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Software Packages in "aequorea-updates", Subsection admin

apt (
commandline package manager
apt-transport-https (
https download transport for APT
apt-utils (
package management related utility programs
chrony (1.29.1-1~tanglu10u1)
Set the computer clock from time servers on the Net
dh-systemd (1.18~tanglu10u1)
debhelper add-on to handle systemd unit files
dpkg (1.17.10~tanglu1)
Debian package management system
dselect (1.17.10~tanglu1)
Debian package management front-end
glusterfs-client (3.4.1-2~tanglu10u1)
clustered file-system (client package)
glusterfs-server (3.4.1-2~tanglu10u1)
clustered file-system (server package)
init-system-helpers (1.18~tanglu10u1)
helper tools for all init systems
intel-microcode (2.20140122.1~tanglu1) [non-free]
Processor microcode firmware for Intel CPUs
ldirectord (1:3.9.3+git20121009-3.1~tanglu1)
Monitors virtual services provided by LVS
libpam-openafs-kaserver (1.6.7-1~tanglu10u1)
AFS distributed filesystem kaserver PAM module
libpam-systemd (204-14tanglu0.1)
system and service manager - PAM module
libvirt-bin (1.2.1-1~tanglu0.1)
programs for the libvirt library
login-duo (1.8.1-1~tanglu1)
login wrapper for Duo Security two-factor authentication
nbd-client (1:3.7-1~tanglu10u1)
Network Block Device protocol - client
nbd-server (1:3.7-1~tanglu10u1)
Network Block Device protocol - server
postfixadmin (2.3.5-3~tanglu10u1)
Virtual mail hosting interface for Postfix
resource-agents (1:3.9.3+git20121009-3.1~tanglu1)
Cluster Resource Agents
resource-agents-dev (1:3.9.3+git20121009-3.1~tanglu1)
Cluster Resource Agents Development files
rsyslog (7.4.4-1~tanglu0.2)
reliable system and kernel logging daemon
rsyslog-gnutls (7.4.4-1~tanglu0.2)
TLS protocol support for rsyslog
rsyslog-gssapi (7.4.4-1~tanglu0.2)
GSSAPI authentication and encryption support for rsyslog
rsyslog-mongodb (7.4.4-1~tanglu0.2)
MongoDB output plugin for rsyslog
rsyslog-mysql (7.4.4-1~tanglu0.2)
MySQL output plugin for rsyslog
rsyslog-pgsql (7.4.4-1~tanglu0.2)
PostgreSQL output plugin for rsyslog
rsyslog-relp (7.4.4-1~tanglu0.2)
RELP protocol support for rsyslog
super (3.30.0-7~tanglu1)
Execute commands setuid root
systemd (204-14tanglu0.1)
system and service manager
systemd-sysv (204-14tanglu0.1)
system and service manager - SysV links
udev (204-14tanglu0.1)
/dev/ and hotplug management daemon
udisks (1.0.5-1~tanglu10u1)
storage media interface
udisks2 (2.1.3-1~tanglu10u1)
D-BUS service to access and manipulate storage devices
usbip (1.1.1+3.12.24-0tanglu1)
USB device sharing system over IP network