (2.3-3)
library for decimal floating point arithmetic (development files)
libmpeg2-4-dev (0.5.1-5)
libmpeg2 development libraries and headers
libmpeg3-dev (1.5.4-5)
Headers and static libraries for libMPEG3
libmpfi-dev (1.5.1-2)
multiple precision floating-point interval computation library
libmpfr-dev (3.1.2-1)
multiple precision floating-point computation developers tools
libmpfrc++-dev (3.5.6+ds-1)
C++ wrapper for the GNU MPFR C library
libmpg123-dev (1.16.0-1)
MPEG layer 1/2/3 audio decoder (development files)
libmpich-dev (3.0.4-6)
Development files for MPICH
libmpich2-dev (3.0.4-6)
Transitional dummy package for MPICH development files
libmpikmeans-dev (1.5-1b1)
Development libraries and header files for MPIKmeans
libmrml1-dev (0.1.14-12)
libmrml development files
libmrmpi-dev (1.0~20131122-1)
Implements MapReduce operation on top of standard MPI message - development
libmrpt-dev (1:1.0.2-1)
Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit - Development headers
libmrss0-dev (0.19.2-3)
libmrss development files
libmruby-dev (0.0.0~20131107+gitf80401de-1)
lightweight implementation of the Ruby language (development files)
libmsgpack-dev (0.5.7-3)
binary-based efficient object serialization library
libmsn-dev (4.2-2)
high-level C++ library for MSN Messenger [devel]
libmspack-dev (0.4-1)
library for Microsoft compression formats (development files)
libmspub-dev (0.0.6-1b1)
library for parsing the mspub file structure -- development
libmsv-dev (1.0-1)
Monkeysphere validation library (development files)
libmtbl-dev (0.2-1.1)
immutable sorted string table library (development files)
libmtcp-dev (1.2.5-1)
Developer package for libmtcp
libmtdev-dev (1.1.4-1)
Multitouch Protocol Translation Library - dev files
libmthca-dev (1.0.6-1)
Development files for the libmthca driver
libmtp-dev (1.1.6-20-g1b9f164-1)
Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) development files
libmudflap0-4.6-dev (4.6.4-4tanglu2)
GCC mudflap support libraries (development files)
libmudflap0-4.7-dev (4.7.3-5)
GCC mudflap support libraries (development files)
libmudflap0-4.8-dev (4.8.2-1tanglu1)
GCC mudflap support libraries (development files)
libmuffin-dev (1.7.3-1b2)
lightweight window and compositing manager (development files)
libmulticobex1-dev (0.23-1.2b1)
multi-protocol cable OBEX library - development files
libmumps-dev (4.10.0.dfsg-3b1)
Direct linear systems solver - parallel development files
libmumps-ptscotch-dev (4.10.0.dfsg-3b1)
Direct linear systems solver - PTScotch-version development files
libmumps-scotch-dev (4.10.0.dfsg-3b1)
Direct linear systems solver - Scotch-version development files
libmumps-seq-dev (4.10.0.dfsg-3b1)
Direct linear systems solver - non-parallel development files
libmunge-dev (0.5.11-1)
authentication service for credential -- development package
libmuparser-dev (2.2.3-3)
fast mathematical expressions parse library (development)
libmupdf-dev (1.3-1)
development files for the MuPDF viewer
libmupen64plus-dev (2.0-4b1)
mupen64plus development package
libmuroar-dev (0.1.12-3)
minimalist RoarAudio client library (development headers)
libmusic-dev (1.0.7-1.2b1)
Multi-Simulation Coordinator for MPI -- Development files
libmusicbrainz3-dev (3.0.2-2.1)
library to access the MusicBrainz.org database (development files)
libmusicbrainz5-dev (5.0.1-2)
Library to access the MusicBrainz.org database (development files)
libmutter-dev (3.10.1-2)
Development files for the Mutter window manager
libmwaw-dev (0.1.11-1)
import library for some old mac text document -- development
libmx-dev (1.4.6-2b2)
toolkit for the Moblin user experience (development files)
libmxml-dev (2.6-2)
small XML parsing library (development)
libmygui-dev (3.2.0-5)
Fast, simple and flexible GUI for OpenMW - development files
libmyproxy-dev (5.9-6)
Credential Management Service Development
libmysql++-dev (3.2.0+pristine-1)
MySQL C++ library bindings (development)
libmysqlclient-dev (5.5.35+dfsg-1)
MySQL database development files
libmysqlcppconn-dev (1.1.3-5)
MySQL Connector for C++ (development files)
libmysqld-dev (5.5.35+dfsg-1)
MySQL embedded database development files
libmysqld-pic (5.5.35+dfsg-1)
PIC version of MySQL embedded server development files
libmythes-dev (2:1.2.2-1)
simple thesaurus library (development files)
libnabrit-dev (0.5.0-2)
LV2 bridging helper library (development files)
libnacl-dev (20110221-4.1)
High-speed software library for network communication
libnacore-dev (0.5.0-2)
NASPRO core library (development files)
libnanohttp-dev (1.1.0-17.1)
shared nanohttp header files for SOAP server apps in C
libnatpmp-dev (20110808-3)
portable and fully compliant implementation of NAT-PMP (dev files)
libnautilus-extension-dev (3.10.0-1)
libraries for nautilus components - development version
libnauty-dev (2.4r2-1) [non-free]
library for computing graph automorphisms (development files)
libnbio-dev (0.30-1)
non-blocking IO library development files
libncap-dev (1.9.2-1+b2)
static library and header files for libncap
libncbi6-dev (6.1.20120620-7)
NCBI libraries for biology applications (development files)
libncp-dev (2.2.6-9)
libncp: development libraries and header files
libncurses5-dev (5.9+20140118-1)
developer's libraries for ncurses
libncursesada2-dev (5.9.20110404-7)
Ada binding to the ncurses text interface library: development
libncursesw5-dev (5.9+20140118-1)
developer's libraries for ncursesw
libndpi-dev (1.4.0+svn6932-1)
extensible deep packet inspection library - development files
libnecpp-dev (1.5.0+cvs20101003-2.1)
development files for libnecpp
libnemo-extension-dev (1.8.4-2tanglu1)
Nemo component system facilities (development files)
libneon27-dev (0.30.0-1)
Header and static library files for libneon27
libneon27-gnutls-dev (0.30.0-1)
Header and static library files for libneon27 (GnuTLS enabled)
libnepomukwidgets-dev (4:4.11.3-1)
Nepomuk Semantik Desktop widgets library -- development files
libnes-dev (1.1.3-1)
Development files for the libnes driver
libnet1-dev (1.1.6+dfsg-2)
development files for libnet
libnet6-1.3-dev (1:1.3.14-1)
Network access framework for IPv4/IPv6 - development files
libnetcdf-dev (1:4.1.3-7)
Development kit for NetCDF
libnetcf-dev (1:0.2.3-4)
development library and headers for netcf
libnetclasses-dev (1.06.dfsg-5+b3)
Objective-C framework for socket programming with GNUstep (devel)
libnetfilter-acct-dev (1.0.2-1)
Development files for libnetfilter-acct1
libnetfilter-conntrack-dev (1.0.4-1)
Development files for libnetfilter-conntrack3
libnetfilter-cthelper0-dev (1.0.0-1)
Development files for libnetfilter-cthelper0
libnetfilter-cttimeout-dev (1.0.0-2)
fine-grain connection tracking timeout infrastructure for netfilter
libnetfilter-log-dev (1.0.0-1)
Development files for libnetfilter-log1
libnetfilter-queue-dev (1.0.2-1)
Development files for libnetfilter-queue1
libnetpbm10-dev (2:10.0-15+b1)
Graphics conversion tools development libraries and header files
libnetpbm9-dev (2:10.0-15+b1)
Development libraries and header files (v9)
libnetsvcs-dev (6.0.3+dfsg-0.2)
ACE network service implementations - development files
libnetworkmanagerqt-dev (
Qt wrapper for NetworkManager API -- development files
libnetxx-dev (0.3.2-2)
C++ library for network programming (development headers)
libnetxx1 (0.3.2-2)
C++ library for network programming
libnewlib-dev (1.18.0-6.2)
newlib C library (devel)
libnewmat10-dev (1.10.4-5)
matrix manipulations library (C++ headers files)
libnewt-dev (0.52.15-3)
Developer's toolkit for newt windowing library
libnewt-pic (0.52.15-3)
Not Erik's Windowing Toolkit, shared library subset kit
libnexus0-dev (4.3.2-svn1919-1)
NeXus scientific data file format - development libraries
libnfc-dev (1.7.0-3)
Near Field Communication (NFC) library (development files)
libnfft3-dev (3.2.3-1)
Library for computing Non-uniform Fast Fourier Transforms - development
libnfnetlink-dev (1.0.1-2)
Development files for libnfnetlink0
libnfo-dev (1.0.1-1)
an NFO file parser/writer library -- development files
libnfs-dev (1.3.0-2)
NFS client library (development files)
libnfsidmap-dev (0.25-5)
header files and docs for libnfsidmap
libnglib-dev (4.9.13.dfsg-8)
Automatic 3d tetrahedral mesh generator development files
libnice-dev (0.1.4-1)
ICE library (development files)
libnids-dev (1.23-2)
IP defragmentation TCP segment reassembly library (development)
libnifti-dev (2.0.0-1)
IO libraries for the NIfTI-1 data format
libnih-dbus-dev (1.0.3-4.2)
NIH D-Bus Bindings Library (development files)
libnih-dev (1.0.3-4.2)
NIH Utility Library (development files)
libnjb-dev (2.2.7~dfsg0-3)
Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox library development files
libnl-3-dev (3.2.21-1)
development library and headers for libnl-3
libnl-cli-3-dev (3.2.21-1)
development library and headers for libnl-cli-3
libnl-dev (1.1-8)
development library and headers for libnl
libnl-genl-3-dev (3.2.21-1)
development library and headers for libnl-genl-3
libnl-nf-3-dev (3.2.21-1)
development library and headers for libnl-nf-3
libnl-route-3-dev (3.2.21-1)
development library and headers for libnl-route-3
libnlopt-dev (2.4.1+dfsg-1)
nonlinear optimization library -- development package
libnm-glib-dev (
network management framework (GLib interface)
libnm-glib-vpn-dev (
network management framework (GLib interface)
libnm-gtk-dev (
library for wireless and mobile dialogs - development files
libnm-util-dev (
network management framework (development files)
libnmz7-dev (2.0.21-8.1)
full text search engine - header files and static libraries
libnotify-dev (0.7.6-1)
sends desktop notifications to a notification daemon (Development files)
libnotmuch-dev (0.16-1b1)
thread-based email index, search and tagging (development)
libnova-dev (0.14.0-2)
development files for libnova astronomical library
libnpth0-dev (0.91-2)
headers for libnpth0
libns3-dev (3.17+dfsg-1b1)
Static and header files of ns-3
libnsbmp0-dev (0.0.1-1.1)
NetSurf BMP decoder - Development files
libnsgif0-dev (0.0.1-1.1)
NetSurf GIF decoder - Development files
libnspr4-dev (2:4.10.2-1)
Development files for the NetScape Portable Runtime library
libnss3-dev (2:3.15.4-2)
Development files for the Network Security Service libraries
libntdb-dev (1.0-2)
New Trivial Database - development files
libntfs-dev (2.0.0-1+b1)
library that provides common NTFS access functions (development files)
libntl-dev (5.5.2-2)
Number Theory Library, development files
libntlm0-dev (1.4-1)
Development files for the NTLM authentication library
libntrack-dev (016-1.1)
Development package for ntrack
libntrack-glib-dev (016-1.1)
development package for libntrack glib API
libntrack-gobject-dev (016-1.1)
Development package for libntrack-gobject API
libntrack-qt4-dev (016-1.1)
Development package for libntrack-qt4
libnuclient-dev (2.4.3-3)
The authenticating firewall [client development files]
libnuma-dev (2.0.9~rc5-1)
Development files for libnuma
libnussl-dev (2.4.3-3)
The authenticating firewall [SSL development files]
libnvtt-dev (2.0.8-1+dfsg-4)
NVIDIA Texture Tools (Header)
libnxcl-dev (0.9-3.1)
NX X compression client library---headers
libnxml0-dev (0.18.3-4)
C library for parsing, writing and creating xml 1.0/1.1 files or streams
libnzb-dev (0.0.20050629-6.1)
An nzb based Usenet binary grabber (development files)
liboasis3-dev (3.3.beta.dfsg.1-9)
Development files for OASIS3 climate model coupler
liboath-dev (2.0.2-2)
Development files for the OATH Toolkit Liboath library
liboauth-dev (1.0.1-1)
C library for implementing OAuth 1.0 (development files)
libobby-0.4-dev (0.4.8-1)
Synced document buffers - development files
libobexftp0-dev (0.23-1.2b1)
object exchange file transfer library - development files
libobjc-4.7-dev (4.7.3-5)
Runtime library for GNU Objective-C applications (development files)
libobjc-4.8-dev (4.8.2-1tanglu1)
Runtime library for GNU Objective-C applications (development files)
libocas-dev (0.93-1)
Development libraries and header files for LIBOCAS
liboce-foundation-dev (0.12-4)
OpenCASCADE Community Edition CAE platform library development files
liboce-modeling-dev (0.12-4)
OpenCASCADE Community Edition CAE platform library development files
liboce-ocaf-dev (0.12-4)
OpenCASCADE Community Edition CAE platform library development files
liboce-ocaf-lite-dev (0.12-4)
OpenCASCADE Community Edition CAE platform library development files
liboce-visualization-dev (0.12-4)
OpenCASCADE Community Edition CAE platform library development files
libocpf-dev (1:2.0-2)
Development files for the OCPF library
libocrad-dev (0.22-1)
optical character recognition library
libocsync-dev (0.90.4-1)
development files for ocsync
liboctave-dev (3.6.4-4b1)
Development files for the GNU Octave language
libode-dev (2:0.11.1-4)
Open Dynamics Engine - development files
libode-sp-dev (2:0.11.1-4)
Open Dynamics Engine - development files with single precision
libodfgen-dev (0.0.2-1)
library to generate ODF documents -- development
libodin-dev (1.8.5-2)
static libraries and header for ODIN sequences
libofa0-dev (0.9.3-5)
Library for acoustic fingerprinting - development files
libofapi-dev (0git20070620-7)
OpenFirmware device-tree parsing library [development files]
libofapi-example (0git20070620-7)
OpenFirmware device-tree parsing library [example files]
libofdt-dev (1.3.6-1)
device-tree parsing library development files
libofetion-dev (2.2.2-1)
open source implementation of Fetion protocol library - development files
libofx-dev (1:0.9.4-2.1)
development package for libofx4
libogdi3.2-dev (3.2.0~beta2-7)
Open Geographic Datastore Interface Library -- development
libogg-dev (1.3.1-1)
Ogg bitstream library development files
liboggkate-dev (0.4.1-1)
Kate is a codec for karaoke and text encapsulation for Ogg (dev)
liboggplay1-dev (0.2.1~git20091227-1.2)
A library for playing OGG multimedia (development files)
liboggz2-dev (1.1.1-2)
convenience interface for Ogg stream I/O (development files)
liboglappth-dev (1.0.0-2)
Oglappth Library (development files)
libogre-1.8-dev (1.8.0+dfsg1-6)
3D Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine (development files)
libogre-1.9-dev (1.9.0+dfsg1-1)
3D Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine (development files)
liboil0.3-dbg (0.3.17-2)
Library of Optimized Inner Loops (debug package)
liboil0.3-dev (0.3.17-2)
Library of Optimized Inner Loops (development headers)
libois-dev (1.3.0+dfsg0-5)
Object Oriented Input System library (C++ development headers)
libomhacks-dev (0.16-1)
library of useful functions to control OpenMoko hardware
libomnievents-dev (1:2.6.2-2)
omniORB event service development files
libomniorb4-dev (4.1.6-2)
omniORB core libraries development files
libomnithread3-dev (4.1.6-2)
C++ threading library development files
libompl-dev (0.13.0+git20130920.01d0ca4-1)
OMPL library development files
libomxil-bellagio-dev (0.9.3-1+b1)
implementation of OpenMAX IL, development files
libonig-dev (5.9.1-1)
Development files for libonig2
libonig2-dbg (5.9.1-1)
Debugging symbols for libonig2
liboobs-1-dev (3.0.0-1)
GObject based interface to system-tools-backends - dev files
liboop-dev (1.0-10)
Event loop management library - development files
libooptools-dev (2.8-1)
Development files of LoopTools
libopal-dev (3.10.10~dfsg-2.1b1)
OPAL library header files
libopen-trace-format-dev (1.12.4+dfsg-3b1)
Open Trace Format support library - development files
libopenafs-dev (
AFS distributed filesystem development libraries
libopenal-dev (1:1.14-4)
Software implementation of the OpenAL API (development files)
libopenbabel-dev (2.3.2+dfsg-1b1)
Chemical toolbox library (development files)
libopenblas-dev (0.2.8-2)
Optimized BLAS (linear algebra) library based on GotoBLAS2
libopencc-dev (0.4.3-2)
simplified-traditional chinese conversion library - development
libopencolorio-dev (1.0.8~dfsg0-2)
complete color management solution - development
libopencolorio1 (1.0.8~dfsg0-2)
complete color management solution - runtime
libopenconnect-dev (5.01-2b1)
Open client for Cisco AnyConnect VPN - development files
libopencore-amrnb-dev (0.1.3-2)
Adaptive Multi Rate speech codec - development files
libopencore-amrwb-dev (0.1.3-2)
Adaptive Multi-Rate - Wideband speech codec - development files
libopencryptoki-dev (2.3.1+dfsg-3)
PKCS#11 implementation (development)
libopencsg-dev (1.3.2-2b2)
image-based CSG library using OpenGL (development files)
libopenct1-dev (0.6.20-1.2)
headers and development libraries for libopenct1
libopenctm-dev (1.0.3+dfsg1-1b1)
Library headers for compression of 3D triangle meshes
libopencv-calib3d-dev (
development files for libopencv-calib3d
libopencv-contrib-dev (
development files for libopencv-contrib
libopencv-core-dev (
development files for libopencv-core
libopencv-dev (
development files for opencv
libopencv-features2d-dev (
development files for libopencv-features2d
libopencv-flann-dev (
development files for libopencv-flann
libopencv-gpu-dev (
development files for libopencv-gpu2.4
libopencv-highgui-dev (
development files for libopencv-highgui
libopencv-imgproc-dev (
development files for libopencv-imgproc
libopencv-legacy-dev (
development files for libopencv-legacy
libopencv-ml-dev (
development files for libopencv-ml
libopencv-objdetect-dev (
development files for libopencv-objdetect
libopencv-photo-dev (
development files for libopencv-photo2.4
libopencv-stitching-dev (
development files for libopencv-stitching2.4
libopencv-superres-dev (
development files for libopencv-superres2.4
libopencv-ts-dev (
development files for libopencv-ts2.4
libopencv-video-dev (
development files for libopencv-video
libopencv-videostab-dev (
development files for libopencv-videostab2.4
libopendbx1-dev (1.4.6-4b1)
Lightweight database access abstraction layer (dev)
libopendkim-dev (2.8.4-2)
Headers and development libraries for the OpenDKIM library
libopendmarc-dev (1.1.3-1)
Headers and development libraries for the OpenDMARC library
libopenexr-dev (1.6.1-7)
development files for the OpenEXR image library
libopenhpi-dev (2.14.1-1.3)
OpenHPI libraries (development files)
libopenigtlink-dev (1.10.5-1)
Open IGT Link is a simple network protocol - development
libopenimageio-dev (1.2.3~dfsg0-1)
Library for reading and writing images - development
libopenipmi-dev (2.0.16-1.3build1)
Intelligent Platform Management Interface - development
libopenjpeg-dev (1.3+dfsg-4.7)
development files for libopenjpeg2, a JPEG 2000 image library
libopenjpeg2-dbg (1.3+dfsg-4.7)
debug symbols for libopenjpeg2, a JPEG 2000 image library
libopenlayer-dev (2.1-1)
hardware accelerated 2D Graphics library : development files
libopenmeeg-dev (2.0.0.dfsg-5.1)
openmeeg library -- development files
libopenmpi-dev (1.6.5-8)
high performance message passing library -- header files
libopenms-dev (1.11.1-3)
library for LC/MS data management and analysis - dev files
libopenni-dev (
headers for OpenNI 'Natural Interaction' frameworks
libopenobex1-dev (1.5-2.1)
OBEX protocol library - development files
libopenr2-dev (1.3.2-1.1)
MFC/R2 (telephony) call setup library - development headers
libopenraw-dev (0.0.9-3.4)
free implementation for RAW decoding - development files
libopenrawgnome-dev (0.0.9-3.4)
GNOME integration for libopenraw - development files
libopenrpt-dev (3.3.4-6)
graphical SQL report writer, designer and rendering engine (development)
libopenscap-dev (0.9.12-1b1)
Set of libraries enabling integration of the SCAP line of standards
libopenscenegraph-dev (3.2.0~rc1-3)
3D scene graph, development files
libopenslide-dev (3.3.3-1)
Development files for the OpenSlide library
libopensm2-dev (3.2.6-20090317-2.1)
Header files for compiling against libopensm
libopenthreads-dev (3.2.0~rc1-3)
Object-Oriented (OO) thread interface for C++, development files
libopentk-cil-dev (1.0.20101006+dfsg1-1)
Open Toolkit wrapper for OpenGL, OpenAL and OpenCL - Dev files
libopentoken3-dev (4.0b-4)
OpenToken lexical analysis library for Ada (development)
libopenturns-dev (1.2-2)
headers and development libraries for OpenTURNS
libopenusb-dev (1.1.11-1)
alternative userspace USB programming library
libopenvas2-dev (2.0.4-2.1)
remote network security auditor - static libraries and headers
libopenvasnasl2-dev (2.0.2-2.1)
OpenVAS static libraries and headers
libopenvdb-dev (1.1.1-1tanglu1)
Sparse Volume Processing toolkit - dev
libopenvg1-mesa-dev (9.2.5-0tanglu1)
free implementation of the OpenVG API -- development files
liboping-dev (1.6.2-4)
C/C++ library to generate ICMP ECHO_REQUESTs (development files)
libopkele-dev (2.0.4-6)
OpenID support library in C++ (development)
libopts25-dev (1:5.18.3~pre5-1)
automated option processing library based on autogen
libopus-dev (1.1-1)
Opus codec library development files
libopusfile-dev (0.2+20130702-1)
High-level API for basic manipulation of Ogg Opus audio streams
liborbit2-dev (1:2.14.19-0.3)
high-performance CORBA implementation - development
liborc-0.4-dev (1:0.4.18-1)
Library of Optimized Inner Loops Runtime Compiler (development headers)
liborcus-dev (0.5.1-6)
library for processing spreadsheet documents -- development
liborigin-dev (20080225-2.1)
library for reading OriginLab Origin project files (development)
liborigin2-dev (2:20110117-1b1)
library for reading OriginLab Origin 7.5 project files (development)
liborthancclient-dev (0.7.2-1)
Orthanc Client development files
libortp-dev (3.6.1-2.1b1)
Real-time Transport Protocol stack - development files
liboscpack-dev (1.0.2-1)
A C++ library for packing and unpacking OSC packets - dev files
libosgearth-dev (2.4.0+dfsg-6)
osgEarth development files
libosinfo-1.0-dev (0.2.8-1)
libosinfo development files
libosip2-dev (4.0.0-3)
development files for the SIP library
libosl-dev (0.6.0-2)
library for Shogi playing programs
libosmesa6-dev (9.2.5-0tanglu1)
Mesa Off-screen rendering extension -- development files
libosmgpsmap-dev (0.7.3-3)
GTK+ library to embed OpenStreetMap maps - development files
libosmium-dev (0.0~20111213-g7f3500a-3b1)
C++ framework for working with OSM data files
libosmosdr-dev (0.1.7.cd37e9-2)
Software defined radio support for OsmoSDR hardware (library)
libosmpbf-dev (1.3.0-1)
C headers for OpenStreetMap PBF file format
libosp-dev (1.5.2-10)
OpenJade group's SP suite, developer support
libosptk3-dbg (3.4.2-1.1)
OSP Toolkit symbol tables
libosptk3-dev (3.4.2-1.1)
OSP Toolkit development library and header files
libossp-sa-dev (1.2.6-1)
Abstraction library for the Unix socket API
libossp-uuid-dev (1.6.2-1.3build1)
OSSP uuid ISO-C and C++ - headers and static libraries
libostyle-dev (1.4devel1-21)
OpenJade libraries, developer support
libotcl1-dev (1.14+dfsg-2)
static library of OTcl
libotf-dev (0.9.13-1)
Library for handling OpenType Font - development
libotf-trace-dev (1.12.4+dfsg-3b1)
Open Trace format support library - compatibility symlink
libotpw-dev (1.3-2)
OTPW library development files and documentation
libotr5-dev (4.0.0-2.2)
Off-the-Record Messaging library development files
libots-dev (0.5.0-2.1)
Open Text Summarizer (development)
libow-dev (2.8p15-1b1)
1-Wire File System (development files)
libowfat-dev (0.29-3)
Reimplementation of libdjb, development files
libowfat-dietlibc-dev (0.29-3)
Reimplementation of libdjb, dietlibc version
libownet-dev (2.8p15-1b1)
owserver protocol library (development files)
libp11-dev (0.2.8-3)
pkcs#11 convenience library - development files
libp11-kit-dev (0.20.1-3)
Library for loading and coordinating access to PKCS#11 modules - development
libpackagekit-glib2-dev (0.8.16-1)
Library for accessing PackageKit using GLib (development files)
libpackagekit-qt2-dev (0.8.8-2)
Library for accessing PackageKit using Qt4 (development files)
libpacketdump3-dev (3.0.18-1)
development headers for the libpacketdump library
libpacklib-lesstif1-dev (20061220+dfsg3-4)
CERNLIB data analysis suite - core GUI library (development files)
libpacklib1-dev (20061220+dfsg3-4)
CERNLIB data analysis suite - core library (development files)
libpacparser-dev (1.3.0-2)
library to parse proxy auto-config files (development files)
libpam0g-dev (1.1.3-9)
Development files for PAM
libpanel-applet-4-dev (3.8.0-1tanglu1)
library for GNOME Panel applets - development files
libpango1.0-dev (1.36.0-1tanglu1)
Development files for the Pango
libpangomm-1.4-dev (2.34.0-1)
C++ Wrapper for pango (development files)
libpangox-1.0-dev (0.0.2-4)
pango library X backend - development files
libpano13-dev (2.9.18+dfsg-6)
panorama tools library development files
libpantomime1.2-dev (1.2.0~pre3+snap20071004+dfsg-4+b1)
GNUstep framework for mail handling (development files)
libpaper-dev (1.1.24+nmu2)
library for handling paper characteristics (development files)
libpaps-dev (0.6.8-6)
Development files for libpaps
libpapyrus3-dev (3.7.1-1)
DICOM compatible file format library
libpaq-dev (1.0.5-1)
library for parsing and querying RDF data (header files)
libpar2-dev (0.4-3)
Headers for the libpar2 library
libpari-dev (2.5.5-1)
PARI/GP Computer Algebra System development files
libparmetis-dev (3.1.1-4b1) [non-free]
Parallel Graph Partitioning and Sparse Matrix Ordering Libs: Devel
libparpack2-dev (3.1.4-1b1)
Parallel subroutines to solve large scale eigenvalue problems (development)
libparrot-dev (5.9.0-1)
Parrot shared library development files
libparser++-dev (0.2.3-2)
Generic parser base class for C++ (development files)
libparted0-dev (2.3-16)
disk partition manipulator - development files
libpasswdqc-dev (1.3.0-1)
password checking and policy enforcement library (devel)
libpath-utils-dev (
Development files for libpath_utils
libpathfinder-dev (1.1.3-0.4+b1)
Development files for pathfinder
libpawlib-lesstif3-dev (1:2.14.04.dfsg.2-9b1)
CERNLIB PAW library (Lesstif-dependent part - development files)
libpawlib2-dev (1:2.14.04.dfsg.2-9b1)
CERNLIB PAW library - portion without Lesstif (development files)
libpcap-dev (1.5.2-1)
development library for libpcap (transitional package)
libpcap0.8-dev (1.5.2-1)
development library and header files for libpcap0.8
libpcapnav0-dev (0.8-1)
development files for libpcapnav
libpci-dev (1:3.2.0-3)
Linux PCI Utilities (development files)
libpciaccess-dev (0.13.2-1)
Generic PCI access library for X - development files
libpcl1-dev (1.6-1)
Portable Coroutine Library (PCL), development files
libpcp-gui2-dev (3.8.9)
Performance Co-Pilot graphical client tools library and headers
libpcp-import1-dev (3.8.9)
Performance Co-Pilot data import library and headers
libpcp-mmv1-dev (3.8.9)
Performance Co-Pilot Memory Mapped Value library and headers
libpcp-pmda3-dev (3.8.9)
Performance Co-Pilot Domain Agent library and headers
libpcp-trace2-dev (3.8.9)
Performance Co-Pilot application tracing library and headers
libpcp3-dev (3.8.9)
Performance Co-Pilot library and headers
libpcre++-dev (0.9.5-6)
C++ wrapper class for pcre (development)
libpcre3-dev (1:8.31-2build1)
Perl 5 Compatible Regular Expression Library - development files
libpcscada2-dev (0.7.1-4)
Ada bindings to PC/SC middleware (development)
libpcsclite-dev (1.8.10-1)
Middleware to access a smart card using PC/SC (development files)
libpdflib804-2-dev (20061220+dfsg3-3)
[Physics] Comprehensive library of parton density functions
libpe-rules2-dev (1.1.7-2.1)
Development file for pacemaker's rules library
libpe-status3-dev (1.1.7-2.1)
Development file for pacemaker's status library
libpeas-dev (1.8.1-1tanglu1)
Application plugin library (development files)
libpengine3-dev (1.1.7-2.1)
Development file for pacemaker's pengine library
libperl-dev (5.18.1-5)
Perl library: development files
libpetsc3.4.2-dev (3.4.2.dfsg1-6b2)
Static libraries, shared links, header files for PETSc
libpff-dev (20120802-1)
library to access various ms outlook files formats (development).
libpfm4-dev (4.4.0-2)
Development files for the libpfm4 library
libpfqueue-dev (0.5.6-8)
interactive console-based tool to control MTA queues (development)
libpfs-dev (1.8.5-1)
C++ library to read and write pfs files (development files)
libpgf-dev (6.12.24+ds1-2)
Progressive Graphics File (PGF) library - development files
libpgm-dev (5.1.118-1~dfsg-0.1)
OpenPGM development files
libpgpool-dev (3.3.1-1)
pgpool control protocol library - headers
libpgtcl-dev (1:1.9+git20120911-2)
Tcl client library binding for PostgreSQL - development files
libphash0-dev (0.9.4-1.3)
Perceptual hashing library development package
libphat-dev (0.4.1-5)
Development files (headers) for libphat
libphobos-4.8-dev (4.8.2-1tanglu1)
Phobos D standard library
libphone-ui-dev (1:0.0.1+git20110825-3b1)
SHR library for user interface (development files)
libphone-utils-dev (0.1+git20110523-2.1)
library for basic phone operations - development files
libphonon-dev (4:4.7.1-1)
multimedia framework from KDE - development files
libphononexperimental-dev (4:4.7.1-1)
multimedia framework from KDE - experimental development files
libphotos202-dev (20061220+dfsg3-3)
[Physics] Monte Carlo simulation of photon radiation in decays
libphtools2-dev (20061220+dfsg3-3)
[Physics] General purpose Monte Carlo routines (development files)
libphysfs-dev (2.0.3-2)
filesystem abstraction library for game programmers (development headers)
libpiano-dev (2013.09.15-1)
library to interface with Pandora radio -- development
libpigment0.3-dev (0.3.17-1)
User interfaces with embedded multimedia - development files
libpils2-dev (1.0.10+hg2722-1.1)
Reusable cluster development files -- libpils2
libpinyin4-dev (0.9.93+repack1-1)
library to deal with PinYin - development files
libpion-dev (5.0.4+dfsg-1)
lightweight HTTP interface library - development files
libpipeline-dev (1.2.5-1)
pipeline manipulation library (development files)
libpisock-dev (0.12.5-6)
development files for communicating with a PalmOS PDA
libpixman-1-dev (0.32.4-1)
pixel-manipulation library for X and cairo (development files)
libpjproject-dev (
PJ Project - development headers
libpkcs11-helper1-dev (1.11-1)
library that simplifies the interaction with PKCS#11
libplayer-dev (2.0.1-2.2)
a multimedia A/V abstraction layer API -- development files
libplayerc++3.0-dev (3.0.2+dfsg-4.1)
Networked server for robots and sensors - C++ client library development files
libplayerc3.0-dev (3.0.2+dfsg-4.1)
Networked server for robots and sensors - C client library development files
libplayercommon3.0-dev (3.0.2+dfsg-4.1)
Networked server for robots and sensors - error handling development files
libplayercore3.0-dev (3.0.2+dfsg-4.1)
Networked server for robots and sensors - core library development files
libplayerdrivers3.0-dev (3.0.2+dfsg-4.1)
Networked server for robots and sensors - hardware drivers development files
libplayerinterface3.0-dev (3.0.2+dfsg-4.1)
Networked server for robots and sensors - interface library dev files
libplayerjpeg3.0-dev (3.0.2+dfsg-4.1)
Networked server for robots and sensors - jpeg library development files
libplayertcp3.0-dev (3.0.2+dfsg-4.1)
Networked server for robots and sensors - tcp library development files
libplayerwkb3.0-dev (3.0.2+dfsg-4.1)
Networked server for robots and sensors - WKB library dev files
libplib-dev (1.8.5-7)
Portability Libraries: Development package
libplist++-dev (1.10-1)
Library for handling Apple binary and XML property lists
libplist-dev (1.10-1)
Library for handling Apple binary and XML property lists
libpload-dev (1.4.6-1)
Standards-based cluster framework, Pload devel files
libploop-dev (1.9-10)
ploop API development library
libplot-dev (2.6-3)
GNU plotutils libraries (development files)
libploticus0-dev (2.42-1)
Development files for the ploticus library
libplotmm-dev (0.1.2-2)
Headers for developing programs that will use plotmm
libplumb2-dev (1.0.10+hg2722-1.1)
Reusable cluster development files -- libplumb2
libplumbgpl2-dev (1.0.10+hg2722-1.1)
Reusable cluster development files -- libplumbgpl2
libpmap3.0-dev (3.0.2+dfsg-4.1)
Networked server for robots and sensors - particle library dev files
libpmi0-dev (2.6.4-1)
SLURM PMI library implementation development files
libpmount-dev (0.0.16)
portable mount library - development files
libpng++-dev (0.2.5-1)
C++ interface to the PNG (Portable Network Graphics) library
libpng12-dev (1.2.49-5)
PNG library - development
libpnglite-dev (0.1.17-1)
lightweight C library for loading and writing PNG images
libpocketsphinx-dev (0.8-3)
Speech recognition tool - front-end library development files
libpoco-dev (1.3.6p1-4)
C++ Portable Components (POCO) Development files
libpodofo-dev (0.9.0-1.1+b1)
PoDoFo development files
libpodofo-utils (0.9.0-1.1+b1)
PoDoFo utilities
libpoker-eval-dev (138.0-1)
poker hand evaluator library development files
libpolarssl-dev (1.3.1-2)
lightweight crypto and SSL/TLS library
libpolarssl-runtime (1.3.1-2)
lightweight crypto and SSL/TLS library
libpoldiff-dev (3.3.8-1b1)
Security Enhanced Linux semantic policy differences development
libpolkit-agent-1-dev (0.110-3tanglu1)
PolicyKit Authentication Agent API - development files
libpolkit-gobject-1-dev (0.110-3tanglu1)
PolicyKit Authorization API - development files
libpolkit-qt-1-dev (0.103.0-1)
PolicyKit-qt-1 development files
libpolybori-dev (0.8.3-3)
polynomials over Boolean Rings, core development files
libpolybori-groebner-dev (0.8.3-3)
development files for libpolybori-groebner
libpolyclipping-dev (6.0.0-2)
polygon clipping, polygon offsetting and polyline offsetting library
libpolylib64-dev (5.22.5-3+dfsg)
Development files for the long int version of PolyLib
libpolyml-dev (5.2.1-1.1)
development files for Poly/ML, a compiler for the Standard ML
libpolyorb2-dev (2.8~20110207-5.1)
Multiple-personality middleware for Ada (development)
libpomp-dev (1.1+dfsg-3)
OpenMP Pragma And Region Instrumentor - development files
libpomp2-dev (1.0.7+dfsg-2)
OpenMP Pragma And Region Instrumentor - development files
libpoppler-cpp-dev (0.22.5-2)
PDF rendering library -- development files (CPP interface)
libpoppler-dev (0.22.5-2)
PDF rendering library -- development files
libpoppler-glib-dev (0.22.5-2)
PDF rendering library -- development files (GLib interface)
libpoppler-private-dev (0.22.5-2)
PDF rendering library -- private development files
libpoppler-qt4-dev (0.22.5-2)
PDF rendering library -- development files (Qt 4 interface)
libpopplerkit-dev (0.0.20051227svn-7.1b1)
GNUstep framework for rendering PDF content (development files)
libpopt-dev (1.16-8)
lib for parsing cmdline parameters - development files
libportaudio-dev (18.1-7.1)
Portable audio I/O - development files
libportmidi-dev (1:184-2.1)
library for real-time MIDI input/output
libportsmf-dev (0.1~svn20101010-4)
Portable Standard Midi File Library (development files)
libpostproc-dev (6:0.git20120821-4)
FFmpeg derived postprocessing library - development headers
libpotrace-dev (1.11-1)
development files for potrace library
libpowerman0-dev (2.3.5-1)
Development files for Powerman - Centralized PDU management
libppd-dev (2:0.10-7.1)
postscript PPD file library, development kit
libppl0.12-dev (1:1.0-7)
Parma Polyhedra Library (development)
libpq-dev (9.3.2-1b1)
header files for libpq5 (PostgreSQL library)
libpqxx-dev (4.0.1-2)
C++ library to connect to PostgreSQL (development files)
libpqxx3-dev (4.0.1-2)
Transitional dummy package for libpqxx-dev
libprelude-dev (1.0.0-11)
Security Information Management System [ Development files ]
libpreludedb-dev (1.0.0-2.1b1)
Security Information Management System [ Development files ]
libpresage-dev (0.8.9-1)
intelligent predictive text entry platform (development files)
libpri-dev (1.4.14-1)
Primary Rate ISDN specification development files
libprinterconf-dev (0.5-12)
Printer autodetection library
libprintsys-dev (0.6-13)
printcap parser, helper for gnulpr's printfilters, dev files
libprison-dev (1.0+dfsg-1)
barcode API for Qt - development files
libprocps3-dev (1:3.3.9-2)
library for accessing process information from /proc
libproj-dev (4.8.0-2)
Cartographic projection library (development files)
libprojectm-dev (2.1.0+dfsg-1b2)
Advanced Milkdrop-compatible music visualization library - dev
libprojectm-qt-dev (2.1.0+dfsg-1b2)
projectM Qt4 (development files)
libprotobuf-c0-dev (0.15-1)
Protocol Buffers C static library and headers
libprotobuf-dev (2.4.1-3)
protocol buffers C++ library (development files)
libprotoc-dev (2.4.1-3)
protocol buffers compiler library (development files)
libproxy-dev (0.4.11-0tanglu1)
automatic proxy configuration management library (devel)
libproxychains-dev (3.1-6)
proxy chains -- shared library (development)
libpsiconv-dev (0.9.8-4.1+b1)
a library for handling Psion files (development)
libpspell-dev (0.60.7~20110707-1)
Development files for applications with pspell support
libpst-dev (0.6.59-1b1)
library for reading Microsoft Outlook PST files (development files)
libpstoedit-dev (3.62-1)
PostScript to editable vector graphics library (development files)
libpstreams-dev (0.7.0-2)
C++ iostream interface to POSIX process I/O
libpt-dev (2.10.10~dfsg-2.1)
Portable Tools Library development files
libptexenc-dev (2013.20130729.30972-2b2)
TeX Live: ptex encoding library (development part)
libpth-dev (2.0.7-19)
GNU Portable Threads (development)
libpthread-stubs0-dev (0.3-4)
pthread stubs not provided by native libc, development files
libpthread-workqueue-dev (0.8.2-1)
thread pool library (development files)
libptscotch-dev (5.1.12b.dfsg-3)
MPI programs and libraries for graph, mesh and hypergraph partitioning
libpugixml-dev (1.2-2)
Light-weight C++ XML processing library (development)
libpugl-dev (0~svn32+dfsg0-1)
portable API for OpenGL graphical interfaces (headers)
libpulse-dev (4.0-6tanglu1)
PulseAudio client development headers and libraries
libpuma-dev (1:1.1+svn20120529-2)
C/C++/AspectC++ Scanner and Parsers
libpurelibc-dev (0.4.1-1)
Development files for the purelibc library
libpurple-dev (2.10.9-1)
multi-protocol instant messaging library - development files
libpuzzle-dev (0.9-5b1)
quick similar image finder - development files
libpwiz-dev (3.0.4624-7)
library to perform proteomics data analyses (devel files)
libpwquality-dev (1.2.3-1)
Password quality checking and generation (development files)
libpyside-dev (1.2.1-1)
Python bindings for Qt 4 (development files)
libpython2.7-dev (2.7.6-3)
Header files and a static library for Python (v2.7)
libpython2.7-testsuite (2.7.6-3)
Testsuite for the Python standard library (v2.7)
libpython3.3-dev (3.3.3-3)
Header files and a static library for Python (v3.3)
libpython3.3-testsuite (3.3.3-3)
Testsuite for the Python standard library (v3.3)
libpythonqt-dev (2.1.0~svn247-1)
Dynamic Python binding for the Qt framework - development
libpyzy-dev (1.0.1-3)
Development files of libpyzy
libqalculate-dev (0.9.7-9)
Powerful and easy to use desktop calculator - development
libqapt-dev (1.4.0-1tanglu1)
Development headers for the QApt library
libqb-dev (0.14.3-2)
high performance client server features library (devel files)
libqca2-dev (2.0.3-5)
development files for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture
libqcustomplot-dev (1.1.0-1)
Qt C++ widget for plotting. Header
libqd-dev (2.3.11.dfsg-2.2)
Double-double and quad double types in C++ and F90
libqdaccolib-dev (0.8.2-1)
library for facilitate access to dacco dictionary (devel)
libqdbm++-dev (1.8.78-2b1)
QDBM Database Libraries for C++ [development] (transitional package)
libqdbm-dev (1.8.78-2b1)
QDBM Database Libraries [development]
libqdjango-dev (0.4.0-1)
Development files for the QDjango framework
libqedje-dev (0.4.0+lgpl-3)
UI interface library which separates design from logic
libqextserialport-dev (1.2.0~rc1+git7-g3be3fbf-1)
interface to serial ports for Qt-based applications
libqfits-dev (6.2.0-6)
Development files for libqfits
libqgis-dev (2.0.1-0tanglu1)
QGIS - development files
libqglviewer-dev (2.4.0-1)
OpenGL 3D viewer library based on Qt4 - development files
libqgpsmm-dev (3.9-3)
Global Positioning System - Qt wrapper for libgps (development)
libqhull-dev (2009.1-3)
calculate convex hulls and related structures (development files)
libqimageblitz-dev (1:0.0.6-4)
development files for the QImageBlitz image effects library
libqjson-dev (0.8.1-3)
Qt-based library that maps JSON data to QVariant objects - development files
libqmi-glib-dev (1.4.0-1)
Header files for adding QMI support to applications that use glib
libqmmp-dev (0.7.3-1)
qmmp audio player -- runtime library (development files)
libqmmpui-dev (0.7.3-1)
qmmp audio player -- user interface library (development files)
libqoauth-dev (1.0.1-2)
Qt-based client implementation of the OAuth authorization scheme
libqof-dev (0.8.7-1)
Query Object Framework - Development Headers
libqpdf-dev (5.0.1-1)
development files for PDF transformation/inspection library
libqpol-dev (3.3.8-1b1)
Security Enhanced Linux policy abstraction development
libqpx-dev (
CD/DVD quality checker (development files)
libqrencode-dev (3.4.2-1)
QR Code encoding library -- development
libqrupdate-dev (1.1.1-1)
Fast updates of QR and Cholesky decompositions -- static library
libqscintilla2-dev (2.7.2-1build1)
Scintilla source code editing widget for Qt4, development files
libqt4-dev (4:4.8.5+git209-g718fae5+dfsg-1)
Qt 4 development files
libqt4-opengl-dev (4:4.8.5+git209-g718fae5+dfsg-1)
Qt 4 OpenGL library development files
libqt4-private-dev (4:4.8.5+git209-g718fae5+dfsg-1)
Qt 4 private development files
libqt4pas-dev (2.5-10)
Development files for Qt4Pas
libqt5opengl5-dev (5.2.0+dfsg-7)
Qt 5 OpenGL library development files
libqt5sensors5-dev (5.2.0+dfsg-2)
Qt 5 Sensors development files
libqt5serialport5-dev (5.2.0-3)
Qt 5 serial port development files
libqt5svg5-dev (5.2.0-2)
Qt 5 SVG module development files
libqt5svg5-private-dev (5.2.0-2)
Qt 5 SVG module private development files
libqt5v8-5-dev (5.1.1-1)
Qt 5 JavaScript backend development files
libqt5v8-5-private-dev (5.1.1-1)
Qt 5 JavaScript backend private development files
libqt5webkit5-dev (5.2.0+dfsg-2)
Web content engine library for Qt - development files
libqt5x11extras-dev (5.2.0-1)
Qt 5 X11 extras development files
libqt5xmlpatterns5-dev (5.2.0-2)
Qt 5 XML patterns development files
libqt5xmlpatterns5-private-dev (5.2.0-2)
Qt 5 XML patterns private development files
libqtassistantclient-dev (4.6.3-6)
Qt Assistant client library (development)
libqtexengine-dev (0.3-3)
Development files for the QTeXEngine library
libqtgstreamer-dev (0.10.2-2.1)
Development headers for QtGStreamer
libqtpropertybrowser3-dev (3.2.2-1)
Qt Property Browser Library - development
libqtruby4shared-dev (4:4.11.3-1)
internal library for Qt 4 Ruby bindings -- development
libqtwebkit-dev (2.2.1-7)
Web content engine library for Qt - development files
libqtxdg0-dev (0.5.2-2)
Implementation of the XDG Specifications for Qt, development package
libquadrule-dev (0~20121001-2)
Development files for quadrule
libquantlib0-dev (1.3-2)
Quantitative Finance Library -- development package
libquantum-dev (1.1.1-3)
library for the simulation of a quantum computer (development files)
libquazip0-dev (0.5.1-2)
C++ wrapper wrapper for ZIP/UNZIP (development files)
libquickfix-dev (1.13.3+dfsg-6)
FIX protocol library - development files
libquicktime-dev (2:1.2.4-4b1)
library for reading and writing Quicktime files (development)
libquorum-dev (1.4.6-1)
Standards-based cluster framework, Quorum devel files
libqupzilla-dev (1.4.4-2)
development files for qupzilla's shared library
libqupzilla1 (1.4.4-2)
shared library and header files for qupzilla
libquvi-dev (0.4.1-2)
library for parsing video download links (development package)
libqwt-dev (6.0.0-1.2)
Qt widgets library for technical applications (development)
libqwt5-qt4-dev (5.2.3-1)
Qt4 widgets library for technical applications (development)
libqwtplot3d-qt4-dev (0.2.7+svn191-7)
3D plotting library based on Qt4/OpenGL (development)
libqxmlrpc-dev (0.0.svn6-2)
full Qt4 based implementation of XML-RPC protocol. (headers)
libqxmpp-dev (0.7.6-1)
Development files for the QXmpp library
libqxt-dev (0.6.2-1)
LibQxt development files
libqzeitgeist-dev (0.7.0-1+b1)
development files for libqzeitgeist
libqzion-dev (0.4.0+lgpl-4)
canvas abstraction used by and made for QEdje
librabbitmq-dev (0.4.1-1)
AMQP client library written in C - Dev Files
libradare2-dev (0.9-3)
devel files from the radare2 suite
libradius1-dev (0.3.2-14)
/bin/login replacement with RADIUS. Header file and link lib
libradiusclient-ng-dev (0.5.6-1.1)
Enhanced RADIUS client library development files
librados-dev (0.48-2)
RADOS distributed object store client library (development files)
librampart-dev (1.3.0-3)
Apache web services security engine - Development
libranlip-dev (1.0-4.1)
generates random variates with multivariate Lipschitz density
libraptor1-dev (1.4.21-8)
Raptor RDF parser and serializer development libraries and headers
libraptor2-dev (2.0.12-2)
Raptor 2 RDF syntax library development libraries and headers
librarian-dev (0.8.1-5)
Documentation meta-data library (header files)
librasqal3-dev (0.9.31-2)
Rasqal RDF query library development libraries and headers
librasterlite-dev (1.1~svn11-2)
library supporting raster data sources for spatialite - headers
libratpoints-dev (2.1.3+dfsg-2)
development files for libratpoints
libraul-dev (0.8.0+dfsg0-0.1+b1)
real time audio utility library -- development files
libraw-dev (0.15.4-1)
raw image decoder library (development files)
libraw1394-dev (2.1.0-1)
library for direct access to IEEE 1394 bus - development files
librazorqt0-dev (0.5.2-2)
Shared libraries for Razor-qt desktop environment, development package
librbd-dev (0.48-2)
RADOS block device client library (development files)
librbl-dev (2.8.4-2)
Headers/development libraries for the OpenDKIM RBL library
librcc-dev (0.2.9-3.1)
Library for autoconvert codepages development files
librcd-dev (0.1.13-3)
Library for autodection charset of Russian text - dev files
librcsb-core-wrapper0-dev (1.000-3)
development files for librcsb-core-wrapper0
librdf0-dev (1.0.17-1)
Redland RDF library development libraries and headers
librdkafka-dev (0.8.1-0tanglu1)
library implementing the Apache Kafka protocol (development headers)
librdkit-dev (201306-2)
Collection of cheminformatics and machine-learning software (development files)
librdmacm-dev (1.0.16-1)
Development files for the librdmacm library
libreadline-dev (6.2+dfsg-0.1)
GNU readline and history libraries, development files
libreadline-gplv2-dev (5.2+dfsg-2)
GNU readline and history libraries, development files
libreadline6-dev (6.2+dfsg-0.1)
GNU readline and history libraries, development files
libreadosm-dev (1.0.0b+dfsg1-2)
simple library to parse OpenStreetMap files - headers
librec-dev (1.5-1.1)
recutils development files
librecode-dev (3.6-21)
Development package for librecode0
librecon-1.9-dev (1.9.0~beta7-1)
reSIProcate conversation manager - development files
libref-array-dev (
Development files for refcounted array for C
libregina3-dev (3.6-2)
Regina REXX interpreter, development files
libreiser4-dev (1.0.7-6.3)
Reiser4's filesystem access and manipulation library
librelp-dev (1.2.0-1)
Reliable Event Logging Protocol (RELP) library - development files
libremctl-dev (3.6-1b1)
Development files for Kerberos-authenticated command execution
librenaissance0-dev (0.9.0-4+b3)
GNUstep GUI Framework - development files
librep-dev (0.90.2-1.4)
development libraries and headers for librep
libreplaygain-dev (1.0~r475-1)
Calculate ReplayGain information - development files
libresample1-dev (0.1.3-4)
real-time audio resampling library - development files
libresid-builder-dev (2.1.1-14)
SID chip emulation class based on resid
libresiprocate-1.9-dev (1.9.0~beta7-1)
reSIProcate SIP stack - development files
libresiprocate-turn-client-1.9-dev (1.9.0~beta7-1)
reSIProcate TURN client (reTurn) - development files
librest-dev (0.7.90-1)
REST service access library (development headers)
librest-extras-dev (0.7.90-1)
REST service access library extra components (development headers)
librgxg-dev (0.1-1)
development files and documentation for librgxg
librhash-dev (1.3.0-3)
header files and a static library for librhash
librheolef-dev (6.5-1b1)
efficient Finite Element environment - development files
libriemann-client-dev (1.0.2-1)
Development files for the Riemann C client library
librime-dev (0.9.8-2)
Rime Input Method Engine, the core library - development files
librlog-dev (1.4-2)
flexible message logging library - development files
libroar-dev (1.0~beta10-1)
header files and documentation for the RoarAudio libraries
libroboptim-core-dev (2.0-6)
numerical optimization library - development files
librostlab-blast0-dev (1.0.1-2)
very fast C++ library for parsing the output of NCBI BLAST programs
librostlab3-dev (1.0.20-3)
C++ library for computational biology (development)
librpcsecgss-dev (0.19-6)
header files and docs for librpcsecgss
librplay3-dev (3.3.2-14)
rplay network audio system - development libraries
librpm-dev (4.11.1-3)
RPM shared library, development kit
librrd-dev (1.4.7-2b1)
time-series data storage and display system (development)
librsl-dev (1.43-1)
Development files for RSL
librsskit-dev (0.3-2)
GNUstep RSS framework (development files)
librsvg2-dev (2.40.0-1)
SAX-based renderer library for SVG files (development)
librsync-dev (0.9.7-10)
rsync remote-delta algorithm library (development)
librtai-dev (3.9.1-4)
Real Time Application Interface (module source)
librtas-dev (1.3.6-1)
userspace RTAS library development files
librtasevent-dev (1.3.6-1)
RTAS events library development files
librtaudio-dev (4.0.12~ds0-1)
C++ library for realtime audio input/ouput (development files)
librtfcomp-dev (1.1-5.1)
Library to read compressed RTF files (development files)
librtfilter-dev (1.1-4)
realtime digital filtering library (development files)
librtlsdr-dev (
Software defined radio receiver for Realtek RTL2832U (library)
librtmidi-dev (2.0.1~ds0-3)
C++ library for realtime MIDI input/ouput (development files)
librtmp-dev (2.4+20121230.gitdf6c518-1)
toolkit for RTMP streams (development files)
librubberband-dev (1.8.1-4)
audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting library (development files)
librudecgi-dev (5.0.0-1)
C++ parser library for CGI applications - development libraries
librudeconfig-dev (5.0.5-1)
C++ config file library for reading and writing .ini files - development
libruli-bin (0.33-1.1)
Library for easily querying DNS SRV records - sample programs
libruli4-dev (0.33-1.1)
Library for easily querying DNS SRV records - development files
librxp-dev (1.5.0-2)
Development files for librxp
libs3-dev (2.0-2)
C Development Library for Amazon S3 Access
libs3d-dev (0.2.2-9)
3d network display server library - development files
libs3dw-dev (0.2.2-9)
3d network display server widget library - development files
libsaamf3-dev (1.1.4-4.1)
Standards-based cluster framework (AMF developer files)
libsackpt3-dev (1.1.4-4.1)
Standards-based cluster framework (CKPT developer files)
libsaclm3-dev (1.1.4-4.1)
Standards-based cluster framework (CLM developer files)
libsaevt3-dev (1.1.4-4.1)
Standards-based cluster framework (EVT developer files)
libsaga-dev (2.1.0+dfsg-1b1)
SAGA GIS development files
libsage-dev (0.2.0-4.1)
Supports OpenGL in SDL applications
libsalck3-dev (1.1.4-4.1)
Standards-based cluster framework (LCK developer files)
libsam-dev (1.4.6-1)
Standards-based cluster framework, Sam devel files
libsaml2-dev (2.5.3-2)
Security Assertion Markup Language library (development)
libsamplerate0-dev (0.1.8-5)
Development files for audio sample rate conversion
libsamsg4-dev (1.1.4-4.1)
Standards-based cluster framework (MSG developer files)
libsane-dev (1.0.23-3)
API development library for scanners [development files]
libsane-extras-dev (
API development library for scanners [development files]
libsanlock-dev (2.2-2)
shared storage lock manager (development files)
libsasl2-dev (2.1.25.dfsg1-17)
Cyrus SASL - development files for authentication abstraction library
libsatmr3-dev (1.1.4-4.1)
Standards-based cluster framework (TMR developer files)
libsbc-dev (1.1-2)
Sub Band CODEC library - development
libsbjson-dev (2.3.2-2)
Objective-C JSON library (development files)
libsbml5-dev (5.6.0-1b1)
System Biology Markup Language library - development files
libsbsms-dev (2.0.1-1)
Subband Sinusoidal Modeling Synthesis (development files)
libsbuild-dev (1.6.5-1b1)
development files for the Debian source builder
libsc-dev (2.3.1-16)
Scientific Computing Toolkit (development files)
libscalapack-mpi-dev (1.8.0-9b1)
Scalable Linear Algebra Package - Dev. files for MPICH
libscalapack-pvm-dev (1.8.0-9b1)
Scalable Linear Algebra Package - Dev. files for PVM
libscalc-dev (0.2.4-3)
simple/symbolic calculation library (development files)
libscamperfile0-dev (20111202b-1)
development headers for scamper's binary dump file access library
libschroedinger-dev (1.0.11-2)
library for encoding/decoding of Dirac video streams (development files)
libscim-dev (1.4.14-5b2)
development library for SCIM platform
libscm-dev (5e5-3.3)
Embeddable library for SCM Scheme language interpreter
libscotch-dev (5.1.12b.dfsg-3)
programs and libraries for graph, mesh and hypergraph partitioning
libscotchmetis-dev (5.1.12b.dfsg-3)
programs and libraries for graph, mesh and hypergraph partitioning
libscotchparmetis-dev (5.1.12b.dfsg-3)
programs and libraries for graph, mesh and hypergraph partitioning
libscrypt-dev (1-2)
scrypt shared library - development files
libscscp1-dev (1.0.0+ds-1)
IMCCE SCSCP C Library -- development package
libsctp-dev (1.0.15+dfsg-1)
user-space access to Linux Kernel SCTP - development files
libscythestat-dev (1.0.2-1)
header files for Scythe statistics library.
libsdl-console-dev (2.1-3)
Console that can be added to any SDL application, development files
libsdl-gfx1.2-dev (2.0.23-3)
development files for SDL_gfx
libsdl-image1.2-dev (1.2.12-5)
Image loading library for Simple DirectMedia Layer 1.2, development files
libsdl-mixer1.2-dev (1.2.12-9)
Mixer library for Simple DirectMedia Layer 1.2, development files
libsdl-net1.2-dev (1.2.8-3)
Network library for Simple DirectMedia Layer 1.2, development files
libsdl-pango-dev (0.1.2-6)
text rendering with Pango in SDL applications (development)
libsdl-sge-dev (030809dfsg-4)
extension of graphic functions for the SDL multimedia, development files
libsdl-sound1.2-dev (1.0.3-7)
Sound library for Simple DirectMedia Layer 1.2, development files
libsdl-stretch-dev (0.3.1-3)
development files for SDL_stretch library
libsdl-ttf2.0-dev (2.0.11-2)
TrueType Font library for Simple DirectMedia Layer 1.2, development files
libsdl1.2-dev (1.2.15-8)
Simple DirectMedia Layer development files
libsdl2-dev (2.0.0+dfsg1-3)
Simple DirectMedia Layer development files
libsdl2-gfx-dev (1.0.0-2)
development files for SDL2_gfx
libsdl2-image-dev (2.0.0+dfsg-3)
Image loading library for Simple DirectMedia Layer 2, development files
libsdl2-mixer-dev (2.0.0+dfsg1-2)
Mixer library for Simple DirectMedia Layer 2, development files
libsdl2-net-dev (2.0.0+dfsg1-2)
Network library for Simple DirectMedia Layer 2, development files
libsdl2-ttf-dev (2.0.12+dfsg1-2)
TrueType Font library for Simple DirectMedia Layer 2, development files
libsdpa-dev (7.3.9+dfsg-1)
Callable library and examples of SDPA
libsearchclient-dev (0.7.8-1b1)
development files for libsearchclient
libseaudit-dev (3.3.8-1b1)
Security Enhanced Linux audit message parser development
libseccomp-dev (2.1.0+dfsg-1)
high level interface to Linux seccomp filter (development files)
libsecret-1-dev (0.15-2)
Secret store (development files)
libseed-gtk3-dev (3.8.1-1)
GObject JavaScript bindings for the webkit engine - Development
libsefs-dev (3.3.8-1b1)
Security Enhanced Linux file context management development
libselinux1-dev (2.2.2-1)
SELinux development headers
libsemanage1-dev (2.2-1)
Header files and libraries for SELinux policy manipulation
libsensors-applet-plugin-dev (3.0.0+git4-2)
Create plugins for the 'sensors-applet' package
libsensors4-dev (1:3.3.4-2)
lm-sensors development kit
libsepol1-dev (2.2-1)
SELinux binary policy manipulation library and development files
libserd-dev (0.18.2~dfsg0-2)
lightweight RDF syntax library - development files
libserf-dev (1.3.3-1)
high-performance asynchronous HTTP client library headers
libsexy-dev (0.1.11-2+b1)
collection of additional GTK+ widgets - header files
libsfml-dev (2.1+dfsg-5)
Simple and Fast Multimedia Library - Development Files
libsfst1-1.4-dev (1.4.6g-3)
Development library SFST
libsgutils2-dev (1.36-1)
utilities for devices using the SCSI command set (developer files)
libshairport-dev (1.2.1~git20120110.aeb4987-2)
emulates an AirPort Express (development files)
libshevek-dev (1.3-1)
library of useful functions written by shevek
libshiboken-dev (1.2.1-2)
development files for the shiboken bindings generator library
libshibsp-dev (2.5.2+dfsg-2)
Federated web single sign-on system (development)
libshine-dev (2.0.0-2)
Fixed-point MP3 encoding library - development files
libshisa-dev (1.0.2-3)
Development files for the Shishi Kerberos v5 KDC database library
libshishi-dev (1.0.2-3)
Development files for the Shishi Kerberos v5 library
libshogun-dev (1.1.0-6b1)
Large Scale Machine Learning Toolbox
libshout-idjc-dev (2.3.1-1)
broadcast streaming library with IDJC extensions (development)
libshout3-dev (2.3.1-3)
MP3/Ogg Vorbis broadcast streaming library (development)
libshp-dev (1.2.10-7)
Library for reading and writing ArcView Shapefiles - development files
libshr-glib-dev (2011.03.08.2~git20110930-3)
Development files for libshr-glib
libsidl-dev (1.4.0.dfsg-8.2)
Scientific Interface Definition Language (SIDL) C(++)/FORTRAN runtime devel
libsidplay1-dev (1.36.59-5)
SID (MOS 6581) emulation library (development files)
libsidplay2-dev (2.1.1-14)
SID (MOS 6581) emulation library
libsidplayfp-dev (1.1.0-1)
library to play Commodore 64 music based on libsidplay2 (development files)
libsidutils-dev (2.1.1-14)
utility functions for SID players
libsieve2-dev (2.2.6-1.1)
a library for parsing, sorting and filtering your mail
libsigc++-1.2-dev (1.2.7-2tanglu1)
type-safe Signal Framework for C++ - development files
libsigc++-2.0-dev (2.2.10-0.2)
type-safe Signal Framework for C++ - development files
libsigrok-dev (0.2.0-2)
sigrok hardware driver library - development files
libsigrok0-dev (0.2.0-2)
sigrok hardware driver library (transitional dummy package)
libsigrokdecode-dev (0.2.0-2)
sigrok protocol decoding library - development files
libsigrokdecode0-dev (0.2.0-2)
sigrok protocol decoding library (transitional dummy package)
libsigsegv-dev (2.10-2)
Library for handling page faults in a portable way development package
libsigx-2.0-dev (2.0.2-3)
interthread communication for C++ - development files
libsilly-dev (0.1.0-3)
simple image loading library
libsilo-dev (4.8-13b1)
Development files for SILO Scientific I/O library from LLNL
libsimage-dev (1.7.1~2c958a6.dfsg-2)
generic interface to various image file format libraries. Development files.
libsipwitch-dev (1.6.1-1)
secure peer-to-peer SIP VoIP server - development files
libsipxtapi-dev (3.3.0~test12-2)
SIP stack, RTP media framework and codecs (headers)
libsiscone-dev (2.0.6-1)
Seedless Infrared Safe Cone jet finder - development files
libsiscone-spherical-dev (2.0.6-1)
Spherical version of SISCone - development files
libskk-dev (1.0.0-1)
library to deal with Japanese kana-kanji conversion method - development
libskstream-0.3-dev (0.3.8-1)
iostream-based C++ socket library - development files
libslang2-dev (2.2.4-16)
S-Lang programming library, development version
libslang2-pic (2.2.4-16)
S-Lang programming library, shared library subset kit
libslepc3.4.2-dev (3.4.2.dfsg-1b1)
Scalable Library for Eigenvalue Problem Computations
libslicot-dev (5.0+20101122-1)
numerical algorithms from systems and control theory (static library)
libslicot-pic (5.0+20101122-1)
numerical algorithms from systems and control theory (static PIC library)
libslp-dev (1.2.1-9)
OpenSLP development libraries
libslurm-dev (2.6.4-1)
SLURM development files
libslurmdb-dev (2.6.4-1)
SLURM DataBase Daemon development files
libslv2-dev (0.6.6+dfsg1-2)
Development files (headers) for SLV2 library
libsm-dev (2:1.2.1-2)
X11 Session Management library (development headers)
libsmbclient-dev (2:4.0.13+dfsg-1)
development files for libsmbclient
libsmbios-dev (2.2.28-2)
Provide access to (SM)BIOS information - development files
libsmbsharemodes-dev (2:4.0.13+dfsg-1)
development files for libsmbsharemodes
libsmf-dev (1.3-2)
Development files for the smf library
libsmi2-dev (0.4.8+dfsg2-8)
library to access SMI MIB information - development files
libsmokekde-dev (4:4.11.3-1)
KDE SMOKE libraries -- development files
libsmokeqt4-dev (4:4.11.3-1)
Development files for Qt SMOKE libraries
libsmpeg-dev (0.4.5+cvs20030824-5)
SDL MPEG Player Library - development files
libsnacc-dev (1.3.1-4)
ASN.1 to C or C++ or IDL compiler, development files
libsnapper-dev (0.1.8-2)
Library for Linux filesystem snapshot management tool (header files)
libsnappy-dev (1.1.0-1)
fast compression/decompression library (development files)
libsndfile1-dev (1.0.25-7)
Development files for libsndfile; a library for reading/writing audio files
libsndobj-dev (
Sound Object library (development files)
libsnmp-dev (5.7.2~dfsg-8.1b1)
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) development files
libsnmpkit-dev (0.9-16)
multithreaded SNMP connection library
libsnp-sites1-dev (1.5.0-1)
Static libraries and header files for the package snp-sites
libsocialweb-client-dev (0.25.20-6)
client library to access socialweb server (development headers)
libsocialweb-dev (0.25.20-6)
socialweb library to fetch data from social service (dev. headers)
libsocket++-dev (1.12.13-1)
lightweight convenience library to handle low level BSD sockets in C++ -devel
libsofa-c-dev (2012.03.01-1)
Algorithms for models in fundamental astronomy (development files)
libsofa1-dev (1.0~beta4-8)
Simulation Open Framework Architecture - development
libsofia-sip-ua-dev (1.12.11+20110422.1-2)
Sofia-SIP library development files
libsofia-sip-ua-glib-dev (1.12.11+20110422.1-2)
Sofia-SIP library glib/gobject interface development files
libsofthsm-dev (1.3.5-1)
a cryptographic store accessible through a PKCS #11
libsoil-dev (1.07~20080707.dfsg-2)
Simple OpenGL Image Library - development files
libsombok-dev (2.3.1-2)
Unicode Text Segmentation library (development files)
libsonic-dev (0.1.17-1.1)
Header file for linking to libsonic
libsope-dev (2.0.7-1)
SKYRiX Object Publishing Environment (development files)
libsoprano-dev (2.9.4+dfsg-1)
development files for the Soprano RDF framework
libsoqt-dev-common (1.6.0~e8310f-1)
Qt GUI component toolkit for Inventor - common development files
libsoqt4-dev (1.6.0~e8310f-1)
Qt4 GUI component toolkit for Inventor - development
libsord-dev (0.12.0~dfsg0-3)
library for storing RDF data in memory (development files)
libsoundtouch-dev (1.7.1-5)
Development files for the sound stretching library
libsoup-gnome2.4-dev (2.44.2-1)
HTTP library implementation in C -- GNOME support development files
libsoup2.4-dev (2.44.2-1)
HTTP library implementation in C -- Development files
libsoupcutter-dev (1.1.7-1.2)
Cutter libsoup support (Development files)
libsource-highlight-dev (3.1.6-2)
development files for source highlighting library
libsox-dev (14.4.1-3)
Development files for the SoX library
libsoxr-dev (0.1.1-1)
High quality 1D sample-rate conversion library (development files)
libsp-gxmlcpp-dev (1.0.20040603-5.1)
S+P C++ wrapper for Gnome libxml2/libxslt
libsp1-dev (1.3.4-1.2.1-47.3)
James Clark's SP suite, developer support
libspandsp-dev (0.0.6~pre21-2)
Telephony signal processing library - development headers
libsparsehash-dev (1.10-1)
Google's extremely memory-efficient C++ hash_map implementation
libsparskit-dev (2.0.0-2)
A basic tool-kit for sparse matrix computations - devel
libspatialindex-dev (1.7.0-1)
A general framework for developing spatial indices
libspatialite-dev (3.1.0~rc2-2)
Geospatial extension for SQLite - development files
libspctag-dev (0.2-1)
ID666 tags edition support library (development headers)
libspectre-dev (0.2.7-2)
Library for rendering PostScript documents - development files
libspectrum-dev (1.1.1-1)
ZX Spectrum emulator library - Development files
libspeechd-dev (0.7.1-6.3)
Speech Dispatcher: Development libraries and header files
libspeex-dev (1.2~rc1.1-1)
The Speex codec library development files
libspeexdsp-dev (1.2~rc1.1-1)
The Speex extended library development files
libspf2-dev (1.2.10-2b1)
Header and development libraries for libspf2
libsphere-dev (3.2-4)
Development files for Spherepack scientific library
libsphinxbase-dev (0.8-3)
Speech recognition tool - development files
libspice-client-glib-2.0-dev (0.21-0nocelt3)
GObject for communicating with Spice servers (development files)
libspice-client-gtk-2.0-dev (0.21-0nocelt3)
GTK2 widget for SPICE clients (development files)
libspice-client-gtk-3.0-dev (0.21-0nocelt3)
GTK3 widget for SPICE clients (development files)
libspice-protocol-dev (0.12.6-1)
SPICE protocol headers
libspice-server-dev (0.12.4-0nocelt2)
Header files and development documentation for spice-server
libspiro-dev (20071029-8)
library for curve design - development files
libspnav-dev (0.2.2-1)
Library to access 3D-input-devices
libspooles-dev (2.2-10)
SPOOLES SParse Object Oriented Linear Equations Solver development files
libsprng2-dev (2.0a-8)
SPRNG Scalable Parallel RNG library -- development package
libsqlcipher-dev (2.2.1-2)
SQLCipher development files
libsqlheavy-dev (0.1.1-1)
GObject wrapper for SQLite (development files)
libsqlheavygtk-dev (0.1.1-1)
SQLHeavy GTK+ integration library (development files)
libsqlite0-dev (2.8.17-10)
SQLite development files
libsqlite3-dev (3.8.2-1)
SQLite 3 development files
libsquizz-dev (0.99b+dfsg-2)
development tools for squizz genetic sequence converter
libsratom-dev (0.4.2~dfsg0-2)
library for serialising LV2 atoms to/from Turtle - development files
libsrecord-dev (1.58-1+b1)
library for manipulating EPROM load files (development)
libsrf-dev (0.1+dfsg-2)
C++ implementation of the SRF format for DNA sequence data
libsrtp0-dev (1.4.5~20130609~dfsg-1)
Secure RTP (SRTP) and UST Reference Implementations - development files
libss7-dev (1.0.2-5)
Signalling System 7 (ss7) development files
libsscm-dev (0.8.5-4)
Development library for sigscheme Scheme interpreter
libssh-dev (0.5.4-1)
tiny C SSH library. Development files
libssh2-1-dev (1.4.3-2)
SSH2 client-side library (development headers)
libssl-dev (1.0.1f-1)
Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - development files
libsss-idmap-dev (1.11.2-1b2)
ID mapping library for SSSD -- development files
libsss-nss-idmap-dev (1.11.2-1b2)
SID based lookups library for SSSD -- development files
libst-dev (1.9-3)
State Threads Library - Development files
libstaden-read-dev (1.13.2-3)
development files for libstaden-read
libstarlink-ast-dev (7.3.2+dfsg-1)
Handle World Coordinate Systems in Astronomy (development package)
libstarlink-pal-dev (0.3.0-3)
Positional Astronomy Library (development files)
libstarpu-dev (1.0.5+dfsg-1b1)
Task scheduler for heterogeneous multicore machines - dev
libstartup-notification0-dev (0.12-3)
library for program launch feedback (development headers)
libstatgrab-dev (0.17-1)
development files of library for system statistics
libstdc++-4.8-dev (4.8.2-1tanglu1)
GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (development files)
libstdc++-4.8-pic (4.8.2-1tanglu1)
GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (shared library subset kit)
libstdc++6-4.6-dev (4.6.4-4tanglu2)
GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (development files)
libstdc++6-4.6-pic (4.6.4-4tanglu2)
GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (shared library subset kit)
libstdc++6-4.7-dev (4.7.3-5)
GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (development files)
libstdc++6-4.7-pic (4.7.3-5)
GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (shared library subset kit)
libstemmer-dev (0+svn546-2)
Snowball stemming algorithms, development kit
libsteptalk-dev (0.10.0-5+b1)
GNUstep Scripting Framework (development files)
libstfl-dev (0.22-1b1)
development files for libstfl
libstk0-dev (4.4.4-4)
Sound Synthesis Toolkit (development files)
libstoken-dev (0.2-1)
Software Token for cryptographic authentication - development files
libstonith1-dev (1.0.10+hg2722-1.1)
Reusable cluster development files -- libstonith1
libstonithd1-dev (1.1.7-2.1)
Development file for pacemaker's stonith library
libstreamanalyzer-dev (0.7.8-1b1)
development files for libstreamanalyzer
libstreams-dev (0.7.8-1b1)
development files for libstreams
libstrigihtmlgui-dev (0.7.8-1b1)
development files for libstrigihtmlgui
libstrigiqtdbusclient-dev (0.7.8-1b1)
development files for libstrigiqtdbusclient
libstxxl-dev (1.3.1-5)
Development libraries for STXXL
libsublime-dev (1.5.1-2)
development files for the sublime user interface library
libsubtitleeditor-dev (0.33.0-2)
subtitleeditor lib - development files
libsubunit-dev (0.0.15-2)
Unit testing protocol - Development headers and static library for libsubunit
libsugarext-dev (0.98.7-1)
GTK3-based Sugar toolkit - develelopment files
libsuil-dev (0.6.16~dfsg0-1)
Development files for suil
libsuitesparse-dev (1:4.2.1-3)
libraries for sparse matrices computations (development files)
libsundials-serial-dev (2.5.0-3)
SUNDIALS development files
libsunpinyin-dev (2.0.3+git20130507-1)
Simplified Chinese Input Method from SUN (development)
libsuperlu3-dev (3.0+20070106-3)
Direct solution of large, sparse systems of linear equations
libsvm-dev (3.12-1)
LIBSVM header files
libsvn-dev (1.7.14-1)
Development files for Apache Subversion libraries
libsvncpp-dev (0.12.1dfsg-1)
Subversion C++ library (development files)
libsvrcore-dev (1:4.0.4-15)
Development files for Netscape's secure PIN storage library
libswami-dev (2.0.0+svn389-2)
MIDI instrument editor - development files
libswe-dev (
C library for The Swiss Ephemeris
libswiften-dev (2.0+dev6-1)
XMPP library (development files)
libsword-dev (1.6.2+dfsg-6b1)
Development files for libsword
libswscale-dev (6:9.11-1)
Development files for libswscale
libsx-dev (2.05-5)
Development files (headers and static libraries) for libsx
libsyfi1.0-dev (1.0.0.dfsg-1.2)
Finite element method (FEM) C++ library - development files
libsylph-dev (1.1.0-13)
e-mail client library derived from Sylpheed - devel files
libsymmetrica-dev (2.0-1)
A library for combinatorics, development files
libsyncml-dev (0.5.4-2.1)
SyncML protocol development library
libsynfig-dev (0.64.1-1tanglu1)
synfig library development files
libsynopsis0.12-dev (0.12-8)
runtime library for Synopsis (development files)
libsynthesis-dev (
library for SyncML-DS (SyncML Data Sync) clients (development files)
libsysactivity-dev (0.6.5-1)
Retrieves statistics of the system's activity (development headers)
libsysfs-dev (2.1.0+repack-3)
interface library to sysfs - development files
libsystemd-daemon-dev (204-7tanglu1)
systemd utility library - development files
libsystemd-id128-dev (204-7tanglu1)
systemd 128 bit ID utility library - development files
libsystemd-journal-dev (204-7tanglu1)
systemd journal utility library - development files
libsystemd-login-dev (204-7tanglu1)
systemd login utility library - development files
libt1-5-dbg (5.1.2-3.6)
Type 1 font rasterizer library - debugging runtime
libt1-dev (5.1.2-3.6)
Type 1 font rasterizer library - development
libt4k-common0-dev (0.1.1-1)
common library for tux4kids - development files
libtacacs+1-dev (
TACACS+ authentication daemon
libtachyon-dev (0.99~b2+dfsg-0.4)
Parallel/Multiprocessor Ray Tracing Software, development files
libtag-extras-dev (1.0.1-3)
TagLib extras library - development files
libtag1-dev (1.9.1-2)
audio meta-data library - development files
libtagc0-dev (1.9.1-2)
audio meta-data library - development files for C bindings
libtagcoll2-dev (2.0.14-1)
Functions used to manipulate tagged collections (development version)
libtaktuk-1-dev (3.7.4-1)
C bindings for taktuk (development files)
libtalloc-dev (2.1.0-1)
hierarchical pool based memory allocator - development files
libtamuanova-dev (0.2-3)
Development files for the TAMU ANOVA library
libtango8-dev (8.1.2c+dfsg-3)
TANGO distributed control system - development library
libtaningia-dev (0.2.2-1)
Development files for lib taningia
libtar-dev (1.2.20-3)
C library for manipulating tar archives (development files)
libtarantool-dev (
Tarantool in-memory database - development headers
libtasn1-3-dev (2.14-3)
Manage ASN.1 structures (development)
libtasn1-6-dev (3.4-2)
Manage ASN.1 structures (development)
libtbb-dev (4.2~20130725-1.1)
parallelism library for C++ - development files
libtcc-dev (0.9.26~git20120612.ad5f375-6)
fast library for dynamic code generation
libtcd-dev (2.2.2-1)
Tide Constituent Database (TCD) library (header file)
libtclap-dev (1.2.1-1)
Templatized command-line argument parser for C++
libtclcl1-dev (1.20-6)
development files of TclCL
libtcplay-dev (1.1-1)
Free and simple TrueCrypt Implementation based on dm-crypt
libtdb-dev (1.2.12-1)
Trivial Database - development files
libtecla1-dev (1.6.1-5)
interactive command line editing facilities (development)
libteem-dev (1.11.0~svn5906-1 [amd64], 1.11.0~svn5226-1 [i386])
Tools to process and visualize scientific data and images - development
libtelepathy-farstream-dev (0.6.0-2)
Glue library between telepathy and farstream (development files)
libtelepathy-glib-dev (0.22.0-1)
GLib Telepathy connection manager library (headers)
libtelepathy-logger-dev (0.8.0-2)
Telepathy logger service -- utility library (headers)
libtelepathy-logger-qt4-dev (0.6.0-2b1)
Qt bindings for the telepathy-logger library - development files
libtelepathy-qt4-dev (0.9.3-2)
Qt 4 Telepathy library (headers and static library)
libtelnet-dev (0.21-3)
Small library for parsing the TELNET protocol - development files
libtemplates-parser11.6-dev (11.6-4b1)
Ada library to parse files and replace variables
libtercpp-dev (0.6.2+svn46-1)
Translation Error Rate scoring tool - development files
libterralib-dev (4.0.0-5)
C++ library for Geographical Information Systems -- development package
libtesseract-dev (3.02.02-1)
Development files for the tesseract command line OCR tool
libtet1.5-dev (1.5.0-3)
Quality Tetrahedral Mesh Generator
libtevent-dev (0.9.19-1)
talloc-based event loop library - development files
libtexttools3-dev (2.1.0-4b1)
Ada library for writing console applications: development
libtextwrap-dev (0.1-14)
text-wrapping library with i18n - development files
libthai-dev (0.1.20-1)
Development files for Thai language support library
libtheora-dev (1.1.1+dfsg.1-3.1)
The Theora Video Compression Codec (development files)
libthrust-dev (1.7.0-1)
Thrust - Parallel Algorithms Library
libthunar-vfs-1-dev (1.2.0-3b1)
Development files for thunar-vfs
libthunarx-2-dev (1.6.3-1)
Development files for libthunarx
libticables-dev (1.3.4+dfsg-3)
Texas Instruments link cables library [development files]
libticalcs-dev (1.1.8+dfsg2-2)
Texas Instruments calculator communication library [development files]
libticcutils2-dev (0.4-5)
library for TiCC software
libticonv-dev (1.1.4-2)
Texas Instruments calculators charsets library [development files]
libtidy-dev (20091223cvs-1.2)
HTML syntax checker and reformatter - development
libtiff4-dev (4.0.3-6)
Tag Image File Format library (TIFF), transitional package
libtiff5-alt-dev (4.0.3-6)
Tag Image File Format library (TIFF), transitional package
libtiff5-dev (4.0.3-6)
Tag Image File Format library (TIFF), development files
libtifiles-dev (1.1.6-1)
Texas Instruments calculator files library [development files]
libtimbl4-dev (6.4.4-4)
Tilburg Memory Based Learner - development
libtimblserver3-dev (1.7-4)
Server extensions for Timbl - development
libtimezonemap1-dev (0.4.0tanglu1)
GTK+3 timezone map widget - development files
libtinfo-dev (5.9+20140118-1)
developer's library for the low-level terminfo library
libtins-dev (1.1-1)
C++ library for manipulating raw network packets (development files)
libtinyxml-dev (2.6.2-2)
TinyXml library - header and static library
libtinyxml2-dev (0~git20120518.1.a2ae54e-1)
TinyXML2 library - header and static library
libtirpc-dev (0.2.2-5)
transport-independent RPC library - development files
libtk-img-dev (1:1.3-release-12)
Extended image format support for Tcl/Tk (development files)
libtnt-dev (1.2.6-1)
interface for scientific computing in C++
libtntdb-dev (1.3-2)
Development headers for tntdb
libtntnet-dev (2.2-3)
Tntnet library development headers
libtogl-dev (1.7-12)
a Tk OpenGL widget - development files
libtokyocabinet-dev (1.4.48-2)
Tokyo Cabinet Database Libraries [development]
libtokyotyrant-dev (1.1.40-4.2)
Tokyo Tyrant development files
libtolua++5.1-dev (1.0.93-3)
extended tool to integrate C/C++ code with Lua (devel)
libtolua-dev (5.2.0-1)
Tool to integrate C/C++ code with Lua - development files
libtomcrypt-dev (1.17-3.2)
static library, header files and documentation for libtomcrypt
libtommath-dev (0.42.0-1)
multiple-precision integer library [development files]
libtonezone-dev (1:
tonezone library (development)
libtorque2-dev (2.4.16+dfsg-1.3)
header files for libtorque2
libtorrent-dev (0.13.2-1)
C++ BitTorrent library by Rakshasa (development files)
libtorrent-rasterbar-dev (0.16.11-2)
Development files for libtorrent-rasterbar
libtotem-dev (3.10.1-1)
Main library for the Totem media player - development files
libtotem-pg-dev (1.4.6-1)
Standards-based cluster framework, Totem devel files
libtotem-plparser-dev (3.10.0-1)
Totem Playlist Parser library - development files
libtowitoko-dev (2.0.7-8.3)
Towitoko smartcard reader CT-API development files
libtpl-dev (1.5-2)
efficient C serialization library - development files
libtpm-unseal-dev (1.3.8-1)
Management tools for the TPM hardware (development)
libtrace3-dev (3.0.18-1)
development headers for the libtrace network processing library
libtracker-extract-0.16-dev (0.16.2-1b1)
tracker extractor library - development files
libtracker-miner-0.16-dev (0.16.2-1b1)
tracker data miner library - development files
libtracker-sparql-0.16-dev (0.16.2-1b1)
metadata database, indexer and search tool - development files
libtrain-dev (0.9b-11) [contrib]
The train-routing calculator library - development
libtransitioner1-dev (1.1.7-2.1)
Development file for pacemaker's transitioner library
libtre-dev (0.8.0-3)
development package for the libtre5 regexp matching library
libtreil-dev (1.8-2)
Development library for treil (tree structure into tiles)
libtriangle-dev (1.6-2) [non-free]
High-quality 2-D mesh generator development files
libtrio-dev (1.14+dfsg-2b1)
portable and extendable printf and string functions development files
libts-dev (1.0-11)
touch screen library, development files
libtse3-dev (0.3.1-4.3)
portable MIDI sequencer engine in C++ - development files
libtsk-dev (3.2.3-2.2tanglu1)
library for forensics analysis (development files)
libtsm-dev (3-1)
Terminal-emulator State Machine - development
libtspi-dev (
open-source TCG Software Stack (development)
libttspico-dev (1.0+git20130326-1) [non-free]
Small Footprint TTS (development files)
libtulip-dev (4.4.0dfsg2-2)
Tulip graph library - core development files
libtumbler-1-dev (0.1.29-2)
library for tumbler, a D-Bus thumbnailing service (development)
libturbojpeg1-dev (1.3.0-2)
Development files for the turbo JPEG library
libtut-dev (0.0.20070706-1)
elegant C++ unit test framework
libtuxcap-dev (1.4.0.dfsg2-2.1)
framework for developing 2D games - development files
libtwin-dev (
tiny window system (development files)
libtwofish-dev (0.3-3)
Niels Ferguson's Twofish cryptographic algorithm library
libtwofish0 (0.3-3)
Niels Ferguson's Twofish cryptographic library -- runtime package
libtwolame-dev (0.3.13-1)
MPEG Audio Layer 2 encoder (development files)
libtxc-dxtn-s2tc-dev (0~git20121227-2)
Development files for the S2TC library
libu1db-dev (0.1.4-2)
Ubuntu One structured data storage - C API development files
libuchardet-dev (0.0.1-1)
universal charset detection library - development files
libucimf-dev (2.3.8-5)
Unicode console input method framework - development files
libucl-dev (1.03-5)
Portable compression library - development
libuclmmbase1-dev (
UCL Common Code (Multimedia) Library - development
libucommon-dev (6.0.7-1.1)
lightweight C++ threading and sockets - development files
libucto-dev (0.5.3-3.1b1)
Unicode Tokenizer - development
libudev-dev (204-7tanglu1)
libudev development files
libudf-dev (0.83-4.1)
library to work with UDF filesystems (development files)
libudisks2-dev (2.1.1-1)
GObject based library to access udisks2 - development files
libudns-dev (0.2-2)
async-capable DNS stub resolver library, development files
libudt-dev (4.11+dfsg-1)
UDP-based Data Transfer Protocol - development files
libudunits2-dev (2.1.23-4)
Development files for the libunits physical units package
libuhd-dev (3.5.5-1)
universal hardware driver for Ettus Research products
libuim-dev (1:1.8.6-4)
Universal Input Method - development files
libumlib-dev (0.8.2-1)
View-OS in user space - Development files
libumockdev-dev (0.4.7-1)
development files and documentation for libumockdev
libunac1-dev (1.8.0-6)
A C programmer's library that removes accents from a string
libunbound-dev (1.4.21-1)
static library, header files, and docs for libunbound
libunibreak-dev (1.1-1)
line breaking library for Unicode (development files)
libunicap2-dev (0.9.12-2)
unified interface to video capture devices - development files
libuninameslist-dev (0.3.20130501-3)
library of Unicode annotation data (development files)
libuninum-dev (2.7-1.1)
development files for Libuninum library
libunique-3.0-dev (3.0.2-2)
Library for writing single instance applications - development files
libunique-dev (1.1.6-4)
Library for writing single instance applications - development files
libunistring-dev (0.9.3-5)
Unicode string library for C - development files
libunittest++-dev (1.4.0-3)
unit testing framework for c++, static library and headers
libunshield-dev (1.0-1)
development files for libunshield
libunwind-setjmp0-dev (1.1-1)
libunwind-based non local goto - development
libunwind8-dev (1.1-1)
library to determine the call-chain of a program - development
libupnp-dev (1:1.6.17-1.2)
Portable SDK for UPnP Devices (development files)
libupnp4-dev (1.8.0~svn20100507-1.2)
Portable SDK for UPnP Devices, version 1.8 (development files)
libupnp6-dev (1:1.6.17-1.2)
Portable SDK for UPnP Devices, version 1.6 (development files)
libupower-glib-dev (0.9.23-2b1)
abstraction for power management - development files
libupsclient1-dev (2.6.5-4)
network UPS tools - development files
libupse-dev (1.0.0-2)
unix playstation sound emulator - library development files
libuptimed-dev (1:0.3.17-3.1)
utility to track high uptimes - development files
liburcu-dev (0.7.7-1)
userspace RCU (read-copy-update) library - development files
liburfkill-glib-dev (0.4.0-4)
wireless killswitch management library (development files)
liburg0-dev (0.8.18-1)
library to access Hokuyo URG/UTM laser range scanners
liburiparser-dev (0.7.5-1)
development files for uriparser
libusb++-dev (2:0.1.12-23.3)
userspace C++ USB programming library development files
libusb-1.0-0-dev (2:1.0.17-1)
userspace USB programming library development files
libusb-dev (2:0.1.12-23.3)
userspace USB programming library development files
libusbip-dev (1.1.1+3.12.6-1tanglu1)
USB device sharing system over IP network (development files)
libusbmuxd-dev (1.0.8-2)
USB multiplexor daemon for iPhone and iPod Touch devices - devel
libusbprog-dev (0.2.0-2)
Development files for libusbprog
libusbredirhost-dev (0.6-2)
implementing the usb-host (*) side of a usbredir connection (development)
libusbredirparser-dev (0.6-2)
Parser for the usbredir protocol (development)
libusbtc08-dev (1.7.2-1)
Development files for PicoTech USB TC08
libuser1-dev (1:0.56.9.dfsg.1-1.2)
user and group account administration library (development files)
libustr-dev (1.0.4-3)
Micro string library: development stuff
libutempter-dev (1.1.5-4)
A privileged helper for utmp/wtmp updates (development)
libutfcpp-dev (2.3.4-1)
UTF8-CPP: UTF-8 with C++ - dev
libuu-dev (0.5.20-3.4)
Library for decoding/encoding several popular file encodings
libuv-dev (0.10.17-1)
asynchronous event notification library - development files
libv4l-dev (1.0.0-1)
Collection of video4linux support libraries (development files)
libv8-3.14-dev (
V8 JavaScript engine - development files for 3.14 branch
libv8-dev (
V8 JavaScript engine - development files for latest branch
virtual package provided by libv8-3.14-dev
libva-dev (1.2.1-2)
Video Acceleration (VA) API for Linux -- development files
libval-dev (2.0-1.1)
DNSSEC validation library (development files)
libvala-0.14-dev (0.14.2-2)
C# like language for the GObject system - development headers
libvala-0.16-dev (0.16.1-2)
C# like language for the GObject system - development headers
libvala-0.20-dev (0.20.1-2)
C# like language for the GObject system - development headers
libvala-0.22-dev (0.22.0-2)
C# like language for the GObject system - development headers
libvaladoc-dev (0.3.2~git20130319-2)
API documentation generator for vala (devel files)
libvanessa-adt-dev (0.0.9-1)
Headers and static libraries for vanessa_adt
libvanessa-adt1 (0.0.9-1)
Library of Abstract Data Types
libvanessa-logger-dev (0.0.10-1.1)
Headers and static libraries for libvanessa-logger
libvanessa-socket-dev (0.0.12-1)
Headers and static libraries for libvanessa_socket
libvarconf-dev (1.0.0-1)
WorldForge configuration file handling library - development files
libvarnishapi-dev (3.0.5-1)
development files for Varnish
libvbr-dev (2.8.4-2)
Headers and development libraries for the OpenDKIM VBR library
libvc-dev (003.dfsg.1-12)
vCard library - development files
libvcdinfo-dev (0.7.24+dfsg-0.1)
library to extract information from VideoCD (development files)
libvde-dev (2.3.2-4)
Virtual Distributed Ethernet - support libraries development files
libvdeplug-dev (2.3.2-4)
Virtual Distributed Ethernet - Plug development files
libvdkbuilder2-dev (2.4.0-4.4)
Header files and static libraries for VDKBuilder plugins
libvdkxdb2-dev (2.4.0-3.4)
development files for libvdkxdb
libvdpau-dev (0.7-1)
Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix (development files)
libventrilo-dev (1.2.5-1)
library for communicating with Ventrilo servers (development)
libverbiste-dev (0.1.40-1)
French and Italian conjugator - development files
libverto-dev (0.2.4-1)
Event loop abstraction for Libraries - Development
libvformat-dev (1.13-10)
library to read and write vcard files (development files)
libvibrant6-dev (6.1.20120620-7)
NCBI libraries for graphic biology applications (development files)
libviennacl-dev (1.2.0-2) [contrib]
Scientific computing library written in C++ based on OpenCL
libview-dev (0.6.6-2.1)
VMware's Incredibly Exciting Widgets
libvigraimpex-dev (1.9.0+dfsg-7)
development files for the C++ computer vision library
libvips-dev (7.36.5-1)
image processing system good for very large images (dev)
libvirt-dev (1.2.1-1b1)
development files for the libvirt library
libvirt-glib-1.0-dev (0.1.6-1)
libvirt glib mainloop integration
libvisa-dev (0.0.20130812-1)
Virtual Instrument Software Architecture (development files)
libvisca-dev (1.0.1-1)
Development files for libvisca
libvisca0 (1.0.1-1)
Protocol implementation of VISCA cameras control interface
libvisio-dev (0.0.31-1b1)
library for parsing the visio file structure -- development
libvisp-dev (2.8.0-4)
visual servoing library - development files
libvistaio-dev (1.2.16-1)
Development files for the libvistaio library
libvisual-0.4-dev (0.4.0-5)
Audio visualization framework (development package)
libvlc-dev (2.1.2-2)
development files for libvlc
libvlccore-dev (2.1.2-2)
development files for libvlccore
libvlfeat-dev (0.9.17+dfsg0-6)
Computer vision library focussing on visual features and clustering
libvmime-dev (0.9.1-1)
C++ mail library (development files)
libvmmlib-dev (1.0-2)
templatized C++ vector and matrix math library
libvmtk-dev (1.0.1-1) [non-free]
shared links and header files for vmtk
libvncserver-config (0.9.9+dfsg-1)
API to write one's own vnc server - library utility
libvncserver-dev (0.9.9+dfsg-1)
API to write one's own vnc server - development files
libvo-aacenc-dev (0.1.3-1)
VisualOn AAC encoder library (development files)
libvo-amrwbenc-dev (0.1.3-1)
VisualOn AMR-WB encoder library (development files)
libvoikko-dev (3.7-2)
Development files for libvoikko
libvolpack1-dev (1.0b3-4)
fast volume rendering library (development package)
libvorbis-dev (1.3.2-1.3)
The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec (development files)
libvorbisidec-dev (1.0.2+svn18153-0.2)
Integer-only Ogg Vorbis decoder, AKA "tremor" (Development Files)
libvotequorum-dev (1.4.6-1)
Standards-based cluster framework, VoteQuorum devel files
libvpb-dev (4.2.57-1)
Voicetronix telephony hardware userspace library development files
libvpx-dev (1.3.0-2)
VP8 video codec (development files)
libvrb0-dev (0.5.1-5.1)
Virtual Ring Buffer library - development files
libvsqlitepp-dev (0.3.12-1)
SQLite3 Wrapper for C++ -- development files
libvte-2.90-dev (1:0.34.9-1)
Terminal emulator widget for GTK+ 3.0 - development files
libvte-dev (1:0.28.2-5+bld1)
Terminal emulator widget for GTK+ 2.0 - development files
libvtk5-dev (5.8.0-15)
VTK header files for building C++ code
libvtk5-qt4-dev (5.8.0-15)
Visualization Toolkit - A high level 3D visualization library - Qt devel
libvtkedge-dev (0.2.0~20110819-2)
Library of advanced visualization and data processing techniques - development
libvtkgdcm2-dev (2.2.4-1.1)
Grassroots DICOM VTK development libraries and headers
libvw-dev (7.3-1)
fast and scalable online machine learning algorithm - development files
libvxl1-dev (1.17.0-8)
C++ Libraries for Computer Vision Research
libwacom-dev (0.8-1)
Wacom model feature query library (development files)
libwaei-dev (3.6.2-1)
Japanese-English Dictionary for GNOME
libwaili-dev (19990723-21)
WAILI is a wavelet transform library (develop. files)
libwandio1-dev (3.0.18-1)
development headers for the libwandio library
libwavefront-standalone3.0-dev (3.0.2+dfsg-4.1)
Networked server for robots and sensors - standalone wavefront dev files
libwavpack-dev (4.70.0-1)
audio codec (lossy and lossless) - development files
libwayland-dev (1.4.0-1)
wayland compositor infrastructure - development files
libwbclient-dev (2:4.0.13+dfsg-1)
Samba winbind client library - development files
libwbxml2-dev (0.10.7-1)
WBXML library development file
libwcat1-dev (1.1-1)
Process monitoring library
libwcstools-dev (3.8.7-2)
Handle the WCS of a FITS image (development files)
libwebauth-dev (4.5.5-2)
Development files for WebAuth authentication
libwebcam0-dev (0.2.4-1)
Webcam Library - Development files
libwebkit-cil-dev (0.3-6)
CLI binding for the WebKit library - development package
libwebkit2gtk-3.0-dev (2.3.3-1)
Web content engine library for GTK+ - Development files
libwebkitgtk-3.0-dev (2.3.3-1)
Web content engine library for GTK+ - Development files
libwebkitgtk-common-dev (2.3.3-1)
Web content engine library for GTK+ - common development files
libwebkitgtk-dev (2.3.3-1)
Web content engine library for GTK+ - Development files
libwebp-dev (0.3.0-3)
Lossy compression of digital photographic images.
libwebrtc-audio-processing-dev (0.1-2)
development files for the webrtc-audio-processing library
libwebsockets-dev (1.2.2-1)
lightweight C websockets library - development files
libwfmath-0.3-dev (0.3.12-3)
WorldForge math library - development files
libwfut-0.2-dev (0.2.1-2)
WorldForge Update Tool (development files)
libwgdb-dev (0.7.2-1)
lightweight NoSQL database library, development files
libwibble-dev (1.1-1)
Library of various useful C++ code
libwildmidi-dev (
software MIDI player library headers
libwine-dev (1.4.1-4)
Windows API implementation - development files
libwine-dev-unstable (1.5.8-1)
Windows API implementation - development files
libwings-dev (0.95.5-1)
Window Maker's own widget set
libwireshark-dev (1.10.5-2)
network packet dissection library -- development files
libwiretap-dev (1.10.5-2)
network packet capture library -- development files
libwmf-dev (
Windows metafile conversion development
libwnck-3-dev (3.4.7-1)
Window Navigator Construction Kit - development files
libwnck-dev (2.30.7-1)
Window Navigator Construction Kit - development files
libwnn-dev (1.1.1~a021+cvs20130302-4)
Header files and static libraries for Wnn (FreeWnn jserver)
libwnn6-dev (1.0.0-18)
Header files and static library for Wnn6 client library
libwpd-dev (0.9.9-1)
Library for handling WordPerfect documents (development)
libwpg-dev (0.2.2-1)
WordPerfect graphics import/convert library (development)
libwps-dev (0.2.9-2)
Works text file format import filter library (development)
libwrap0-dev (7.6.q-24)
Wietse Venema's TCP wrappers library, development files
libwraster3-dev (0.95.5-1)
Static libraries and headers of Window Maker rasterizer
libwreport-dev (2.9-1)
library for working with weather reports
libwsutil-dev (1.10.5-2)
network packet dissection utilities library -- shared library
libwt-common (3.3.0-1b1)
C++ library and application server for web applications [common]
libwt-dev (3.3.0-1b1)
C++ library and application server for web applications [development]
libwt35 (3.3.0-1b1)
C++ library and application server for web applications [runtime]
libwtdbo-dev (3.3.0-1b1)
Wt::Dbo ORM library for Wt [development]
libwtdbo35 (3.3.0-1b1)
Wt::Dbo ORM library for Wt [runtime]
libwtdbofirebird-dev (3.3.0-1b1)
Firebird backend for Wt::Dbo [development]
libwtdbofirebird35 (3.3.0-1b1)
Firebird backend for Wt::Dbo [runtime]
libwtdbomysql-dev (3.3.0-1b1)
MySQL/MariaDB backend for Wt::Dbo [development]
libwtdbomysql35 (3.3.0-1b1)
MySQL/MariaDB backend for Wt::Dbo [runtime]
libwtdbopostgres-dev (3.3.0-1b1)
PostgreSQL backend for Wt::Dbo [development]
libwtdbopostgres35 (3.3.0-1b1)
PostgreSQL backend for Wt::Dbo [runtime]
libwtdbosqlite-dev (3.3.0-1b1)
sqlite3 backend for Wt::Dbo [development]
libwtdbosqlite35 (3.3.0-1b1)
sqlite3 backend for Wt::Dbo [runtime]
libwtext-dev (3.3.0-1b1)
additional widgets for Wt, based on ExtJS 2.0.x [development]
libwtext35 (3.3.0-1b1)
additional widgets for Wt, based on ExtJS 2.0.x [runtime]
libwtfcgi-dev (3.3.0-1b1)
FastCGI connector library for Wt [development]
libwtfcgi35 (3.3.0-1b1)
FastCGI connector library for Wt [runtime]
libwthttp-dev (3.3.0-1b1)
HTTP(S) connector library for Wt [development]
libwthttp35 (3.3.0-1b1)
HTTP(S) connector library for Wt [runtime]
libwttest-dev (3.3.0-1b1)
test connector library for Wt [development]
libwttest5 (3.3.0-1b1)
test connector library for Wt [runtime]
libwv-dev (1.2.9-3)
Development files for the wvWare library
libwv2-dev (0.4.2.dfsg.2-2)
development files for Microsoft Word access library
libwvstreams-dev (4.6.1-7)
Development libraries and header files for libwvstreams4.6
libwxbase2.8-dev (
wxBase library (development) - non-GUI support classes of wxWidgets toolkit
libwxbase3.0-dev (3.0.0-2)
wxBase library (development) - non-GUI support classes of wxWidgets toolkit
libwxgtk-media2.8-dev (
wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (GTK+ media library development)
libwxgtk-media3.0-dev (3.0.0-2)
wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (GTK+ media library development)
libwxgtk2.8-dev (
wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (GTK+ development)
libwxgtk3.0-dev (3.0.0-2)
wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (GTK+ development)
libwxsmithlib-dev (12.11-3)
wxSmith development files (Code::Blocks plugin for RAD GUI editing)
libwxsqlite3-2.8-dev (3.0.5~dfsg0-1)
Development files for wxSQLite3
libwxsvg-dev (2:1.2~dfsg0-1)
Development files for wxSVG
libx11-dev (2:1.6.2-1)
X11 client-side library (development headers)
libx11-xcb-dev (2:1.6.2-1)
Xlib/XCB interface library (development headers)
libx264-dev (2:0.133.2339+git585324f-2)
development files for libx264
libx32gcc-4.7-dev (4.7.3-5)
GCC support library (x32 development files)
libx32gcc-4.8-dev (4.8.2-1tanglu1)
GCC support library (x32 development files)
libx32gfortran-4.7-dev (4.7.3-5)
Runtime library for GNU Fortran applications (x32 development files)
libx32gfortran-4.8-dev (4.8.2-1tanglu1)
Runtime library for GNU Fortran applications (x32 development files)
libx32objc-4.7-dev (4.7.3-5)
Runtime library for GNU Objective-C applications (x32 development files)
libx32objc-4.8-dev (4.8.2-1tanglu1)
Runtime library for GNU Objective-C applications (x32 development files)
libx32stdc++-4.8-dev (4.8.2-1tanglu1)
GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (development files)
libx32stdc++6-4.7-dev (4.7.3-5)
GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (development files)
libx52pro-dev (0.1.1-2.1)
MFD and LED library for Saitek X52pro joysticks - dev files
libx86-dev (1.1+ds1-10)
x86 real-mode library - development files
libx86emu-dev (1.4-1)
x86 emulation library (development files)
libxalan-c-dev (1.11-3)
XSLT processor library for C++ [development]
libxapian-dev (1.2.16-2)
Development files for Xapian search engine library
libxar-dev (0.7r1785-6) [non-free]
Library to read and write Xar files
libxatracker-dev (9.2.5-0tanglu1)
X acceleration library -- development files
libxau-dev (1:1.0.8-1)
X11 authorisation library (development headers)
libxaw7-dev (2:1.0.11-1)
X11 Athena Widget library (development headers)
libxbae-dev (4.60.4-5)
Xbae Matrix Widget development package
libxbase2.0-dev (2.0.0-8.5)
xbase compatible C++ class library (development files)
libxc-dev (2.0.2-1)
Library of Exchange-Correlation Functionals (development files)
libxcb-composite0-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, composite extension, development files
libxcb-cursor-dev (0.1.1-1)
utility libraries for X C Binding -- cursor, development files
libxcb-damage0-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, damage extension, development files
libxcb-dpms0-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, dpms extension, development files
libxcb-dri2-0-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, dri2 extension, development files
libxcb-dri3-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, dri3 extension, development files
libxcb-ewmh-dev (0.3.9-2)
utility libraries for X C Binding -- ewmh, development files
libxcb-glx0-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, glx extension, development files
libxcb-icccm4-dev (0.3.9-2)
utility libraries for X C Binding -- icccm, development files
libxcb-image0-dev (0.3.9-1)
utility libraries for X C Binding -- image, development files
libxcb-keysyms1-dev (0.3.9-1)
utility libraries for X C Binding -- keysyms, development files
libxcb-present-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, present extension, development files
libxcb-randr0-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, randr extension, development files
libxcb-record0-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, record extension, development files
libxcb-render-util0-dev (0.3.8-1.1)
utility libraries for X C Binding -- render-util
libxcb-render0-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, render extension, development files
libxcb-res0-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, res extension, development files
libxcb-screensaver0-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, screensaver extension, development files
libxcb-shape0-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, shape extension, development files
libxcb-shm0-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, shm extension, development files
libxcb-sync-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, sync extension, development files
libxcb-util0-dev (0.3.8-2)
utility libraries for X C Binding -- atom, aux and event
libxcb-xevie0-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, xevie extension, development files
libxcb-xf86dri0-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, xf86dri extension, development files
libxcb-xfixes0-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, xfixes extension, development files
libxcb-xinerama0-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, xinerama extension, development files
libxcb-xkb-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, XKEYBOARD extension, development files
libxcb-xprint0-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, xprint extension, development files
libxcb-xtest0-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, xtest extension, development files
libxcb-xv0-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, xv extension, development files
libxcb-xvmc0-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, xvmc extension, development files
libxcb1-dev (1.10-2)
X C Binding, development files
libxcomp-dev (
NX X compression library headers
libxcomposite-dev (1:0.4.4-1)
X11 Composite extension library (development headers)
libxcrypt-dev (1:2.4-3)
Development files for Crypt library
libxcursor-dev (1:1.1.14-1)
X cursor management library (development files)
libxdamage-dev (1:1.1.4-1)
X11 damaged region extension library (development headers)
libxdelta2-dev (1.1.3-9)
Xdelta development files
libxdffileio-dev (0.3-1)
Library to read/write EEG data file formats (development files)
libxdg-basedir-dev (1.1.1-2)
Implementation of the XDG Base Directory Specifications (development files)
libxdmcp-dev (1:1.1.1-1)
X11 authorisation library (development headers)
libxdmf-dev (2.1.dfsg.1-6b1)
eXtensible Data Model and Format development tools
libxdo-dev (1:3.20130111.1-3)
library for simulating X11 keyboard/mouse input
libxen-dev (4.3.0-3b5)
Public headers and libs for Xen
libxenomai-dev (2.6.3-2)
Headers and static libs for Xenomai
libxerces-c-dev (3.1.1-3b1)
validating XML parser library for C++ (development files)
libxerces-c2-dev (2.8.0+deb1-4)
validating XML parser library for C++ (development files)
libxext-dev (2:1.3.2-1)
X11 miscellaneous extensions library (development headers)
libxfce4ui-1-dev (4.10.0-5)
Development files for libxfce4ui
libxfce4util-dev (4.10.1-1)
Development files for libxfce4util6
libxfcegui4-dev (4.10.0-2)
Development files for libxfcegui4-4
libxfconf-0-dev (4.10.0-2b1)
Development files for libxfconf
libxfixes-dev (1:5.0.1-1)
X11 miscellaneous 'fixes' extension library (development headers)
libxfont-dev (1:1.4.7-1)
X11 font rasterisation library (development headers)
libxft-dev (2.3.1-1)
FreeType-based font drawing library for X (development files)
libxgks-dev (2.6.1+dfsg.2-2)
X11 Graphical Kernel Subsystem, development files
libxi-dev (2:1.7.2-1)
X11 Input extension library (development headers)
libxine-dev (1.1.21-1.2)
xine video player library ‒ development packages
libxine2-dev (1.2.4-2)
xine video player library – development packages
libxinerama-dev (2:1.1.3-1)
X11 Xinerama extension library (development headers)
libxkbcommon-dev (0.3.1-2)
library interface to the XKB compiler - development files
libxkbfile-dev (1:1.0.8-1)
X11 keyboard file manipulation library (development headers)
libxklavier-dev (5.2.1-1)
Development files for libxklavier
libxml++2.6-dev (2.36.0-2)
C++ interface to the GNOME XML library (libxml2)
libxml-security-c-dev (1.7.2-2)
C++ library for XML Digital Signatures (development)
libxml2-dev (2.9.1+dfsg1-3)
Development files for the GNOME XML library
libxmlada4.1-dev (4.1-4b1)
XML/Ada, a full XML suite for Ada programmers
libxmlezout2-dev (1.06.1-5)
Easy-to-use library for emitting XML from Ada programs, dev files
libxmlrpc-c++4-dev (1.16.33-3.2)
lightweight RPC library based on XML and HTTP [C++ development libraries]
libxmlrpc-c3-dev (1.16.33-3.2)
lightweight RPC library based on XML and HTTP [transitional package]
virtual package provided by libxmlrpc-core-c3-dev
libxmlrpc-core-c3-dev (1.16.33-3.2)
lightweight RPC library based on XML and HTTP [C development libraries]
libxmlrpc-epi-dev (0.54.2-1)
Development files for libxmlrpc-epi0, a XML-RPC request library
libxmlsec1-dev (1.2.18-2)
Development files for the XML security library
libxmltok1-dev (1.2-3)
XML Parser Toolkit, developer libraries
libxmltooling-dev (1.5.3-2)
C++ XML parsing library with encryption support (development)
libxmmsclient++-dev (0.8+dfsg-8)
XMMS2 - client library for c++ - development files
libxmmsclient++-glib-dev (0.8+dfsg-8)
XMMS2 - glib client library for c++ - development files
libxmmsclient-dev (0.8+dfsg-8)
XMMS2 - client library development files
libxmmsclient-glib-dev (0.8+dfsg-8)
XMMS2 - glib client library - development files
libxmp-dev (4.2.0+dfsg-3)
module file rendering library -- development files
libxmpi4-dev (2.2.3b8-13.1)
Graphical user interface for MPI program development
libxmu-dev (2:1.1.1-1)
X11 miscellaneous utility library (development headers)
libxmu-headers (2:1.1.1-1)
X11 miscellaneous utility library headers
libxmuu-dev (2:1.1.1-1)
X11 miscellaneous micro-utility library (development headers)
libxnee-dev (3.13-1)
X event recorder/replayer - development files
libxneur-dev (0.15.0-1.1)
development files for xneur frontends and plugins.
libxnvctrl-dev (331.38-1) [contrib]
NV-CONTROL X extension (development files)
libxosd-dev (2.2.14-2)
X On-Screen Display library - development
libxp-dev (1:1.0.2-1)
X Printing Extension (Xprint) client library (development files)
libxpa-dev (2.1.15-3)
Seamless communication between Unix programs (development files)
libxplc0.3.13-dev (0.3.13-4)
Light weight component system (Development libraries and headers)
libxpm-dev (1:3.5.10-1)
X11 pixmap library (development headers)
libxqdbm-dev (1.8.78-2b1)
QDBM Database Libraries for C++ [development]
libxqilla-dev (2.3.0-1)
XQuery and XPath 2.0 library - Development files
libxr1-dev (1.0-2.1)
SSL-capable XML-RPC implementation - development files
libxrandr-dev (2:1.4.1-1)
X11 RandR extension library (development headers)
libxrender-dev (1:0.9.8-1)
X Rendering Extension client library (development files)
libxres-dev (2:1.0.7-1)
X11 Resource extension library (development headers)
libxs-compat-libzmq-dev (1.2.0-1.1)
Crossroads I/O 'libzmq' compatibility library (header files)
libxs-dev (1.2.0-1.1)
Crossroads I/O lightweight messaging layer (development files)
libxsettings-client-dev (0.17-6)
utility functions for the Xsettings protocol (Development files)
libxsettings-dev (0.11-3)
Xsettings protocol (development files)
libxshmfence-dev (1.1-2)
X shared memory fences - development files
libxslt1-dev (1.1.28-2)
XSLT 1.0 processing library - development kit
libxss-dev (1:1.2.2-1)
X11 Screen Saver extension library (development headers)
libxt-dev (1:1.1.4-1)
X11 toolkit intrinsics library (development headers)
libxtst-dev (2:1.2.2-1)
X11 Record extension library (development headers)
libxtuplecommon-dev (4.1.0-3)
multi-user accounting / CRM / ERP suite (development package)
libxv-dev (2:1.0.9-1)
X11 Video extension library (development headers)
libxvbaw-dev (1:13.12-3) [non-free]
AMD XvBA (X-Video Bitstream Acceleration) development files
libxvidcore-dev (2:1.3.2-9)
Open source MPEG-4 video codec (development)
libxvmc-dev (2:1.0.8-1)
X11 Video extension library (development headers)
libxwiimote-dev (0.3+20120630-5)
xwiimote library - development
libxxf86dga-dev (2:1.1.4-1)
X11 Direct Graphics Access extension library (development headers)
libxxf86vm-dev (1:1.1.3-1)
X11 XFree86 video mode extension library (development headers)
libxy-dev (0.8-1+b1)
xylib development files
libyahoo2-dev (1.0.1-1)
Yahoo Messenger protocol C library (development)
libyajl-dev (2.0.4-4)
Yet Another JSON Library - development files
libyaml-cpp-dev (0.5.1-1)
YAML parser and emitter for C++ - development files
libyaml-cpp0.3-dev (0.3.0-1.1)
YAML parser and emitter for C++ - development files (0.3 series)
libyaml-dev (0.1.4-3)
Fast YAML 1.1 parser and emitter library (development)
libyara-dev (2.0.0-2)
help to identify and classify malwares (development files)
libyaz4-dev (4.2.30-2.1b1)
YAZ Z39.50 toolkit (development files)
libydpdict2-dev (1.0.2-1) [contrib]
a library for reading Collins dictionaries - development files
libyelp-dev (3.10.1-1)
Library for the GNOME help browser (development)
libygl4-dev (4.2e-4)
A library that emulates SGI's GL routines under X11
libykclient-dev (2.12-1)
Yubikey client library development files
libykpers-1-dev (1.14.1-1)
Development files for the YubiKey OTP personalization library
libytnef0-dev (1.5-6)
improved decoder for application/ms-tnef attachments
libyubikey-dev (1.10-1)
Yubikey OTP library development files
libz80ex-dev (1.1.21-1)
z80ex emulation library, development files
libzapojit-dev (0.0.3-2)
Library for accessing SkyDrive and Hotmail - development files
libzbar-dev (0.10+doc-9b2)
bar code scanner and decoder (development)
libzbargtk-dev (0.10+doc-9b2)
bar code scanner and decoder (GTK+ bindings development)
libzbarqt-dev (0.10+doc-9b2)
bar code scanner and decoder (Qt bindings development)
libzdb-dev (2.11.3-1)
Zild Database Library
libzeep-dev (3.0.2-1b1)
Development files for libzeep
libzeitgeist-2.0-dev (0.9.14-2)
library to access Zeitgeist - development files
libzeitgeist-dev (0.3.18-1)
library to access Zeitgeist - development files
libzen-dev (0.4.29-1)
ZenLib C++ utility library -- development files
libzephyr-dev (3.1.2-1)
Project Athena's notification service - development files
libzerg0-dev (1.0.7-5)
development libraries and header files for libzerg
libzeroc-ice35-dev (3.5.1-5)
Ice for C++ development libraries
libzim-dev (1.1-4)
library implementation of ZIM specifications (development)
libzinnia-dev (0.06-1+b1)
development files for the zinnia library
libzip-dev (0.10.1-1.2)
library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives (development)
libzipios++-dev (
a small C++ library for reading zip files (development)
libzita-alsa-pcmi-dev (0.2.0-2)
Development files (headers) for libzita-alsa-pcmi library
libzita-convolver-dev (3.1.0-3)
Development files (headers) for libzita-convolver library
libzita-resampler-dev (1.3.0-2)
Development files (headers) for libzita-resampler library
libzlcore-dev (0.12.10dfsg-9)
ZLibrary cross-platform development library (development files)
libzltext-dev (0.12.10dfsg-9)
ZLibrary text model/viewer part (development files)
libzmq-dev (2.2.0+dfsg-4)
lightweight messaging kernel (development files)
virtual package provided by libxs-compat-libzmq-dev
libzmq3-dev (3.2.4+dfsg-1)
lightweight messaging kernel (development files)
libzn-poly-dev (0.9-3)
development files for libzn-poly
libzookeeper-mt-dev (3.4.5+dfsg-1)
Development files for multi threaded zookeeper C bindings
libzookeeper-st-dev (3.4.5+dfsg-1)
Development files for single threaded zookeeper C bindings
libzorp-dev (3.9.5-4)
Development files needed to compile Zorp modules
libzorpll-dev (
Zorp low-level functions - development files
libzrtpcpp-dev (2.3.4-1)
Headers and static link library for libzrtpcpp
libzthread-dev (2.3.2-7)
Object-oriented synchronization library for C++
libzvbi-dev (0.2.33-7)
Vertical Blanking Interval decoder (VBI) - development files
libzzip-dev (0.13.56-1.1)
library providing read access on ZIP-archives - development
lldpad-dev (0.9.44-1)
Link Layer Discovery Protocol Implementation (Development headers)
lua-apr-dev (0.23.2.dfsg-1)
Lua development files for the Apache Portable Runtime library
lua-bitop-dev (1.0.2-2)
fast bit manipulation library devel files for the Lua language
lua-cjson-dev (2.1.0+dfsg-2)
JSON parser/encoder for Lua, development files
lua-curl-dev (0.3.0-7)
libcURL development files for the Lua language
lua-curses (29-2)
curses library for the Lua language
lua-curses-dev (29-2)
curses development files for the Lua language
lua-cyrussasl-dev (1.0.0-5)
Cyrus SASL development files for the Lua language
lua-dbi-mysql-dev (0.5.hg5ba1dd988961-2)
DBI library for the Lua language, MySQL development files
lua-dbi-postgresql-dev (0.5.hg5ba1dd988961-2)
DBI library for the Lua language, PostgreSQL development files
lua-dbi-sqlite3-dev (0.5.hg5ba1dd988961-2)
DBI library for the Lua language, sqlite3 development files
lua-discount (
Discount library for the Lua language
lua-event-dev (0.4.3-1)
libevent development files for the Lua language
lua-expat-dev (1.2.0-6)
libexpat development files for the Lua language
lua-filesystem-dev (1.6.2-1)
luafilesystem development files for the Lua language
lua-ldap-dev (1.1.0-1-geeac494-4)
LDAP development files for the Lua language
lua-leg-dev (0.1.3-1)
Leg development files for the Lua language
lua-lemock-dev (0.6-1)
LeMock (Lua Easy Mock) for unit test
lua-lgi-dev (0.7.2-1)
lgi development files for the Lua language
lua-lpeg-dev (0.12-1)
LPeg development files for the Lua language
lua-lpty-dev (1.0.1-1)
PTY library for the Lua language - development files
lua-md5-dev (1.2+git+1+8d87fee-1)
MD5 library for the Lua language
lua-penlight-dev (1.2.1-1b2)
Collection of general purpose libraries for the Lua language
lua-posix-dev (29-2)
posix development files for the Lua language
lua-rex-gnu-dev (2.7.2-2)
GNU development files for the Lua language
lua-rex-onig-dev (2.7.2-2)
Onig regex development files for the Lua language
lua-rex-pcre-dev (2.7.2-2)
PCRE development files for the Lua language
lua-rex-posix-dev (2.7.2-2)
POSIX regex development files for the Lua language
lua-rex-tre-dev (2.7.2-2)
TRE development files for the Lua language
lua-rings-dev (1.3.0-2)
Development files for the rings library for the Lua language
lua-sec-dev (0.4.1+git063e8a8-2)
SSL socket library library devel files for the Lua language
lua-socket-dev (3.0~rc1-3)
TCP/UDP socket library for the Lua language
lua-sql-mysql-dev (2.3.0-3)
luasql development files for the Lua language
lua-sql-postgres-dev (2.3.0-3)
luasql development files for the Lua language
lua-sql-sqlite3-dev (2.3.0-3)
luasql development files for the Lua language
lua-svn-dev (0.4.0-9)
Development files for the Subversion library for the Lua language
lua-wsapi-fcgi-dev (1.6.0-1)
wsapi fastcgi development files for the Lua language
lua-zip-dev (1.2.3-12)
zip development files for the Lua language
lua-zlib-dev (0.2+git+1+9622739-1)
zlib development files for the Lua language
lv2-c++-tools (1.0.5-1)
library and tools for LV2 plugins
lv2-dev (1.6.0~dfsg0-1)
LV2 audio plugin specification
lvtk-dev (1.1.1~dfsg0-1)
LV2 C++ wrappers and utilities
lxc-dev (0.9.0~alpha3-2+deb8u1)
Linux Containers userspace tools (development)
mesa-common-dev (9.2.5-0tanglu1)
Developer documentation for Mesa
mffm-timecode-dev (1.6-2)
c++ hierarchy which controls and describes time code
modemmanager-dev (1.0.0-2)
D-Bus service for managing modems - development files
mongodb-dev (1:2.4.8-2)
object/document-oriented database (development)
mpi-default-dev (1.0.2)
Standard MPI development files (metapackage)
mtdev-tools (1.1.4-1)
Multitouch Protocol Translation Library - test tools
neko-dev (2.0.0-3)
Lightweight virtual machine - headers
nepomuk-core-dev (4:4.11.3-1)
Nepomuk Semantik Desktop core libraries -- development files
netgen-headers (4.9.13.dfsg-8)
Automatic 3d tetrahedral mesh generator internal headers
nettle-dev (2.7.1-1)
low level cryptographic library (development files)
node-zipfile (0.4.0+ds1-1)
library for handling zipfiles in Node.js
nordugrid-arc-dev (3.0.3-1b1)
ARC development files
ntfs-3g-dev (1:2013.1.13AR.2-3)
read/write NTFS driver for FUSE (development)
ntrack-module-libnl-0 (016-1.1)
libnl based ntrack module
ntrack-module-rtnetlink-0 (016-1.1)
rtnetlink based ntrack module
nvidia-cg-dev (3.1.0013-1) [non-free]
Cg Toolkit - GPU Shader Authoring Language (headers)
nvidia-cuda-dev (4.2.9-2) [non-free]
NVIDIA CUDA development files
nvidia-opencl-dev (4.2.9-2) [non-free]
NVIDIA OpenCL development files
ocl-icd-dev (1.3-3)
Development files to build a ICD Loader
ocl-icd-opencl-dev (1.3-3)
OpenCL development files
okular-dev (4:4.11.3-1)
development files for the Okular libraries
openais-dev (1.1.4-4.1)
Standards-based cluster framework (developer files)
openbox-dev (3.5.2-5)
development files for the openbox window manager
opencl-headers (1.2-2013.10.23-1)
OpenCL (Open Computing Language) header files
opencv-data (
development data for opencv
paraview-dev (4.0.1-1b1)
Parallel Visualization Application. Development header files
pbs-drmaa-dev (1.0.10-3)
DRMAA for Torque/PBS Pro - devel
petsc-dev (3.4.2.dfsg1-6b2)
Virtual package depending on latest PETSc development package
planner-dev (0.14.6-3)
Planner development library
postgres-xc-server-dev (1.1-2b1)
development files for Postgres-XC server-side programming
postgresql-server-dev-9.1 (9.1.11-1b1)
development files for PostgreSQL 9.1 server-side programming
postgresql-server-dev-9.3 (9.3.2-1b1)
development files for PostgreSQL 9.3 server-side programming
pslib-dev (0.4.5-3)
development files for pslib
publib-dev (0.40-1)
library of miscellaneous C functions
puredata-dev (0.45.4-1)
realtime computer music and graphics system - development files
pxlib-dev (0.6.5-1)
library to read/write Paradox database files
python-gst0.10-dev (0.10.22-3)
generic media-playing framework (Python bindings)
python-ldb-dev (1:1.1.16-1)
LDB python bindings - development files
python-talloc-dev (2.1.0-1)
talloc Python bindings - development files
qmf-dev (1.0.7~2011w23.2-2.1)
Qt Messaging Framework (QMF) - development files
qt4-default (4:4.8.5+git209-g718fae5+dfsg-1)
Qt 4 development defaults package
qtbase5-dev (5.2.0+dfsg-7)
Qt 5 base development files
qtbase5-private-dev (5.2.0+dfsg-7)
Qt 5 base private development files
qtchooser (31-g980c64c-4)
Wrapper to select between Qt development binary versions
qtdeclarative5-dev (5.2.0-5)
Qt 5 declarative development files
qtdeclarative5-private-dev (5.2.0-5)
Qt 5 declarative private development files
qtdeclarative5-quicklayouts-plugin (5.2.0-1)
Qt 5 Quick Layouts module plugin
qtkeychain-dev (0.1.0-2)
Development files for qtkeychain
qtmobility-dev (1.2.0-3b1)
APIs for mobile device functionality - development files
qtmultimedia5-dev (5.2.0-2tanglu1)
APIs for multimedia functionality - development files
qtquick1-5-dev (5.2.0-1)
Qt Quick 1 development files
qtquick1-5-dev-tools (5.2.0-1)
Qt Quick 1 tools
qtscript5-dev (5.2.0+dfsg-1)
Qt 5 script development files
qtscript5-private-dev (5.2.0+dfsg-1)
Qt 5 script private development files
qttools5-dev (5.2.0-6)
Qt 5 tools development files
qttools5-private-dev (5.2.0-6)
Qt 5 tools private development files
raintpl (2.7.2-1)
easy and fast template engine for PHP
regina-normal-dev (4.95-1b1)
development files for Regina, the 3-manifold topology software
rhythmbox-dev (3.0.1-1b1)
development files for the rhythmbox music player
roarplaylistd-dev (0.1.8-1)
RoarAudio PlayList Daemon (RPLD) (plugin development files)
ruby-gnome2-dev (1.1.3-2+b1)
GNOME-related bindings for the Ruby language (development files)
sciplot-dev (1.36-16)
Development library and header files for SciPlot
seqan-dev (1.4.1-3)
C++ library for the analysis of biological sequences (development)
skalibs-dev (0.47-1)
Public domain general-purpose libraries
slurm-drmaa-dev (1.0.6-2)
PSNC DRMAA for SLURM - devel
snappea-dev (3.0d3-22)
development files for SnapPea hyperbolic 3-manifold tool
sparsehash (1.10-1)
memory-efficient C++ hash_map implementation (transition package)
srm-ifce-dev (1.18.0-1b1)
SRM client side headers and development files
ss-dev (2.0-1.42.8-1)
command-line interface parsing library - headers and static libraries
stx-btree-dev (0.8.6-1)
b+tree implementation in c++
syfi-dev (1.0.0.dfsg-1.2)
Empty package depending on latest SyFi development package
syslog-ng-dev (3.5.2-1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (development files)
tcl-memchan-dev (2.3-2)
Tcl extension for in-memory channels - development files
tcl-snack-dev (
Sound extension to Tcl/Tk and Python/Tkinter - development files
tcl-trf-dev (2.1.4-dfsg2-1)
Tcl data transformations - development files
tclcl-dev (1.20-6)
transitional dummy package to libtclcl-dev
virtual package provided by libtclcl1-dev
tclxml-dev (3.3~svn11-3)
Tcl library for XML parsing - development files
tdom-dev (0.8.3-1)
fast XML/DOM/XPath/XSLT extension for Tcl written in C (development files)
teem-apps (1.11.0~svn5906-1 [amd64], 1.11.0~svn5226-1 [i386])
Tools to process and visualize scientific data and images - command line tools
uuid-dev (2.20.1-5.5)
universally unique id library - headers and static libraries
vflib3-dev (3.6.14.dfsg-3+b1)
Development files for VFlib3
voms-dev (2.0.11-1)
Virtual Organization Membership Service C++ API Development Files
vstream-client-dev (1.2-6.1)
Development headers for vstream-client
vxi-dev (0.0.20121221-2)
Development files for the VXI-11 RPC protocol
wcslib-dev (4.19-3)
Header files and static library for libwcs
witty (3.3.0-1b1)
C++ library for webapps [runtime] (transition package)
virtual package provided by libwttest5, libwthttp35, libwtfcgi35, libwt35, libwtext35
witty-dev (3.3.0-1b1)
C++ library for webapps [devel] (transition package)
virtual package provided by libwtdbopostgres35, libwtdbosqlite35, libwtdbofirebird-dev, libwtdbomysql-dev, libwtdbo35, libwtdbosqlite-dev, libwtdbo-dev, libwtdbomysql35, libwt-dev, libwtfcgi-dev, libwtdbopostgres-dev, libwthttp-dev, libwttest-dev, libwtdbofirebird35, libwtext-dev
witty-examples (3.3.0-1b1)
C++ library for webapps [examples]
wzdftpd-dev (0.8.3-6.3)
modular, small and efficient ftp server - development files
xbmc-eventclients-dev (2:12.3+dfsg2-3)
XBMC Media Center (Event Client Dev package)
xcb-proto (1.10-1)
X C Binding - protocol descriptions
xfslibs-dev (3.1.9)
XFS filesystem-specific static libraries and headers
xmhtml1-dev (1.1.7-19)
Motif widget for displaying HTML 3.2 (development files)
xmms2-dev (0.8+dfsg-8)
XMMS2 - plug-in development files
xotcl-dev (1.6.7-2)
Extended Object Tcl (XOTcl): Object orientation for Tcl - development files
xpaint-dev (
simple paint program for X (development files)
xserver-xorg-input-evdev-dev (1:2.8.2-1)
X.Org X server -- evdev input driver (development headers)
xserver-xorg-input-joystick-dev (1:1.6.2-1b1)
X.Org X server -- joystick input driver (development headers)
xserver-xorg-input-synaptics-dev (1.7.1-2)
Synaptics TouchPad driver for X.Org server (development headers)
yate-dev (4.3.0-1~dfsg-2)
Development files for YATE
zathura-dev (0.2.6-1)
development files for zathura plugins
zlib1g-dev (1:1.2.8.dfsg-1)
compression library - development
zsh-dev (5.0.5-1b1)
shell with lots of features (development files)